*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

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    1. ^^ They could have made Alladin out of him. His sculpt looks tiny - better suit for a super Gem.
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    2. I think Vincent definitely has the idealian family features but yes he does look more super gem than the others. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos. At this moment my wallet is 65% safe. :cool:
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    3. Vincent has an interesting look but I'm glad he's one I can pass on! I'm sort of kicking myself for not getting elf Zak since I want an elf guy now, but I'll get over it.
    4. Nice to see the new Idealian Vincent. From the teaser photo I’m glad my wallet is safe but as always, I look forward to what others here might do with him.
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    5. @GreenTeaSlug May I ask her IG id? Thnx!
    6. Always exciting to see what they have next :)
      I think I am safe for now hehe
      I am still waiting for my Ender and Tei, c'monnnnnn Soom show( errr send) me the dollies lol
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    7. I cant wait to see more of his outfit. It looks interesting. Sort of reminds me of the Mega Gem Phonolus -Raucus of fear costume. Hopefully it isnt too expensive. Those SOOM clothes are always expensive.
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    8. @marci12 Congrats! He looks so nice. :D I wish I had not skipped on him. I'll definitely have to get Zak the next time he is available.
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    9. @Zhenwu sorry I didnt get back sooner Orz
      This is the instagram account I was talking about 왓슨견주 (@gentle_shin) • Instagram photos and videos

      @marci12 congratulations on your Zak!
      Owner photos always look nicer than the official photos to me, because you can see the face better. I like his more pointier face in your photos and that idea of the magnet is amazing. That is something im going to copy, I worry far too much about the face falling off
      Imagine spending so much money (and time) to get a slot from the artist, only to have the magnet give up and fall off. That magnet idea of yours is genius
      Nice to see him in his default outfit too, the lace looks nice and soft!

      Im a bit shocked he wasnt released yet, I mainly wanted to see more of the outfit.
      I dont get much of the Arabian theme in it, it looks like something you would see a very rich tourist wearing on the deserts here, minus the big floppy hat and pearl necklace lol. I might change my mind when I see it though
      Would have been cool if they went the Jafar route and gave him evil looking robes and a turban or perhaps a male bellydancer like some of the sets on taobao with high heel feet.... I want bronze skin again.

      Im safe with Vincent, he is pretty but too young looking in the face for my personal taste. Ill wait and see a front face picture, because the features are beautiful.
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    10. Yes! Please try the extra magnet idea. It's working great on my guy. Yes, only the wig was keeping the faceplate on, and that's not good when we pay soooo much for these boys. I was going to leave SOOM a comment and show that picture I took. They need to put stronger magnets in. I've heard others have that problem, but my Elf Zak was the first for me.

      And yeah, right!? I'm so surprised the new ID hadn't been released yet. I thought they'd have done it Friday at the latest. I like his face-up, but pretty sure I'm passing too. Your idea would have been a great direction:XD:!
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    11. @GreenTeaSlug Thanks a lot!

      I was actually waiting in front the screen to see Vincent's page on Friday. But man...nothing. ...The outfit makes me think of adding a Silk Road character to my collection. I'm still not sure about the sculpt tho.Hurry up Soom!
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    12. @GreenTeaSlug Oh yes I did see the large picture on twitter. The outfit looks so nice with a lot of rich details in that picture! Hopefully they'll release him next week!
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    13. @marci12 congrats! I’ve seen your zak’s photo via IG with more of his amazing pic, he does looks so handsome in CW, I’m now no more sure if grey skin one if the one I really wanted lol.

      @GreenTeaSlug based on their basis the next one after Vincent may be something’s previous, so Photon could be there waiting for us as next release? Photon with moustache looks great but this faceup was already offered as a option last time when Photon was released in 2016 (the guardians of Musepelheim)

      the SOOM emporium
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    14. [​IMG]
      Guess who is finally getting his fancy clothes soon...? :dance I breathed some life into his face to celebrate the good news! I can't get over how handsome Ender is. :XD: I misplaced the eyelash glue (oops) so the eyelashes will have to wait until later. :sweat This is my first face-up in a while, and also my first face-up on white resin. I am still trying to think of a name that suits him well… His image color is royal blue and he happened to fit into an oversized jacket I had in that color. I can’t wait to show him off in his full outfit!! :abambi: Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long for his new eyes. I do admit his temporary eyes are kind of growing on me though. Shoshon might not be here for a while, but I’m already planning on how to style him! :evilplot: I'm probably going to go for a blonde hair and red clothes look.
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    15. @Maechen what a stunning guy! The faceup that you made for him fits so well! What’s the size of eyes you used on him? 14?
    16. @Khlovera Thank you so much! :whee: I am using small iris 14mm eyes right now but I ordered an even smaller iris size because I think it will help him look more mature.
    17. Sorry for the double post, but orders for Vincent have officially opened! :3nodding: My wallet is safe this time.
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