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*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. @Maechen wow! Big big big congrats on your Ender! He is sooooo amazing :love:love:love
      Did you ordered the romantic eyed Ender also? I’ve been waiting for you to share and I can see how handsome he is! Please share more pic of him once done faceup :hug:
    2. @Maechen Congrats on you Ender! I'm so happy that you got him! I'm also waiting for more pics :love.
    3. Congratulations!!!! He is so handsome even without a face up!!! :D
    4. He's soooo handsome!! Really am looking forward to what look you give him! Congrats :kitty2:thumbup
    5. @Maechen WHOA! He’s magnificent. Huge congratulations!! You know a sculpt is good when it’s mesmerizing even eyeless and without a faceup.
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    6. @Khlovera Thank you so much! :) I just got the regular head since it was fitting for the character I have in mind. He's perfect!

      @Blancasia Thanks! I will be sure to share a ton of pictures of him in the future. :XD:

      @mirunasama Thank you! He looks amazing even while blank and that's such a great thing! I'm sure he'll be stunning once he has clothes, eyes, and a face-up.

      @marci12 Thanks! He's definitely the best looker in my group. :XD: He's going to look so nice in his outfit once it arrives. :blush

      @Dizzy*Mizz*Lizzy Thank you! It's very true. I can't wait for his eyes to show up. I am hoping to receive them soon. :whee:
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    7. Congratulations! He looks amazing! :D
    8. @Chikku Thank you! I can't wait to finish him ASAP!! :whee:
    9. @Maechen Big congrats! I love his lips so much ahhhh and the body!! :D:love
    10. @taykung Thank you! I really adore his wide shoulders. :D It definitely makes him stand out next to my female dolls.
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    11. My Vampire Bunny


      More pics on Insta :)
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    12. Does anyone here use the eye holder things? It's so finicky and hard to move around, so I guess I'll just stick to putty :p. Also anyone here can recommend what type of doll stand I could buy for these boys?
    13. Nope, I don't use them either, LOL. For stands, I use Dollmore's. It's definitely okay, for ID75, but I think they're better out there for these boys' sizes. I personally don't like the saddle one though, so I'm always looking for the ones that wrap around the waist