*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. @marci - that's very sad that you missed out on the pure white version. On the bright side you get to saved $1800 ( which is $2500aud). It's nice but i think its a bit plain for that price. So you wont be getting the bronze version?

      ** i agree. They admit it was their fault and that the computer accepted your money. You should have asked for some points since you are their loyal SOOM customers.

      ***(edit)... then on the other hand it did say on the promotion that the opening time was 2pm kst on the 30th... it could be the administrator was silly to play around with their website to ensure if their site wad working or not.

      I had a look at the pure white version and noticed that one has teeth - which could be the reason why both version looked so different when faceup is applied. I like the bronze better because it's versatile and I can dress him up in modern clothes.
      I had a look at the designer, dokkebijudani on Instagram which SOOM collaborate with and they sell ancient korean outfit too.
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    2. Joining the chorus of mournful voices of people who wanted a Hwa-In ;__;
      That face was just so, sooo perfect, that nose shape, that slight smile, that jaw line ;__; Why LE 3 ? /cries
      I was so heartbroken when I was that the "non-limited" (or rather, less limited) release for this month was not him ;__;
      (Not that Hyun is not a gorgeous doll as well - in other times I might have even tried to get him, but right now I can't think of him other than "that not-Hwa-In")

      I went to ask whether he was limited to this release, but I only got a standard answer, "we have no plans for now so we can't say anything" (which is slightly better that straight no, but could also be "we don't want to say no to customers so we won't tell anything").
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    3. Yeah, definitely not happy about it. I really liked that color combo on the LE outfit. I didn't like his they just pulled Isabel before her close date, and now this really has me feeling not great about the ID side of SOOM.
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    4. Yes, I understand their point, but it was their mistake and their was no consolation or anything. Even a few points to entice me to buy something else in future like someone suggested would have been something. But, I just really liked the outfit too, and that company doesn't offer colors/patterns like that for regular sale. I had R.Dean do a face up for a minifee I liked, so I'm sure I'll get nice face-ups from her again in the future though.
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    5. I think it's too bad that had had made something fun for you turn unpleasant. I personally find the 72 Idealian bodies to be my favorites of the whole lot. Perhaps you can find another dolly with a different company to help sooth the sting. I've done that before myself. Comfort dolly. :)
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    6. @marci12 well, I won’t take that simply sorry if it’s my case...you’ve waited also a well and it’s not your false at all, they made mistake and I guess they should make you up with some compensation. I’m so sorry of hearing this and I can’t imagine how you feel, it should be hard... well you have so many gorgeous dolls, take some times look around at them to take a deep breath and try to refresh it out of your mind!

      @GreenTeaSlug I was trying to place my order yesterday while the faceup option was not available and now I’m entirely closing in lab till next Monday so I may be able to get him by next Monday lol. And about the jointed hands, I’m totally agree with you! I guess I have to write to Soom about asking add this option on...I always played with jointed hands and it’s a lot of fun! Here’s a pic of my Yannick with his jointed hands, see! How much fun we can have!


      Since Yannick is not from Soom I’ll just add the link, it’s a funny photo after all XD
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    7. @marci12 - have you heard back from SOOM yet? I just want to know what's their customer service is like.

      As for me, SOOM told me the bronze version will be on sale right to the end of the sale period. Still trying to work out whether i should order him. I already regretted when Hyperon Michael was on sale and did not ordered the white wings.
    8. Well, I had to email them a couple times to get the refund for the order they canceled, then to get the points returned to my account. And Lee just keeps saying sorry for the inconvenience, lol. Sheesh. As long as they stop closing their orders early or opening them earlier than they're supposed to, you'll probably be fine.
    9. Just left a message on QA board for asking if it’s possible to add jointed hands option, but looks like they are currently on holiday, ill probably going to place my order after 6th...fingers crossed they won’t take Hyun down earlier like last time they did to Isabel...:x
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    10. The least they could have done was to refund you the money you did pay at the same time that they cancelled the order, as well as return your points. You shouldn't have to email them to remind them to give it back. That to me is poor customer service.
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    11. @Khlovera I already got the answer to that, and its not positive :( "unfortunately jointed hands is not available for this time."
      Maybe when you ask them, they will see there is interest and release it? I guess we were spoiled with having them with most releases that this is strange not to include them all of a sudden :(

      I love that picture! Elfdoll has such beautiful dolls, and yours is very interesting and cool :chibi All their sculpts, even the old early ones surprise me because they are just as nice as the current ones, so detailed.

      @marci12 I had no idea you even paid yet, the right thing to do for them was to at least give you the full points you would have gotten from that order. A small gesture that could have made everything nicer

      The LE3 quantity is making me stressed that some future dolls will be in very small quantities like that. With the red Garion, he was LE20, and ordering him was not a click war. I liked that, when I see anything with a very small quantity with a time release... I try to avoid it, its just going to cause me disappointment, unless its a lottery.

      This is probably obvious to everyone but me, but I asked if Hyun had teeth like Hwa-in. I was surprised that they told me that Hyun and Hwa-in are not the same sculpt, Hwa-in has a smile and happy sculpted eyes, Hyun is the "darker" version of him not in skin tone only, but also sculpt.

      I hope that Hwa-in gets another release in the future in a different skin so he is still special to those who got the LE3, he has such a gentle and friendly face, very nice to look at. Knowing he wasnt the same sculpt surprised me a lot!
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    12. I thought they would be different when they had different names. Soom is usually consistent about using the same name with all issues of a sculpt.
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    13. No wonder why they looked so different! So two different bjds instead of two different sculpt like vampire version Heliot vs regular Heliot. That explains why I liked Hyun more than Hwa-in.

      This probably explains why they had to close Isobel early. 1) poor sales 2) releasing Hyun to replace Isobel along with another sculpt Hwa-in.

      I have this feeling i could order Hyun. I dont want to miss out on him. He looks fantastic in bronze. Love at first sight! And i know SOOM barely release the same mold and the same resin colour and the same faceup again. For me it would be cutting back costs ie catching public transport than driving and eating less junk food.

      ***... Chinese New Year holiday along with sales of Hyun ending 12 Feb would mean they cannot possibly release those bjd hands. Most likely the next doll would have bjd hands.
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    14. ...

      They've closed the sale of the resin eyes even though the sale period hasnt end. If they close the sale of Hyun when they get back after Chinese NY holidays i would be really upset since ive told them i will have the money by 11 Feb.

      Anyway, i spent yesterday night reading old threads dating back 2010. That's because i couldnt sleep and was completely mesemerised by Hyun lol. It was a fascinating read about several people wanting Vampire Hunter Hyperon because it reminded them of Vampire Hunter D. Back then the full-set cost $1500 for a NS. I feel less guilty now for planning to get Hyun.

      But where are they now? Back in 2010 there were so many Idealian lovers like 7-8 and the message board was very active . Now we are down to 4-5 Idealian fans. Perhaps they grew out from this bjd hobby?
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    15. @Tangmalangaloo Plenty of people have gone, some of whom I've been sad to see don't show up on the boards anymore, and then the market has become more saturated with companies as well. So, more diversification.

      I remember when it felt like the whole board/forum stayed just to see the new Soom MD releases.
    16. I think many people have moved to groups on fb also, but I have lost all trust in fb.
    17. I’ve really had some bad experience before about selling on FB, some people asked a bunch of photos and ended up with “have no enough money so bye”, some tried to bargain repeatedly, some will simply not replying after answers gotten...all kind of people and incident.:evil::evil::evil:

      I’ve also noticed that there’s much less people active on discussion board by browsing in the old discussion thread. Some people I know in this hobby are simply gone, some will still buy bjds directly through the company without showing or chatting anymore...it’s sad to see people left from this hobby though.

      @GreenTeaSlug I guess you are just right about the answer, low chance for me to get a positive answer about adding the jointed hands option. I never own a Soom doll in bronze skin and Hyun will be my first one! Waiting my buyer to pay off the last portion of her layaway then I can place my order in one shot. I’ll probably going to make a resin match comparison with all tan skin doll that I have when Hyun got home. Okay that’s to much thoughts before placing the order...time to :eusa_sile

      @Tangmalangaloo if they put Hyun down earlier like what they did to Isabel...i will...I will...I’ll probably going to cry :x
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    18. I ordered Hyun absent mindedly, because I need some dolly comfort...He's cute, tho honestly he looks too much like Hyperon. But what the heck...
      And I believe Soom will not end his sale earlier, so far it only happened to Idealian girls because I think there's just not much interest in them?
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    19. Thanks for these photos! Amor has such a big mouth! I mean it's huge in those photos. But when i looked at another instagramer named, lucidwalker his mouth seem fine. Almost like the shape of Idealian Kay's mouth.
      I was wondering... when SOOM held the shanghai doll event last year and had the romantic Hyperon in soldier/general outfit for sale, there were two Idealian dolls stood beside him... could the open eyes version a Hyun? Can anyone confirm or is this a different doll?

      Anyway, im starting to miss the limited black outfit for hyun. I never thought someone would purchase an outfit for 600? But it's so good! Unless people mistaken it for an actual doll instead of an outfit.