*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. @Tangmalangaloo

      LOL loved your analogy. Farmer's tan of the smallest kind.

      I always mix up the Bronze and Tawny skin. Just now I had to check to remember what Ebony is.
      Obviously the hands and body does not match, but I'm not to worry. I want to dye them black to match the Character of Anubis. So they will match his black resin. Just haven't got the courage to do so, since I worry about messing them up.

      Fro Freedom Teller, I've gotten some clothes made for Iple and they do beautiful workmanship.
    2. Thanks all for the answers!! I have heard resin colors not matching from batch to batch, but Soom only sold certain colors so I wasn't sure if they just renamed a color or something. But wow! Bronze seems a lot darker than what I thought!
    3. There seem to be someone on the SOOM message board enquiring about Isabel many times. I wonder what she/he is asking about. Probably hazzling SOOM for pulling her out of the sale. And there also seem to be someone wanting to cancel an order. So for those who missed out on the limited edition... your only hope is to let SOOM know that you are still interested if there's any cancellation by another buyer.
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    4. Anyone have any news on their hyperon? Thinking it’s too soon but I’m excited to hear when people get notified theirs shipped!
    5. Yes I want to know too! I just paid him off one-two ish weeks ago and can't waittt!!!
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    6. @Bren Those tawny hands look amazing! I wish they offered more sculpted on jewelry, that is such a neat idea and it looks so detailed <3

      Dying it black is the easiest of the dye jobs, its very hard to mess up, since the worry about dying is that its uneven/ too dark or splotchy but with black, its not an issue :) Let me know and Ill send you my process, its very easy and not intimidating. I would test on an extra piece of resin you dont care about first if you wanted to get a feel for it :)

      I dyed my idealian jointed hands and I wouldnt advise it. The pieces were so small that some of the details (the dots inside the finger pieces) to help know what each finger was, lost that detail from the heat in the water. I also think it warped a bit but Im not sure if its my paranoia. I got it all together, wired and assembled eventually, but it wasnt fun focusing on the inside of the fingers to count how many dots there were to match it with the correct piece lol. Regular pieces I dont think would have that issue, its just the small individual finger pieces.

      @sweetpumpkinpiex I ordered and paid for Amor on Oct 18 2018 and got a shipping notice on January 11 2019 so 86 days in total. I think we should be getting notices by the end of February if we are going by those numbers, but maybe early-mid march because of the Lunar New Year, and the holidays in between :)
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    7. I got the ID72 body for Grey and I'm so happy with the result!


      some Amor buyers located at Asia received already their Amor in the beginning or mid-January, so I guess hyperon will be ready and shipped soon? It's like three months from last October to January. so we could have some Hyperon ready during the spring break time (beginning or mid-March)

      @GreenTeaSlug can't wait to see more pic of you Amor! big big welcome in advance! I already can't wait to see more Irbis and Hyun coming on the way lol.
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    8. @Khlovera - which sculpt is him? He's so handsome! Idealians are so beautiful! Let me guess... Zak?
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    9. @Khlovera

      I agree that taking pics is a good way to keep memories to enjoy and look back on for your BJDs. Your guy look so regal. The 72 body looks just great. Congrats in getting one for him.


      I was really excited when I finally found some longer pointed nail hands and the ring was a bonus. I would like to have the ring later on painted/blushed in gold to match his colorful Egyptian clothes and make up. The skull is quite appropriate if you think about it since Anubis does deal with the dead.

      I would love to know your procedure in dyeing. Thank you. As for jointed hands. They just plain out scare me. Not sure why. Just the thought of trying to get them all together if they ever came apart freaks me out for some reason. I know they really are cool when you are trying to hold things but still. All those small pieces....:aeyepop: :shudder
    10. For those interested, I got my shipping notice for Hyperon yesterday, but I ordered him in white skin. Finally having a Hyperon feels so surreal to me :D
      So if you ordered Hyperon in white and blank, Im sure its going to be out soon. Bronze and faceups might take a bit of time though, but they are travelling lol

      @Khlovera I love his head on that body, it looks very natural!
      I always thought the difference between 72 and 75 was only in height, but the 72 looks softer, nicer
      I forgot about Irbis! Has anyone here ordered him?
      Your Hyun is someone Im really looking forward to, he is one of the nicest Soom releases and Im already beating myself for not getting him lol, Im going to live vicariously through your photos :nosebleed:lol:

      @Bren I think painting it gold would look amazing!
      Ive tried the metallic gold acrylic by Folkart and it was so nice and shiny, almost like gold leafing
      I would then after a day or two lightly dry brush it in a brown acrylic, letting it dry a bit and then wipe it off using cotton, it will make all the details in the ring show, and make the gold look less yellow gold and more a darker gold, its very nice
      I would *maybe* use masking tape around the ring so when you wipe off the brown from the gold, it doesnt go and "blush" the fingers

      It can be annoying, the jointed hands. Theres just so many pieces to string and making sure the tension is the same in each finger. I guess its so annoying that Soom decided to sell them unstrung and let the buyers do it lol!
    11. Yay, looking forward to seeing your Hyperon, and the face up you give or get for him!!
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    12. I feel sad and kind of embarrassed for not being able to get Hyun after all. All that talk about I will be getting him...and suddenly i changed my mine on Tuesday. SOOM accepted my cancelationon Tuesday night but told me next time to give them 24hr notice instead of 48hr notice despite their website says maximum 3 days notice?

      Anyway, Facebook forumers really helped me with the decision. If i were to go ahead with the layaway I'd be really stretching my budget and not having money for emergencies like flat tyre or dental works. Plus I promised to give my mum $100 and now my older brother wants me to pay $200+ a fortnight for boarding. I guess life responsibility takes over now.

      But i really love Hyun so much! Perhaps I should put aside money now and hopefully before the end of this year i could get the bronze version of Zak since Zak does look like Hyun.

      I should really be satisfied with having one Idealian Hyperon... but still dont feel complete having just one. SOOM Idealians and megaGems like Shoshon and Pholonus and Ender are so beautiful!
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    13. Save your money and perhaps someone will sell their Hyun when he arrives.
    14. @Tangmalangaloo

      I don't think you should be embarrassed. I think you actually show good common sense in seeing the reality of what it was and not the fantasy of just wanting something and getting it at all cost. Dolls are nice and great to own but not to the point where you are so stretch forth that instead of being a good thing it becomes a thing of difficulty. It's good to be sensible so you don't put yourself in a position that will compromise you.
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    15. To be honest, bjds are important but always come after what we have in the real life, especially it’s an expensive one. For Soom, the ordering period is limited but all dolls could be potentially released under another skintone or with another limited edition. You can also get them from the second hand market :) every time I got a hint from a doll but I don’t feel 100% to take him or her home I’m going to put a small amount of money in my “willing to buy bjd” money pool, and will take the money out once I’m pretty sure to do so. @Tangmalangaloo try to think about it from another angel, maybe the next Idealian will drive you crazy and make you completely willing to buy, so you will not going to be regretted and you may be ready to bring the real wanted one home :chibi

      @Bren im so silly I bought Grey a ID72 body but I’ve purchased a few ID75 pants for him, so I may need to fold the pants once I received them lol...or maybe I’ll save them for my incoming Hyun :mwahaha

      @GreenTeaSlug wow! Amor on the way home and Hyperon also! Big big congrats and please please share pic of them once arrived, feel so excited to see them all. As for Irbis, I really want to see him if someone ordered him, he looks cute with his spirit set. It’s so strange that you may not got hint from a doll when he or she is available but you will miss them once they are sold out :x this is LIFE

      Btw, happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
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    16. I did, at practically the last minute. I'm not entirely sure he'll be staying though, and the only outfit I've found that I like for him in his size is terribly expensive... :sweat
      (I did get the spirit parts, but went with the human faceup.)
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    17. So handsome!
    18. You are so creative and very skilled. When I get the ring blushed, I would have an artist who knows what they are doing it to do it. I may even have his nails done. Depending on how black they came out. Either black or perhaps with designs of gold on them. Just ideas I'm having. I will have to look up that metallic gold acrylic you were talking about.

      That is kind of funny that you had in mind ID75 instead of the ID72. At least you got someone who can wear it if they don't work on Grey.
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    19. @Tangmalangaloo Is SOOM planning on releasing Zak in bronze later this year?

      I really love that sculpt, I keep coming back to it but I only started looking into the hobby over the past year so I'm not very familiar with their release schedule. I really hope I didn't miss my chance of ever ordering him from the company ;__; i'm trying to be patient!