*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. @Maechen wow! Big big big congrats on your Ender! He is sooooo amazing :love:love:love
      Did you ordered the romantic eyed Ender also? I’ve been waiting for you to share and I can see how handsome he is! Please share more pic of him once done faceup :hug:
    2. @Maechen Congrats on you Ender! I'm so happy that you got him! I'm also waiting for more pics :love.
    3. Congratulations!!!! He is so handsome even without a face up!!! :D
    4. He's soooo handsome!! Really am looking forward to what look you give him! Congrats :kitty2:thumbup
    5. @Maechen WHOA! He’s magnificent. Huge congratulations!! You know a sculpt is good when it’s mesmerizing even eyeless and without a faceup.
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    6. @Khlovera Thank you so much! :) I just got the regular head since it was fitting for the character I have in mind. He's perfect!

      @Blancasia Thanks! I will be sure to share a ton of pictures of him in the future. :XD:

      @mirunasama Thank you! He looks amazing even while blank and that's such a great thing! I'm sure he'll be stunning once he has clothes, eyes, and a face-up.

      @marci12 Thanks! He's definitely the best looker in my group. :XD: He's going to look so nice in his outfit once it arrives. :blush

      @Dizzy*Mizz*Lizzy Thank you! It's very true. I can't wait for his eyes to show up. I am hoping to receive them soon. :whee:
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    7. Congratulations! He looks amazing! :D
    8. @Chikku Thank you! I can't wait to finish him ASAP!! :whee:
    9. @Maechen Big congrats! I love his lips so much ahhhh and the body!! :D:love
    10. @taykung Thank you! I really adore his wide shoulders. :D It definitely makes him stand out next to my female dolls.
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    11. My Vampire Bunny


      More pics on Insta :)
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    12. Does anyone here use the eye holder things? It's so finicky and hard to move around, so I guess I'll just stick to putty :p. Also anyone here can recommend what type of doll stand I could buy for these boys?
    13. Nope, I don't use them either, LOL. For stands, I use Dollmore's. It's definitely okay, for ID75, but I think they're better out there for these boys' sizes. I personally don't like the saddle one though, so I'm always looking for the ones that wrap around the waist
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    14. Safe for me for the moment :evilplot:

      We are the 18th today, that’s the first time for me to see Soom’s LE didn’t sold out after 5 days. Much less people collecting ID51 size. If ELf Hyperon was released under ID75 I’m pretty sure he’ll be out much sooner.

      Idealian’s releasing looks like almost one new mold, one old mold re-release. This time, David is a new one, Zak was kind of an old one, Tei was a new one, then Ender is an old one etc...
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    15. Wow! I really do like David the new Idealian. For some how, when I hear the nane David, it makes me think of Dollshe dolls, who also have the name David. I'm just hoping he dont turn out to be too handsome or else I'm going to cry!

      As for the ID51...he's nice but if only he had the option of a general release instead of a full-set. I personally not a fan of marine or military outfit no matter how nice the oufit is. I prefer casual clothes. But I do love ancient Chinese outfit. Also, the full set is priced the same as a blank ID75.
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    16. @marci12 thank you for always updating this thread with news on the newer guys :)
      Your Vampire bunny is beautiful, and must be the playmate of the year for many consecutive years XD

      I use the dollmore stands too, but I cut and hot glue Ikea's carpet underlay anti-slip underneath the stand to give it grip

      @Khlovera Im surprised he hasnt sold out too but I think its the fullset making people turned off. If it was sold as options like an optional faceup, optional clothes, shoes wig etc it would be a lot more popular. Even if poeple were going to buy the fullset, the illusion of it being cheaper because you pick and choose is more incentive instead of a full bundle.

      For me, as much as I love Hyperon, the 51 does nothing for me. I dont collect that size and I feel it looks similar to Hyperon, but not Hyperon? He looks a bit young to me. Maybe its the skintone and faceup because the grey one on twitter, hes 51 too but looks insane and super cool

      @Twisty havent seen you posting your eye candy in a while, how are you doing?
      What do you think of David?

      I think Im safe about David, he is nice but its not clicking for me. Maybe that will change when more pictures are up but I hope not. Ive been really bad this year with purchases, so much that I feel guilty when I see a package turning up lol!!!!!!!
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    17. lol I'm over here just waiting for another Garion or York to release[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    18. David looks lovely, especially his gentle eyes! I like the second faceup more than the first one because it gives me more lively look. BTW anyone getting him? :)

      @Crudnuts I'd love to get Garion too! :D
    19. @taykung I got his outfit set, its very nice, like something out of le petite prince :)
      I also got some eyeballs because they looked amazing!
      Im safe when it comes to David, he looks beautiful and i know I will come to regret it later but there are so many exciting releases this summer from other companies:lol:

      @Crudnuts Garion in bronze would look very nice, its only a matter of time when it comes to Soom dolls, but make sure to let them know so they know there is demand!

      @Tangmalangaloo you got your wish :P He is now also available in normal skin
      What do you think of him?