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*:* Soom Idealian 72cm Discussion Part VIII *:*

Jun 16, 2018

    1. Oh my goodness! He's so gorgeous! Definitely a good impulse.
    2. Good day.
      I tried to find all the measurements that were only mentioned somewhere on the forum. And I found almost everything that is needed. but I need one more to understand how many changes I need to make.
      I will be very grateful if someone measures: the length of the shoulder with hinges, that is, from the edge of the arm to the other.
    3. @marci12
      Thank you! He's my fav in my collection now! (such a changeable woman:doh)

      I measured my id75 body (with iphone, probably not very accurate), it's 19cm point to point, if bend the ruler it's 20cm. id72 should be 2cm shorter according to the official measurement.
    4. @Amel
      I measured my id75 body (with iphone, probably not very accurate), it's 19cm point to point, if bend the ruler it's 20cm. id72 should be 2cm shorter according to the official measurement.[/QUOTE]
      Thank. This is also useful, since I was measured Id75 as 21cm, and I doubted the standards of the site.
    5. SO... I got word via message from Soom directly that Idealian Kay will be available in white and normal resin this order period with options of two
      Kay heads. I’m assuming the head options are open eyed and romantic.

      Just wanted to give a heads up out to anyone interested in Kay.
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    6. Yay! Thanks for letting us know!! Did they say when though? Lol...
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    7. Right!! Got everything in my cart for layaway :)
    8. And no faceup available.
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    9. Hah! The outfit is actually available but it looks too much like the first Amor outfit that I used to own but sold lol
      They did up the quantity to 15 so that is nice :)
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    10. Kay looks really nice but he's an easy pass for me. The shade of pink they used for his clothes is very pretty. I'm already thinking about who will be the next sculpt though. :abambi:
    11. No in tawny skin :___(
    12. Oh nice that they provide also normal skin option! (Soom why are you always giving different info than what you're actually doing huh?:vein)

      Congrats to everyone who finally got the chance to have what you had been waiting for!

      The outfit looks so pretty but I'm afraid it's too pinky and too soft for my character. Safe.:cheer
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    13. I wonder why they are doing the no faceup option thing again :huh?:

    14. My guess is they don't think they habe enough artists to paint the dolls in time to meet their delivery guaranty.
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    15. Gosh. I hope this is a temporary thing about no faceup. I'm pretty sure Amor had no faceup option when he was released. Maybe their faceup artist on vacation or maternity leave or whatever. I hope their next Idealian has a faceup option because I really don't want to send sculpt around in the fear of breakage or stolen.
    16. I forgot all about the delivery guarantee hmmmm lol
      Next week will be 2 months waiting for Ender/Clothing and about a month on Tei.
      This is def a hobby to have patience lol (banging head on desk)
      @Zhenwu your Hyperon looks gorgeous, congrats !!

      I see the Kay outfit sold out, congrats to all who got it and Kay :)
      I did notice yesterday that the shoes were not for sale ? Odd as they kinda go nice with the outfit lol
    17. I really like Kay, those prayer hands are lovely and Im indifferent about his OE head, but the sleeping face... I wish there was an option to get two sleeping faces so I could turn one into scar face lol!

      I love and use this stand for my ID75 dolls, I think its the same as the suggested ones earlier
      Dollmore.net :: Everything for Doll & more

      The only difference I made is that I cut, and glued Ikea's anti slip underlay to keep it sturdier, but it works fine without it too. Im just paranoid.

      @Twisty the shoes were included with the fullset outfit, Im surprised by that!

      @marci12 Congratulations! Which skin color did you choose for him? Since he comes blank, is there a faceup you have in mind?
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    18. Wow, Kay looks so sweet. Especially the sleeping face. I’m very, very torn on him. I’ve gotten too many bjds this year already— but I don’t know if I can pass him up. Especially in NS! Sad the outfit already sold out— doesn’t really give you time to think about it, does it?
    19. @GreenTeaSlug Thanks for mentioning the anti slip underlay! :3nodding: That's a wonderful idea and I will definitely be doing that as well.