*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

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    1. All Idealians look the same to me. It's hard to tell. Maybe they are from the same clan - the 'Idealians'. What's interesting is Hyun and Hyperon have the first two letters HY. Maybe they are lost brothers. But Hyun looks younger to me.
      I'm having mixed feelings whether to order him or not. 80% of me want him really really bad. But the 20% of me is still procrastinating due to fear of the future. How do you guys have the courage to click on the buy button? I even read up posts in the search function on guilt etc.
    2. Ohh wow! is Seth? he has different makeup, I didn't recognize him, he looks sooo handsome! I hope Soom sell him again
    3. @Tangmalangaloo check this first.....

      the SOOM emporium

      How did it make you feel when you saw that? I edited the sold out icon on the original, so do not worry. I really wanted Isabel but wasnt sure I wanted to spend that. After seeing her sold out I was 100% sure I wanted her but I was too late. Maybe it will help you decide, did you feel relief or regret about seeing it?

      He does have a big mouth, its similar in shape to Garion, but more moody and snooty. I really love it but I can see some not liking it because Soom doesnt usually have wide mouths in their looks. Im sending my Amor heads out soon and cant wait to show you him when they are finished :)

      @Elvenrose to me, Hyun is Baby Hyperon lol XD
      Congratulations on ordering him, I love that skin color so much

      @Khlovera for me, I dont like facebook too much
      I made a facebook because I wanted to keep up with some news and contact a doll company but then deleted my account

      It was annoying for me that it gave me so much suggestions on people to add, people I dont really talk to or have interest in keeping in touch.
      So many random people that were never in my social circle. I think maybe its the robocallers :/

      it is too fast past for me, same with instagram, but in instagram, I understand the setting more and I like the stories feature. I just turn off notifications because I get a lot of bot follows for some reason.

      Speaking for myself, I love DOA most, because I can catch up easier and everything stays where it is. Plus the search feature
      I dont like sharing much photos because first Im excited and set everything up and then.......:doh the photos are so bad, and I feel too embarrassed to post and share when there are so many talented photographers, I feel like Im spamming so I try to hold back sometimes
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    4. @Tangmalangaloo I used to hesitate a lot when it comes to ordering a doll, especially an expensive one like Soom. I would look at their sale page many times, adoring the doll, putting it in cart but just don't have the courage to actually pay for it to complete the order. That was my first experience tho ^^ As time go by, it seems like my fingers are well trained to just click until the order completed and paid for. :sweat If it helps, I always think I can always sell them if I end up not liking them in person or any other reason. That way it saved me a lot from regret that I never get the doll and turned out I really really like and want that doll. Been there done that.
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    5. @Tangmalangaloo

      I got to go with Elvenrose. I too learn the hard way if I really like the doll to click on it because later on it's much harder to try to find it and you regret it.

      @GreenTeaSlug I don't take that great of pictures, but I try not to get intimidated by others who take professional looking picture. So go ahead and share. Perhaps others that feel like you, can take comfort that not everybody can be a photographer. And also share theirs.
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    6. @paxita Seth is gooooorgous! He’s already on my willing-buying list XD Hyperon is good in that outfit and so did Seth!b

      @GreenTeaSlug ...you gave me a heart attack :nosebleed I thought he was sold out for real and was so regretting about not ordering him earlier. I’m pretty sure about getting him, but still willing to wait for their answer back about the jointed hands even I knew it’s a NO. The name of baby Hyperon is so cute, ill take that as a nickname of my Hyun is the future :celebrate

      @Bren same! Even my pic is not professional and good but I still enjoy a lot by taking pic of my bjds, it’s like a memory that I can keep. I may sold some of them one day but i’d like to keep a souvenir for myself ^^ I used to have a album of plenty photo of my bjds.
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    7. Thanks Bren and Evenrose for the encouragement! GreenTea Slug - that was brilliant! My heart sank and later felt angry when i saw that 'sold out' sign. Later i felt relief again when i find out it was just a hoax.
      I received lots of red pocket money from chinese new year so that means i can have Hyun on layaway! My concern is those sudden emergencies. Back in 2014, I had Hyperon on layaway and had already paid 2 month payments already. Then my company had to cut back staff and i thought of cancelling the layaway. But lots of facebook users told me to stay on with the layaway or transfer it to another person. Luckily, i managed to finished the layaway. Surprising, when i got him, i was super excited. Idealians are not the greatest poser but i love them more than i love Iplehouse bjds that i used to have.
      This year another bad luck happened to me when my car broke down and needed a new battery but i dont have the money. My only thought was to sell my poor Hyperon. Luckily, there were no takers even at a very low price of $400. In the end my brother helped me out. I learned a big lesson. Emergency funds are important but also if im going to buy a doll it must be a keeper. My Hyperon needed a companion. So Hyun will definitely be the last bjd purchase for this year... unless i won the lottery.
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    8. I’m so bummed I missed Benito last year. And I haven’t seen a single picture of one yet— hoping he didn’t turn out too rare. Would love to get one second hand someday.

      Hyun is gorgeous! Love the faceup on the limited edition version.
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    9. I have Benito but I haven't been able to take pictures yet.
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    10. Soom replies me with the same answer, they don’t offer jointed hands this time with Hyun, so I ordered Hyun alone with faceup XD
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    11. Ah, lucky! Please let me know when you do. I want to live my Benito dreams vicariously through you. XD

      I’m excited to see personalized Hyuns. I feel like his sculpt has more potential than the Soom pictures show. :)
    12. Sorry if this has been asked before or something but do you guys know if Soom tawny will match with Soom bronze resin?
    13. They are two different resin color, and will not match.
      Heck even Soom NS will not match their own NS from different batch
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    14. Tawny is lighter than bronze. Soom's colors do vary a bit from batch to batch.
    15. I have good news for people who want clothes for Idealian 75 :)

      FreedomTeller will be making clothes available for them in about a month

      @Crudnuts you can see a visual here, scroll down to see the comparison

      [MD/OCT] Captain Hook - The Ticking Crocodile SOOM的人形師又回來害人

      @Bren photography is easily my least favorite thing about the hobby, but thank you for the encouragement, I just usually feel like Im spamming when I post a photo so I never really post unless its on my instagram if I like it enough, or if someone has a request and its not a requirement to look like something out of a photobook lol

      @Elvenrose that is something that really worries me about ordering from different batches (jointed hands not offered in the same release). The Soom normal from the Phonolous release is a perfect match for my Iplehouse, the normal from Amor is paler, but also a tiny bit pink.

      @Khlovera personally, I really love your photographs :D

      lol sorry about that! I thought it was the best way to really gauge how much you like the doll, like that saying that goes you only really miss something when its gone lol

      @Tangmalangaloo It sounds like your lunar new year is off to a good start :)
      I think your decision is healthy, plus I think Hyun would look great with your romantic eye Hyperon, plus hes in a color thats rarely offered until recently
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    16. I will add that Soom switched to a lighter color normal skin but the color seems more consistent since then.
    17. From my experience Soom colors are all over the map. Here is a picture of Bronze body with a tawny color hands.


      So it's a toss up what will match or not.
      My Ebony is Bronze skin but she is lighter than my Soshon bronze Idealian.
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    18. @GreenTeaSlug

      You are not spamming. You have been so helpful to me that I really appreciate what you have to share and say.
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    19. ^^ What an interesting photo! Reminded me of someone who had a sun tan but forgotten to take off their swimming bathers, leaving a lighter mark.

      As for Freedom Teller.. i wouldnt have my hopes to high. They always make cheerful, urban clothes for the MSD...but for taller guys... the clothes look too formal and mature adult-like.
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