*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. Uh.....I didn't expect him to be so cute. Order placed. RIP my wallet. :doh
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    2. SOOM, what is it with you and your desert-themed boys that only come in pale skintones? If Vincent had been offered in tan I might have been interested. (Except probably not, because he reminds me most of a character I already have shelled in an IH Felix, and I definitely don't need him to be 75cm.) Nice sculpt, though. I'm looking forward to seeing custom faceups on this one.
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    3. It's strange how the outfit got sold out so quickly. Luckily I'm not interested in the design and colour otherwise I would cry mama-mia.Vincent looks too young for a 75. My wallet is safe. I dont mind pale skin tone. It's cheaper...
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    4. Wow, Vincent looks great from every angle. I could definitely shell one of my characters with this sculpt but too bad his character for him wouldn’t need that body. I can’t wait to see what others do with this handsome boy. ;)

      @Zhenwu: Congrats on getting Vincent. Be sure to spam away with photos when he arrives.
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    5. Oh my god. If Vincent were on the 72 body and came in Bronze I would be done for. But he's too tall and too pale - thank goodness!

      I wonder if they might release him that way in the future, though...I've heard that Soom used to sometimes do a "buyer's choice" sort of thing where you could mix and match heads with bodies and get things in skintones they didn't originally come in. Does anyone know if they still do that? It used to be around Christmas usually, right?
    6. I believe it's called Full Choice Event and usually happens at the end of year. But I saw it was mentioned earlier in this thread that Soom confirmed they wouldn't have it this year. I hope they can change their mind...Really want a grey Id in my collection.

      I feel so ashamed as I want to change my order options but according to the customer service it is only possible if I cancel the entire order. If so then I have to give up the outfit, which is actually the main reason I ordered Vincent.... Hard situation, I might cancel the order.:sigh
    7. wow. the outfit is sold out. bummer.
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    8. That outfit sold out immediately!
      This super limited BS is getting annoying lol
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    9. Its turning me off! I dont like being stressed about a limited edition of 3 doll, a limited edition of 10 outfit or a limited edition of 6 "special color doll".

      I like having time limited preorders or at least make the number more realistic like 30. Idealians and their clothes are becoming more popular than before. 10 pieces seems so little and I dont like having to set alarms for a hobby :(
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    10. @Twisty & @GreenTeaSlug

      I whole hearted agree with every word you guys posted.

      I won't even bother to look anymore. All it does is makes something that should be fun and nice be beyond frustrating.
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    11. But where's all this fan-based coming from? I'm assuming they are all bjd lovers and you would expect them to participate this forum or on instagram. But you dont hear from them. Luckily I'm not interested in that style and colour of the outfit otherwise I would be very sad too. I didnt like the brown colour and the inner clothes look too plain in white. The outfit I really regretted for not getting is Hyun's black solider outfit. Back then I just couldnt justify the price tag of over $400usd for that outfit but when I think about it I had spent over $300 for just a tiny Blythe doll outfit.

      Anyway, if there's a future SOOM outfit that I like I will definitely make sure I contact SOOM early, hoping they could reserve one for me. Or why not we all write and complain to SOOM that they should try to extend the sale period for 1-2 days? I mean which company doesn't want to make more money? I would.

      Speaking about setting alarm clock on to buy the outfit reminded me of how me and my friends lined outside in a shoes store at 5am trying to buy the latest addidas shoes. It was cold and funny to see others are doing the same. I prefer to be at home ordering something than waiting in a long queue.
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    12. @Tangmalangaloo I think what we see here in the discussion forum is not a good representative of the people who buy them. We are just here chatting with each other and supporting each other, some fans like to lurk to get information or look at pictures without the social aspect, its just their style and way of enjoying the hobby. When I first joined, I didnt want to post because my english was not presentable, I felt like I was annoying people with my spelling or structure so I was not confident in writing more than a few simple sentences.

      Im also very sure that the majority of the fans are not all here, since DOA is only the western/english forum and there are a lot of fans in non english speaking countries like Soom's origin, Korea :)

      The major problem (I think?) isnt with the ordering period, its the limited quantity they make their clothes at (almost all the Idealian clothes are limited to 10). Its understandable because its very detailed, but Im sure some will be okay with a higher price if it means there will be more quantity of it available?

      Im not sure who the designer of that soldier outfit is, but there is a very talented Korean seamstress that does traditional clothes and is reallly really good at it! I think you will like her work, but its just as expensive as that set, some sets even higher. I actually think she did the Hyun set but im not sure. She does make clothes for the ID75 guys though!


      Hyun was really handsome...I looooove Soom's bronze color, its the nicest tan skin, the good thing about that experience though, is that now you know that you like Hyun and maybe if there is an event, or a rerelease you know that you will be ordering him :)

      How long ago was this queuing thing? I think these days its gotten really difficult and long with all the demand for reselling and people hiring others to stand in for them so I dont blame you, better pay a % higher than have to wrestle with others for your size/item or worse, your turn and then its sold out :/
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    13. @GreenTeaSlug She did make Hyun's outfit as well as the outfit for Hwa-in! I actually ordered clothes from her for my Ender as well. :3nodding:
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    14. Yes! I commissioned some clothes from Dokkebijudan a couple months ago, and it'll be shipping this week. She's a very talented seamstress for hanboks and other traditional Korean garb ❤. I loved one of ID's limited outfits she made (Hwa-In), so decided to get something similar! Sometimes that's just what you have to do, lol.

      Pics: @smarci12 on Instagram: “My ID outfit from Dokkebijudan will ship soon . . . . #dokkebijudan #traditionalkoreanclothing #bjdclothing #bjds”
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    15. @marci12 Ooh, that's exciting. I'm supposed to receive my clothes soon, too!! :D I'm sure it will look wonderful.
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    16. Awesome, yay to you too!!!
    17. I can see that when an outfit is made by an artisan like Dokkebijudan that the artist may only be willing to make a limited number of outfits. But I think Soom should offer another non-limited outfit.
    18. Omg! Thanks for the recommendations. Looks like I might need to ask Dokkedijan to make an outfit for my doll soon. Ive fallen in love with ancient korean and chinese dramas and I love those ancient clothes. I need an outfit similar to the korean drama 'Empress Ki.' Just hoping she wont charge me too much though. By the way, that drama is really good - it's almost similar to Mulan story if anyone is interested in watching on youtube.
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    19. Oh, her work is amazing, but because of that, her prices reflect that (look at her showroom prices). At the moment, she only makes outfits listed in her showroom, though you can make some modifications. Last I spoke to her, she doesn't make completely new custom designs unless it's in collaboration with a doll even or company like SOOM. And I've heard of that drama, just haven't seen it yet (think that one had a long run of eps., right?)
    20. Well I can confirm this! It's quite common that accessories like wigs and outfit sets made by famous Chinese artists are sold out within 1 second on Taobao. Yes, ONE SECOND. Even if the quantity is 50+. Same to faceup commission slots. You need not only to set an alarm but also a super high speed internet. It's way crazier than what happens on Soom's website here. If I remember correctly the Arabian Night set was sold out in more than 30 min. So for people who are already used to those frightening speed competitions, it's acceptable. I think doll companies, especially companies like Soom who releases new products on a regular base, are just doing their best to guarantee both quality and speed. They have to take control of the produce time and the uniqueness of their products.
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