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Soom July MD: Migma – Rauco of Sin

Jul 5, 2011

    1. Link.

      She looks purple to me...or am I just being hopeful? :)
    2. On my phone, she looks purple, on my iPad, she looks grey, so could go either way, what is everyone else seeing? I will fall apart if she is purple! What a dreeeeam! Even if she's grey, I think I'm in looooove.
    3. She looks purple on my Mac and Blackberry !! Hoping she's purple ^___^
    4. Comparing her side by side to the pics of Bazael, she DEFINITELY looks purple! Ahhh, I don't want to get my hopes up prematurely, but omgomgomgomgomgpurple!
    5. she looks purple to me too! @___@
      ah wow these hands!!
    6. FFFFFFF
      Why did I have to look?!
    7. Yeah those hands remind me of Nephelin's :aheartbea
    8. Ohh U guys think she is purple? :( aw i dont mean to be sad about it by no means, just I wanted to have the hands for my Galena, and she is grey. So I am kinda hoping she is grey haha.

      She reminds me of Coquina, so I think she is made by the same artist.
    9. oh she's super pritty!!!!
    10. She looks grey to me...but I want her in purple or white~~~
    11. I am also very interested in those semi-translusive horns..I wonder what they will look like. The wings also looks amazing as always from soom.
    12. She's looking VERY purple on my screen. Hmm, not too sure what I make of her. So far, aside from the (fingers crossed) purple resin, she's not screaming extraordinary. She seems to be rather 'cutesy' looking.
    13. She actually DOES look purple, though I'm not sure if that is just the lighting. Soom has come a long way since they offered Vesuvia so it is possible that they would try a purple doll again, especially without the sparkle. They're pretty adept at different resin colors now.
    14. Oh... no.....

      Anyone who knows me knows I am doomed with this one, especially if she is PURPLE.
    15. She looks purple, yeah. Shame on my end -- the purple kept me away from Vesuvia. It'll do the same here, unless maybe they have a WS/NS option.
    16. More staring at her and I have to voice my EW at the brown wig xD
      That's the one colour wig I would never want on a doll (and for some reason Leeke and Soom keep giving me BROWN gift wigs!)

      So, what colours do you all think would go well with that resin? Think Think Think!

      Oh Soom, I am so financially screwed right now an then you finally bring a perfect girl (though they still could have done more with her faceup, I'm not going to complain too much xD)
    17. Oh my god!! :D I have to tell you now: I have goose bumps! She is what I was waiting for!!
      AND: I would buy her in this second only with the teaser picture. I'm soo in love! <3
      @midnite: I'm happy to see you here!! Eeek! xD

      WOW! <3
    18. Ugh, Soom! I hate you ... you know she is utterly perfect. And here I was, trying to swear off Soom dolls *rolls eyes*
    19. I hadn't even noticed the horns until I read your post :D

      So far I'm not smitten by her face, but I am interested to see if she comes with some kickass clothes!
    20. Felias Beast, yes here we are again!!!
      Seems like we're always having Soom related deaths together!:lol:

      Dreadfulme, OH I KNOW!
      Just the other day I was looking at my profile and my list of dolls and was thinking.. ok TOO MUCH SOOM, More variety needed!
      NOW THIS!!!!
      Will we ever be able to turn away from Soom?:sweat