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*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. Yikes we dropped to page 5 !! lol
      Please post some photos :)
      Sometimes when you do the photos just right the dolls almost look real hehe
      This is my Soom Garion.
      I will post another pic tomorrow, I think I can only post 1 a day here.


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    2. Looks like Gluino will be the next Idealian.
    3. Noticed one of the tags is ID75, sure hope they offer the 72 body for those wanting it.
      I have to laugh, I just sold my Gluino head and now they will have him again LOL must be fate that I should redo the character into the 75 body hehe
    4. The outfit looks awesome! I don't think another big Gluino fits in the budget this month.
    5. Gluino release number 12, by the way. *chirps in*
    6. Wait have they shown Gluino on the website, cause I don't see him?
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    7. Oh goodie a new thread! :)

      I'm really looking forward to seeing the new doll, especially that outfit. :D

      In other related news, I only have one final layaway payment left for my Void/Seth. It's been hard on my wallet, but I'm so happy to almost have him paid off. Then I can just sit back and wait for his arrival.

      In the mean time, here's a new shot of Ember (Hyperon)
      [​IMG]Ember by Leah, on Flickr
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    8. Twisty- Thanks for showing me, I don't have Instagram, but that pic of him is just drool worthy. If only I can win the lottery:eusa_pray
    9. I can't wait to see more of him! I need to get some pics of my big guys too, I haven't taken any new ones of Kain in a while (My Hyperon) and I still need a face for Adrian (Sullivan).
    10. The ancient korean/asian military outfits cost a lot of money. Lucikly my wallet is save. But I wish the team could come up with chinese emperor outfit instead.
      Gluino looks nice without the fangs. In fact I think this is my first time seeing him without those dragula teeth!
    11. Well dang just when I talked myself into upgrading one of my characters into ID75, they don't have normal skintone this time LOL
      Who is the doll/face on the doll in the first photos on this page ?
      There are more photos (Check out the grey Gluino in first photo, WOW) on Queena's IG page , one of them has Seth in it which makes me kick myself for not getting him LOL , congrats @keelerleah !! BTW Ember is gorgeous !! hehe

      @derilan85 you are very welcome , me too !!
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    12. @Twisty - looks like Hyperon to me?
    13. I think it is the new human Gluino.
    14. He looks like one Hyperon on the artist IG. Anw, I just wanna say congrats on new threat :sumomo::sumomo:
    15. @Twisty - I agree with @meanae the middle photographs in your first "page" question is Hyperon sporting that outfit and then the last photo at the end wearing the same outfit is the new human Gluino, like @nancy_schroeder_ca said.
      On closer inspection both dolls have different features as well as different faceups.
    16. You guys are great with attention to details! I thought they were the same dolls. I do love the first couple of photos... but who is him really? I thought he was Gluino since he is twany skin. My Hyperon isnt that handsome looking in real life. On a second thought, I cant distinguish between Zak and Sullivian ! If he's really Gluino I might start saving up for him... I do like him than the other promotional photos. I need to check with SOOM to make sure because I dont want to be disappointed.
    17. @Twisty Damn your Garion is everything! :D I really wanted to buy him when he came out, but I didn't have money to join a split or anything, and now nobody's selling him on the MP. Looks like he's an unpopular sculpt. :(
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    18. @meanae @PowerAndWeakness @Angeville I believe you are all on the money, he looks like Hyperon. I think it was the faceup that threw me off, he looks angry, I like that lol

      @HanaHikari thank you so much. I bought his with no faceup and was like hmmm but once I picked out how I wanted his face to look and my friend did some magic I was like WOW hehe
      I m kicking myself for selling human Narmer, his face was so unusual like Garion, kick kick kick LOL
      Here is Dorian (Garion) before I did all the photo foo foo lol
      Btw I signed the petition, I would love to have another Garion :)

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    19. There is dark grey vampire Gluino full set that goes up for sale tomorrow. It's a limited edition of only 3.