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*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. Congrats everyone on their new dolls and outfits, they looks great !

      I agree, I wish they would do the monthly schedule as well, it would really help the dolly budget !!

      Is anyone else STILL waiting on their Tei or Ender ? still no ship notice for me, GRRRRR lol
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    2. @GreenTeaSlug I’ve asked Soom about their releasing plan for Kay back in May and they answered me by saying there’s no plan for him lol. Unfortunately Kay will only going to be released under white skin this time and the skintone that I want so bad is tawny :atremblin:atremblin:atremblin tawny is offered as a exclusive skintone during their DP on the 24 and 25 of this past August...so...wallet safe this time?

      About their monthly schedule, I’ve also asked when I firstly saw Soom did for the Gem, but ID told me that they are a separated department under Soom which is not the same as The gem so they don’t have any plan to do so. (Another no plan)

      As for Kay, here’s the blank head comparaison with Dia/Sard:

      IDEALIAN on Instagram: “ Kay - Marine ⭐️ Kay vs Dia (lord ver.) Slide to next page!! (4page) Sorry for weak pics. (non-retouched, iPhone7 plus) . Kay vs…”
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    3. Is there a reason why Soom only offer Kay in white resin? I would expect normal and white to be cheaper resin to make with.

      Also, does anyone have owner's photos of Kay apart from the Idealian's site/instagram? I don't see much of Kay's photos - just want to get an idea how people style him. Kay isn't my favorite sculpt due to his humgunous kissing lips. Don't understand why Dia was a popular Gem sculpt in the past.

      I wish Soom could create a sculpt similar to Fifth Mortif, Venitu with that buffy checks... and that buffy cheeks on Venitu reminds me of my favorite Chinese actor - Li Xian. Soom, if you are reading this, please make a sculpt of Li Xian!!
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    4. Omg I love soom dolls and he looks like a Hyperon! I have a narmer and sullivan myself ~
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    5. @Maechen I dont know how I missed your Ender the first time, specially with that modern art piece behind him "the cat tree"
      He's very beautiful and as always, your vision for your dolls is so nice and crisp

      @marci12 Im not sure if I should thank you for posting that picture or to curse you XD
      OE Kay is an easy pass for me... but those closed eyes, the sad expression, porcelain skin? He looks like a romantic ghost bride
      I love that paranormal look! arghhhh...... so many releases this year and Ive been really really bad to think when I first got in the hobby that I was limiting myself to 1 doll, and then it became 1 doll of each size, and then 1 doll from each company to 1 doll in skin color. What a joke!!! :barf

      @Khlovera they could have atleast made an LE of tawny skintone for the website.... keep it exclusive for the event, but also keep some exclusivity by offering extra LE online. Ill be crossing my fingers that we get an FCE if not this year, early or mid next year since it has been too long and it just feels like its way over due.

      Thanks for posting that comparison, Its nice to know that they are different sculpts and not the same on an Idealian body. Which one of them do you prefer?

      @Twisty did you order yours with a faceup?
      Ive seen some customized ones online, but Im guessing those were sent as blanks
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    6. Hahahahahhaa!!!! I know! I think I could have passed if it was just the OE head too....now ...ugh!!!
    7. @GreenTeaSlug I ordered both of them blank :)
      Hopefully soon...soon. SOON lol
    8. @GreenTeaSlug Thank you so much for the kind words! :3nodding: I really appreciate it.

      I'm currently planning the overall image and color scheme for my Shoshon and I'm thinking about earthy tones to go with his tawny skin. I'm really excited for the day he arrives, whenever that is! :XD:
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    9. Finally had time to assemble the long nail BJ hands for my elf zak today, but I was somehow surprised by its quality...

      [​IMG]Untitled by Khlovera, on Flickr

      This is my first time ordering BJ hands from Soom, is this normal?
      I have myself 3 other BJ hands from POPOdoll and the inside was clean as the hands show from the outside.
      There's resin dust (understandable) and A LOT of tiny resin peaces are keep falling down from the inside during the whole assemble...It was such a nightmare for me because of my dust allergy...:x:x:x
    10. I would love to order or source for a grey skin soom boy > < they’re just so gorgeous!
    11. Aone knows if Kay will be released with jointed hands?

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    12. @Khlovera Thats unfortunately, normal :(
      I placed the hand and the little pieces in a deep strainer so the parts wouldnt float up and out when I wash it, took care most of the dust but theres still some finished issues with it. I used the cleaner thing that comes with metal/silicone reusable straws to clean the inside and dislodge some of the loose pieces because I didnt want it to effect the dying process
      (which I dont recommend for the jointed hands, some pieces are small so it sort of warped in the heat, and the small dots to know which part goes where have mostly popped out so I had to guess which part goes where)

      Good luck assembling it :clover, it made me appreciate ready to attach prestrung jointed hands after stringing mine the first time lol. Forceps will be your best friend in this
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    13. Thanks for the links to the owner's pictures of Kay whoever posted it earlier. Not sure what happened to them.
      Anyway, I still think I am safe with Kay due to it's peculiar kissing, oopsidaisy- type of lips. Lately I am seeing a lot of Narmer photos on my Instagram feed and I am so madly in love with Narmer in a darker colour. I need to save up for Narmer. It's strange how I wasn't attracted to him when the Egyptian version of him was released but when I see owners pictures I am so impressed. Some people have good taste - it's like they could see the beauty of the sculpt without face up and created their own face up.
    14. @Tangmalangaloo I want Narmer as well! He's definitely a handsome sculpt.
    15. My Hyperon is back from faceup. He's my first Idealian. I have to admit that he was an impulse buy. But after seeing him in person I am totally in love!:D:D:D

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    16. Oh wow, he looks amazing!!! Congrats!! Hyperon Dhampir is still on my grail list, lol. There's just something about him; and I love Vampire Hunter D :)
    17. Does anyone have recommendations for display stands that can handle Soom guys? My guy takes up too much room on the doll sofa so I would like to have him stand.
    18. I've got mine standing using Dollmore stands--think 70cm ones?
    19. @marci12 Oh, thanks for mentioning that! I will have to take a look and get a few! :3nodding:
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