*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. For me, I don’t collect dolls under 60cm— and for realistic looks I prefer bigger. Like 65-70cm. :D
    2. Did they update the body? Because if I recall well, their 51cm idealians had single-jointed legs.
    3. Hyperon is on Twitter. Irresistible Temptation. There is even a short video on him getting painted. He might also be the one on the far left side of a table they show. If his outfit is half as sumptuous as the description, he will be to die for. Someone is going to be very happy.... Love the horns.
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    4. This Hyperon is for sale?
    5. From what I understand of their tweeter, that grey skin Hyperon (black dragon one off event) was an one-off model for the internal South Korean lottery? Clothes made by dokkebijudan and faceup by R.Dean. (Ah...he is just so perfect :drool:drool:drool such a shame that we don’t have this chance

      By the way, the new ID51 is very handsome, I don’t collect this size as it’s not easy to find proper clothes, wig is much less a issue but shoes and clothes are big problem for me XD
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    6. Too late for the event but the ID51 Gray Hyperon is actually open to preorder exclusively in the I-Doll 28 event, as it's Soom's first time opening a booth in west Japan. The horns were also up for sale. ;////; ))))
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    7. ^^ That makes more sense. Because they did released a 51cm Hyperon Dhampir few months back just before Amor and I was thinking 51cm Hyperon...again??? Well, I'm hoping their next Idealian is a 75cm doll.
    8. @Tangmalangaloo oh how mistaken you are, there can never be too many Hyperons!

      In fact, I think they should release a Hyperon every quarter of the year XD Hes got the most harmonious face
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    9. Hyperon was released at least once every year since 2013 (even two times in 16 and 17), so it really is just a matter of time with him :,D
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    10. ^^Hyun looks so different with that long white wig on and without that original black outfit. It's amazing what outfits can do to a doll. I need to start putting aside money on outfits in case the next outfit cost a fortune.
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    11. Super great news...!! :abambi: Soom has just shipped my Ender. I'm going to be a bit busy next week, so I can't do his face-up right away. I still don't have his outfit or eyes yet. I can't wait for him to show up at the door!! :D I am going to sculpt him some cat ears while I wait for his outfit.
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    12. super congrats! Can't wait to see your finished boy!
    13. @marci12 Thank you so much! :3nodding: I was told the outfit would take around 10 weeks before shipping and I only ordered it 20 days ago. I can't wait for him to be complete. :whee:
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    14. @Maechen That's great! :D

      I'm still waiting for River, 3 months with no update :abambi:
    15. @Maechen big big congrats on your incoming Ender! It was fast right? The preorder period closed on April 4th then now it’s shipped! Less than 2 months would be a wonderful waiting time I guess! (Compare with my Dollshe order that I almost forgot I’ve made one :doh
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    16. @taykung Thank you! I did not expect to see my Ender so quickly. :3nodding:

      @Khlovera It felt very fast! I had him on layaway so I thought that would lengthen the wait time. It's sort of nice to be wrong though! :thumbup
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    17. Zak is so handsome
    18. I'm expecting Ender tomorrow. I'll try to share him as soon as I can! :cheer
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    19. My new pride and joy~! :blush He's everything I want in a male doll! He easily became my favorite male doll in my collection. :) The body sculpt is definitely the best I have seen. He's so tall (almost half my height :sweat) and I really like how much weight he has. I'm so glad to finally have my own Soom doll. :dance I will be giving him a face-up at the end of next week. :whee: Soom guys are too handsome! :drool

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