Soom Super Gem Discussion (Basic, Limited & Special Order) - Part 12

Oct 22, 2017

    1. Hello, I'm new to DoA as well as the world of ball jointed dolls!
      I just received my first large doll. She was purchased in 2011 and is Amber, daughter of Caliph, The Gem.
      Her prior owner bought her in 2011 and had not removed her from her box.
      She arrived yesterday and I'm so very excited to bring her out of her long sleep.

      Here is Amber. I had a pair of 1/3 jeans awaiting another large doll still on order and as soon as I ordered Amber I knit a quick sweater so she wouldn't be topless. She needs some boots but for now she's barefoot in the grass.
      She's pretty loosy goosy and I need to learn how to tighten her elastic but for now I balanced her very carefully.
      Not sure how to insert an image.........hmmmmmmm.
      Aha! Third time's a charm.

      [​IMG]DSC_1473 by Kristi Holaas, on Flickr
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    2. It is a good day off when both my dolls and the outfit I was getting worried about arrived at the same time! I'm super happy to have Annalise and Cecil back home. Please pardon the mess of my desk behind them xD;

      [​IMG]Cecil & Annalise SOOM R Albin & SOOM R Breccia by Lisel Rodriguez, on Flickr

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    3. oh, wow! your Breccia and Albin are wonderful. I'm just getting around to painting my FCE (Breccia Soulstealer) Emanuelle's wings and horns, Sweet Witch shoes, etc.
      poor Sebastian (Albin) is in a zipped bag where he's been since the hurricane last year.
      perhaps they'll get some camera time after her fantasy parts are painted.
    4. My first new bjd came from Luts and was strung extremely tight, a massive chunk from the neck has come away when in transit. I had opened the box thw first evening and had taken pics for a box opening which helped me get it sorted. Early lesson helped for a couple of other later purchases. Only one was Soom for my red Tridy, a casting on one of the wings wasn't right which was sorted with no fuss. I have a lot of Soom and everything else had no problems, except for a couple of quite bad seams (think it was 2014 when this was happening) which I sanded out myself.
    5. @petiteballerine Thank you. They were gone for 4 months, I was starting to get a little antsy! Thankfully I am just smitten with the pair of them. I hope to see yours around and about sometime soon, too!

      Cecil is in need of a proper wig (this one is borrowed and swallowing his head, lol) with a better cut. Wish me luck as I'm going to attempt to make it myself since finding short styles for the guys is rather difficult! And Annalise needs curlier hair, but this will do for the time being. <3
    6. Hello everyone - I had a quick question. I have a Soom head on its way home and I was curious what, if any, companies their Normal skin matches for bodies? I'm particularly interested if Volks or Luts would work.
    7. they're gorgeous! :D that beige dress is so awesome against her skin.
    8. So I just paid off my Soom R. Chalco in pale violet (and Minel---the waiting game begins)! So excited. I haven't had a Soom doll in a long, long time. Just wonderin' though, does Soom really have any issues with major marbling? I feel like the answer is no because I've handled quite a few without it, but I am curious.

      Also congrats to all the Chalco and Breccias that have been ordered! I almost went for the pink Breccia but I've used all of my budget for dolls this year.
    9. The person who is doing Raye's blushing and wig thinks he'll be ready to come home this week!
    10. I braved bugs and unleashed dogs to get pictures of my Sweet Witch hybrid, Hawley, in GGP

      I don't see may Sweet Witches around, was she not a really popular sculpt?
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    11. I really didn't like her fantasy face at all, her human face was better but looks similar to other sculpts, and any liking I have for her is cancelled out by my appalling experience with a split host that dragged on for two? years. Too many terrible memories for me to ever want one.
    12. I have a Sweet Witch and I love her to pieces! I'm so woefully behind on painting and dressing my collection that I don't take photos of her very much, though.
    13. I tend to favor the more broody/grumpy faces, so Sweet Witch was a bit too cute for me personally. Though I will say she definitely felt like a more complete and thought out release over many of the fairytale releases, but that's just a matter of my own personal preference when comparing them to older releases that had me wishing I could bring them home.

      I do like what a few people have done with theirs, including your Hawley, @Girrl . You managed to negate the too cute factor for me, it's fun to see your photos of her (especially in the photo stories, lol).
    14. [​IMG]
      Raye says hi!
    15. So I’ve recently become the proud owner of a Cuprit. She’s beautiful!
      No photos of her yet because I’m waiting on her eyes and wig.
      I’ll be honest— when I opened the box with her in it, I was not prepared for how big she was. She’s my first 1/3, so I was like “that’s a lot of doll.” :XD:
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    16. And the SuperGems are on the large size of the 1/3 scale too. I love Cuprit! Congratz on getting her.
    17. Congratulations on your Cuprit! She is a lovely sculpt.
    18. Soom do some excellent sculpts. The head to body size has always been one thing I didn't like, but the fantasy style stuff was great in their original line. Love your Annalise and Cecil, what gorgeous outfits!
    19. Hello together :3
      Anyone can tell me more about their joints and pose ability?
      Saw only the company pictures and some in the web but can't tell how good they pose :3
    20. I find the legs a bit awkward to pose, but the arms are much better.