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Soom Monthly Doll NOV: Clozel Vala of Agony Discussion!

Nov 8, 2011

    1. Discussion Thread for November's Monthly Doll:

      Clozel- Vala of Agony!


      She definitely looks cream white. Angel? Lots of feathered wings lately, though her shoulders seem odd. Armor, maybe?
    2. Quite pretty :)
      Seconding the cream white thought, and they look kind of like shoulder pads.
      She's not screaming Agony to me though.
    3. She reminds me a bit of Beryl in the eyes and the lips. I am intrigued...
    4. Me neither. Perhaps the title is to be ironic, or maybe she has massive crab arms. That would be cool. I've been waiting for some female crabs to be released.

      I think Migma was more 'agony'-like to me, though.

      edit: seconding the Beryl vibe.
    5. I just wish she didn't have that passive, bored expression that's been so prevalent on MD females lately. She looks more like the Vala of Indifference. I really cannot wait to see what the rest of her outfit looks like, though. I love that shade of blue.
    6. I've got to agree with you there. The face is very pretty, but many of the girl MDs (Hollow Migma not withstanding, since I'm obviously biased!) have a very blank expression. On one hand, that can be useful for customizing with, but on the other... well. A little mundane. I felt that aviatrix ID woman had the same kind of facial problem.

      Still, I always love fantasy parts, so I'm dying to see what her concept is going to be. I need some really cool new hands!
    7. Whoa. Vala of agony? It's a light girl, looking evil! (And I really would not be surprised if she had pincers. They're paaaaaiiiinnnnfulllll)

      Looks like she's got some kind of a warrior nun thing going on, and to me she looks like a love child of Beryl and Cuprit.
    8. I sure hope she's a warrior nun. With crab arms. Anything less and I'll be disappointed, now.
    9. Yeah I found Vala of Agony to be a little...well odd. So far the Vala have been the angelic equivalent, agony should be a Rauco I say! lol I definitely see the Beryl/Cuprit mix in her, but unfortunately kind of a blah expression. Thank god I'm not getting the grabby hands at her, but I am curious to see what her mix of fantasy parts are. A crab warrior nun would be hilarious!
    10. I can't wait to see the rest of the outfit, I think it's the best part of this MD till now:sweat
    11. I love this so much.

      ...aren't most nuns like that? (Sorry, recovering Catholic schoolgirl, even yeeeeears later.)

      She's giving me the Beryl vibe in a good way. (This is doubly cool since I am hopeful Beryl will be a girl option some day if they do a girl free choice.) She looks like a less irritated Beryl to me -- the nice twin of the two, essentially. :)

      Maybe it's The Vala of Agonizing Chastity Around All These Incredibly Gorgeous Other Valas of Gorgeousness. ;)
    12. Aaaaaah, all that crab-arms talk gets me drooling. Seriously, if she has crab arms, I will buy her no matter what. I neeeeeeeeed crab arms for my Sard/Euclase daemon. And blue wings for my Obsidius mage. And this Beryl-face minus the frustrated expression just for the sake of it being even more to my taste than the original Beryl. And if she has armor, too, I will probably faint.

      If she doesn't have crab arms, I'll at least try to resist.

    13. BWA-HA-HAAAAA!!! I can't fathom such agony. *snerk*

      Ahem, anyway, yeah - she does have a Beryl vibe about her, lookswise. And as for agony, well, I'm thinking they meant 'suffering', with her being the compassionate angel type. (Unless she's holding a whip in her crab arms, in which case I'm just wrong.)
    14. Maybe it's agony cause she looks like a nun and gets no action from men.......I definately see the agony on her face if that's the case:lol:
    15. Maybe she's Agony because the men want some action from her but she shuts them down. XD

      If she has hooves, I might be screwed. But she doesn't have horns... I do wonder what fantasy parts she might have though. I am third/fourth/whatever-ing the crab warrior nun thing though. How cool would that be? XD
    16. At least we won't have long to wait to find out. The rest of her pictures should be up within the next 12 hours.
    17. ROFL at all the speculations on "agony". She just looks very pretty to me, and that's causing me agony already, crab arms or not.
    18. She is very interesting to me. I wonder what is going on with her arms, are those shoulder pads or are they hiding something amazing? She really looks like Beryl, which is kind of killing it for me, even tho I love Beryl I was hoping for something more unique. Maybe other angles will help me with her face.

      I cannot wait for pictures tho.
    19. (Good grief, Soom. How much Heliot wing fur did you guys buy?)

      Anywho, I'm getting both Beryl and Cuprit vibes from her face, which is a good thing. I doubt I'll be Soomed. I don't need another WS SG girl. However, I'm still looking forward to more pictures. (And laughing at your speculations.)

      As far as the blank expression goes, I think this is Soom's way of letting everybody have more customization options. I don't know about you guys. But I've only seen Beryl pull off two expressions: angry and sad. A fairly neutral face means you can make her expression be whatever you want.
    20. instantly when I saw her, I thought of beryl! maybe it's her younger sister? ;)

      in about 7 hours she'll be up for sale! can't wait for pics!!!
      she's very pretty but so far she doesn't call me. hopefully that won't change because I can't afford her xD;;

      edit: LMAO nun warrior with crab arms xD you guys crack me up! it would be very cool if she had crab claws though *3* do want