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Soom Super Gem Discussion (Basic, Limited & Special Order) - Part 11

May 17, 2017

    1. So how many bodies did SOOM released after 2012? Reason why I asked is because I see people on YouTube say their bodies is 2011 or 2013 which left me confused. im hoping to find a body review for 2012 or 2016 on YouTube but so far no luck.

      --------- Added notes ---------
      Soom website: the SOOM emporium

      Previous discussion threads:
      * Part 7
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      * Part 9
      * Part 10

      DoA Wiki page: Soom
      DoA database:
      * A-H: https://denofangels.com/threads/205968/page-2#post-7732665
      * I-Z: https://denofangels.com/threads/205968/page-2#post-7732667
      #1 Tangmalangaloo, May 17, 2017
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    2. They are probably referring to the year it was made. For Supergem, I believe there are only three bodies, the original body, the 2012 body and the 2016 body. It should be noted that Soom referred to the 2012 body as the "new body" until the 2016 body was released.
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    3. I have finally managed to make a decent photo of these two - Margaret and Francis. Francis is my dream which came true <3
      I still have to add a bit of photoshop but I can't wait to share my joy :D
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    4. Tangalangaloo: My understanding is this:

      The high heeled shoes come with "crippled feet" which make them work. Those feet that you see on the shoes separate away from the shoe for painting. The high heeled human feet are for wearing "regular shoes".

      I ordered him in Whiteskin on the 2016 body. I like long and lanky and I have loved the pictures of this new body.:aheartbea

      What I was not so crazy about was this: So you buy the doll and EMS shipping is like 770. Then you buy the hands for 32 and EMS shipping is an additional 25. And you buy some feets and EMS shipping is another 25. I did not see any option for buying the doll and having everything thrown in the box for combined shipping. :chibi
    5. I would check with Soon regarding the crippled feet. I am not sure that is the case in this case.

      Are you adding the items to your cart? You should be able to add everything and then go to checkout to buy everything at once.
    6. hmmmm. I think I have three separate 'orders'. If you look on my account there are three separate line items.

      I followed the ordering process and that is just where it got me.
    7. I think you are checking out after each item instead of adding all the items and then checking out. You can ask on the Q&A board and see if they can combine them. If they give you an option to cancel, you could do that and start over.
    8. I have tried to leave a message on the Q&A board. I am not able to do that right either. :doh:? I type my message and then I do not know which key to press to get it posted. I have already tried more than once. What button do you press to get it to post to the Q&A listing?
    9. The write button
    10. OH MY GOD!! :D Thank you so much, nancy! It worked!!:hug:
    11. You are welcome!
    12. :lol: Oh, boy. Okay, now here is my next question: How can you tell on the Q&A listing when they have answered your question?:sorry
    13. There should be an indented response under your message. You can scroll down the messages to see what they have responded to. It may take several days.
    14. Oh, okay! Now I see how it works. :D:3nodding:. Thank you again, just so much. You are really helping me out. I order almost nothing on-line and I am really clueless.:eusa_sile
    15. It will get easier! It just takes time to learn.
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    16. @F15alice.... which body is he on? And did he come with body brushing?
    17. Hi everyone ♥. Soom got back to me. They will refund the shipping overage in points. (Which I haven't the foggiest idea what to do with.) It is better than nothing.

      I have put a question in to them about the shoes....whether you need the toe up feet to make them work. We will see what they say.
    18. You can use the points at checkout on a future order. If you need the feet, you can use the points. If you want to add something else to the order, do not pay for it. Ask for them to combine the orders first!
    19. The high heel shoes is growing on me. Does anyone know if they were released in the past for females or is this a limited edition? I don't think I can afford them this time round... but it looks totally awesome! Hope I could find the funds for that... but in the other hand.. I dont understand why its solid and not leather. If I do get it I will get it in white and paint it and decorate it with glitter etc.

      I hope one day Soom could do a ballerine version of this male version since the body is based on a male ballerina.

      Found a review of the 2016 body...aparrently the hands and feet are bigger than 2013 body so will need to ask SOOM if they are compatible.
      #20 Tangmalangaloo, May 18, 2017
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