*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. It's hard to predict Soom these days! Perhaps they felt the heavy faceup needed a darker color skin. I'm not fond of the faceup. Sometimes Soom will add another skin color if enough people ask.
    2. [​IMG]

      I know I have not been posting about my Ender so I wanted to share a picture of him with a different wig and his temporary eyes... He is still a work in progress. It's been a while but I had decided to wait for his eyes to arrive so I could work with that color for a better face-up. But the eyes were way too big for him (despite being 14mm and small iris) and not the exact color I wanted. :eek: Luckily they're the same eye size I plan on buying for a different doll so I can use it to test eye sizes on him when he arrives. I have ordered my Ender new eyes that are smaller and I am expecting to receive his outfit sometime this month (hopefully). I ended up altering his image a bit due to a change of interest, so he might not have cat ears anymore.
      Shoshon's romantic face is still calling my name and tugging at my wallet so I think it will be very likely I will buy him. I said no more dolls for the year... but I really like him. :sweat He'll definitely be the last if I buy him. Unless Soom makes another stunning guy... :lol:
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    3. Haha! YOLO! Your Ender looks amazing just like that :). Can't wait to see the face up you give him.
    4. The problem with "my last Idealian" is that Soom keeps coming up with awesome dolls!
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    5. Guess I'm gonna pass on Shoshon this time, but still so excited to see Soom brings more MG into ID.
      Congrats on everyone who's going to take Shoshon home or purchase the horn parts.
      I really want to order a pair of BJ hands for my R.Zak but the tawny skintone of Soom is always so mysterious...each batch are so unique :frownyblush::frownyblush::frownyblush: I currently own almost 5 different tawnies, guess I'm gonna make a shoot for the resin comparaison of Soom's tawny one day with my friend (she owns another 3 different tons), we are probably going to name them "fifty shade of Soom's tawny"

      Edit: Looks like OE Zak and R.Zak will be released for Tokyo doll event.

      Just a random pic of Grey, being busy with the move lately and feel so sorry that I don't have much time for my bjds.
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    6. I ordered romantic Shoshon! Here's to my second Soom doll! :cheer
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    7. Yay!! Did you get any of the horn parts :)
    8. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thank you! I can't wait to see the tawny skin resin in person! All of my other dolls have been in white/normal so far. Now I need to get a normal skin Soom doll, haha! :XD:

      @marci12 I am very excited to receive him! I was really tempted to get the moonlit horns but I ended up passing on them since I have already ordered similar horns from SWITCH. They really do look great though.
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    9. Hi everyone :)
      What does everyone think the next face will be ? previous sculpt or something new ?
    10. Maybe something new? We should be seeing a teaser any day now...super curious :).
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    11. Could be somethings new?

      Lim 2018/08/03 (New)
      Narmer 2018/08/31 (previous)
      Benito 2018/09/20 (New)
      Amor 2018/10/17 (previous for Dracula head and new for human head)
      R.Hyperon 2018/11/30 (previous)
      Irbis 2018/12/20 (New)
      Hyun 2019/02/01 (New)
      River 2019/02/21 (Previous)
      Ender 2019/03/22 (Previous)
      Tei 2019/04/21 (New)
      Zak 2019/05/09 (Previous but both new version)
      David 2019/06/20 (New)
      Shoshon 2019/07/11 (Previous MG)

      ID female, ID51 and limited are not included in this stat. Looks like it’s a new sculpt followed a previous sculpt basis? Ahhhh SO excited to see the new incoming teaser :love

      So, Soom replied my Q by saying that there’s no FC event this year :sorry
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    12. I love this!! Great stat list :D
    13. I am hoping for something new, but I'm sure my wallet is not! :XD:
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    14. Thanks for asking about if they were going to do an Idealian FC event this year.

      Even though it’s a bummer; it’s nice to know that we have more time to save/ makes our purchasing decisions a little easier knowing they won’t spring a surprised ID free choice on us for the rest of the year.
    15. so long time I didn't posted pics of my Dantalian. That pic was made for humanization project :roll:
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    16. Im guessing the next Idealian might be a Photon, because I saw him get posted early in July in her IG, I think Soom's owner or designer? (She posted Shoshon's teaser before the idealian studio announced/posted on their IG).

      Im hoping its someone new, the newer sculpts all look really nice to me. I mostly wish for a sculpt with the Tremo chin, I love cleft chins on people

      I know for sure its not going to be Isabel though, from what I understood is that there was a problem with the sculpt more than the sales and I dont think there are any plans for Idealian woman anytime soon based on the reply I got, which is fine with me.

      @Riku LIN Beautiful photo, and beautiful Dantalian, I really love how contrasting his eyelashes are on his makeup

      @Khlovera great list!! :love
      Its sad about the FC, it feels like it was last available forever ago,
      Im still hoping one comes out at year end as a surprise Christmas thing so I can get a Tawny Hyperon ID75, preferably the scar faced one
      Who were you hoping to get? Im guessing Tawny Kay :P

      Shoshon was incredibly beautiful in that makeup and style. It felt very hard to pass it, but I had to be financially responsible for just a bit because I felt myself let go too much lately lol :chomp:
    17. Well done, Idealian. I just finished my Zak elf layaway July 18th. I got notice everything shipped yesterday :).
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    18. @marci12 congrats! O_o looks like a lot of people have got their elf Zak already! Even for those who ordered with layaway...and mine? Still nothing :nosebleed:nosebleed:nosebleed

      @GreenTeaSlug hahahaha you KNEW me as always :hug: Tawny Kay is definitely on the top one of my wish list for quite a while, even I got a Dia boy already.

      Btw, always hoping to get more ID girl, but looks like they are only going to offer one girl per year and Isabel was in January...
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