*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. Yeah, the mouth is the only difference I can see. I like ATStudios slight upward tilt though
    2. Hi everyone !!
      Looks like we are all still super Soomed hehe
      Happy to see all the pics everyone is posting and the news and updates.
      Welcome newcomers to the group, always so much fun to join in here !
      Did anyone else get a Grahame ? never see him anywhere *pout* lol
      I was taking pics of Narmer today who was borrowing Grahames body so popped Grahames head back on for some pics.
      I was wishy washy on the wigs I photographed him in but I think this one does him justice :)
      There are a lot of sculpts I wish there were more pics around, ie we don't see as much, such as Kahn, Lim, Benito (saw that one pic on IG) and others.
      @Khlovera I see similarity there, same as the others they have done, hmmmm hehe
      Grahame - still waiting on a name lol
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    3. @Twisty Handsome guy! I looooove his charming face and the faceup is so nice :love And I think this wig looks amazing on him :3nodding:
    4. A one-off full set of Hyperon was recently revealed on Soom's Twitter. He's only available through lottery.
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    5. What a tease, hopefully anyone can enter... ;)
      hopefully they let us know how to enter. It’s a shot in the dark but why not, right?
    6. Thank you for showing your Grahame! Not enough of him around.

      I also find myself eyeing Kahn, Grahame, Kay, Lim, and yes more Hyperon (missed the lucifer version) etc.

      *coughs* Soom take note and and do an Idealian free choice.
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    7. Yes, your probably right. Wishful thinking.
    8. @Twisty as the compliment that I already make through IG, your Grahame is really stunning! It’s not really easy for me to deal with the barber, but your Grahame goes super well in that look!

      @marci12 yep, soooo much similarities...the ATStudio sculptor may ce somehow inspired by Soom’s head mold, hope she will get more originality next time (not from the meant side...

      @Maechen wow! Looks like Soom’s tweeter always has more info that IG, they published the news by Korean so which means that it will only going to be available for Korean Soom fan? If it’s the case that will be such a huge shame for us :frownyblush: he looks absolutely brillant!

      Annnnnnnd, as a gift for my birthday (on my account page it’s the April 26th, that was my first bjd’s birthday), I finally decide and bought myself the dark elf Zak in gray, so hard for me to resist him. Gray skin is such a beautiful skintone and I’m pretty sure that it will take me eternity to find him again on the market if I missed this preorder (and I don’t think Soom will be able to re-release him in gray in the next one or two years) also, I bought him with the BJ long nail hands! :chibi
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    9. @khlovera Happy Soomed B-day! I was inspired by your decision to treat yourself to rare gray Zak. Thought I was safe--even though I couldn't stop staring at that handsome sculpt (that should have been a clue)--when an epiphany vision struck of his dark eyes and softly parted vampire mouth hovering over the neck of my pure white sleeping Beth March with her hair softly splayed out on a lace pillow. That did it.
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    11. Thanks for sharing that! :love:love:love

      He looks beautiful, but I think that might be the upcoming 51? Im just basing this on the chest joint and the lashes

      It would be a very welcome addition if he is the 75 version though, he looks as amazing and excting as the first Hyperon with the Vampire Hunter D controversy, he looks so cool!
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    12. He's 51 :). I saw Idealian post about him on Twitter...I don't know if he's just available for that doll event, or is an upcoming release though: IDEALIAN on Twitter
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    13. Aww too bad. I would have gotten him if he was 75. He’s beautiful!
    14. @Twisty - Thank you for posting this and keeping me up to date. I probably wouldn't have saw this. I was hoping it was a big 75 guy too but maybe in the near future.

      @GreenTeaSlug - I'd love for them to make a new 75 version outfit dhampire Hyperon release similar to his original release or an updated version of it. I re-homed my original fullset Hyperon Years ago due to unavoidable events. He's definitely probably the only resin guy I missed that I sold in the past but it was meant to be.

      @Chikku - I'm with you, I would have gotten him also if he was a 75!
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    15. Hard to choose! SOOM creates nice dolls! Im also falling in love with their new Super Gem fantasy Lizard.
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    16. I was hoping it would be a larger doll but that is ok as I am still in layaway h*ll LOL
      Do we have anymore info on the large grey freaking gorgeous Hyperon ?
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    17. Is a 51cm doll a bad thing? I mean, I tend to hear a lot of people collecting Iplehouse Fashion dolls and Granado's crowd-funded 20-40cm dolls... but here not many are interested in SOOM Idealian 51cm. Why is it? For me, the head look tiny on a buff body. Wish the head was bigger though and more wigs avaiable.
    18. @Tangmalangaloo Personally, I just love the longer, slimmer look of the 75 bodies. I don't like the thicker thighs of the 51s :).
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