Soom Super Gem Discussion (Basic, Limited & Special Order) - Part 12

Oct 22, 2017

    1. I made my last layaway payment for Elf Saiph! Woohoo!!!

      @LiselT omg that dress is gorgeous!!! Where did you get it?!
    2. @jessholy: that's exciting! Now the wait for your girl begins.

      I got her dress from Ayu&Ana on Etsy <3 Here is another of her during my quick photo set today. I'm afraid I ruined her skirts, all the splotching is where it got wet in the ivy. It kind of suits Annalise though.

      [​IMG]Annalise by Lisel Rodriguez, on Flickr
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    3. @LiselT She is gorgeous, the dress is gorgeous, and splatter is all part and parcel of fairies/elves/outdoorsy folks.
    4. @jessholy Thank you <3 Maybe I’ll consider adding some beading or something to the splotchy parts. :huh?:

      I have a blue and purple one coming too, but that is going to my new faerie girl- the Onyx head I got recently. Can’t wait to put her together, she needs kind of iridescent eyes and probably one of my purple wigs I have in a drawer somewhere.
    5. @LiselT I am looking through all of their past sales to see what their style is. I might have to commission something for Elf Saiph. She is going to be Celebrian - Elrond's wife - so part of me is saying "Arwen like dress so we know where Arwen got her sense of style from~"
    6. @jessholy They have a wide variety of styles, so just keep an eye out on them. Unfortunately I can tell you they are not taking commissions until September as of right now (Lol, I recently asked about a specific dress for my Onyx I want made) and they have their hands a bit full presently. They are lovely to talk to and their quality is great though! Also, the dresses I bought were not technically for the SG size, they were I think Feeple60 or SD10-SD13? But it still fits the 2012 body really well.
    7. @LiselT Aaah I see. I wish etsy would send emails when a favorite seller has a new listing or something so I would be reminded to check. It looks like the fabric has some stretch to it but I am encouraged to hear they fit the 2012 body since that's the bodies I will have haha. I can't wait to see your second dress on doll!
    8. @jessholy Hopefully it will be here in a few weeks~ I have two other off white boho dresses from them that Annalise wears too. Now I just need Amadiz to finish her wig. The pandemic has made a mess of stuff there though. :...(

      Edit: One last one for tonight.

      [​IMG]Annalise by Lisel Rodriguez, on Flickr
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    9. @LiselT Did you commission all of them or were they just ones you really liked? I saved screenshots of all the sold out dresses I liked. There was even one named Celebrian! So whenever they open for commissions again, I know what to ask for!
    10. @jessholy They were just ones I saw and really liked. I have commissioned a small corset from them years ago, though. =3 Ayu & Ana might not remake the same dress when you ask them, just a head’s up, unless maybe it’s a different color or has some other changed details Their stuff is usually one-off I think. Can’t hurt to ask though. I know I am going to be nudging them in September for the fae dress for my Onyx.
    11. @LiselT Oh I don't expect them to recreate exactly but I like certain elements of this or that and I have to ponder colors for a bit. Do I want an exact Arwen reading her book colors or something else? Hmmmm
    12. Hey guys. me again with newbie questions lol. I'm getting my first soom boy in tawny and it occurs to me i have no concept of how that tone looks. how does tawny compare to ns? I'm assuming it's darker.
    13. @Galahndriel You can check through Soom’s website for skintone :

      Skin Color - The Gem

      however, tawny of Soom is hard to describe because of its variation. Each batch of tawny is different compare to another one :eusa_sile:eusa_sile:eusa_silethe palest tawny I’ve personally seen was Amber from pure evil release in 2017 and the darkest one was Idealian Tei which was made in 2019.
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    14. Jamie is feeling bored with lockdown, open, sort of locked down existence. He dyed his hair and became a fox (but, we knew he was one all along.)


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    15. Oh my, my friend has a Chalco too but in NS. This is my first time seeing a tan skin one. I like yours Chalco, he's really adorable!
    16. @petiteballerine he's adorable with the messy hair and fox ears <3 I love how Chalco can look super sweet or a little intensely grumpy. The original brown tan is on mental wish list and has been forever but I wound up choosing someone else for her character. I still kinda wanna see how he'd come out in a Chalco.... hmmm
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    17. :frownyblush: It is... very strange coincidence that I have been offered a brown tan Chalco for a steal from a friend that I totally can't turn down. So in a few months I will have one to show, too.

      And today Iya, my Onyx, finally got her dress. It's horribly hot and humid out, so all I have is a test shot of her to show but I love her <3

      [​IMG]Soom Onyx by Lisel Rodriguez, on Flickr
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    18. @LiselT Ooooh she is gorgeous and while I can't see the whole dress, I bet it suits her!!!
    19. @jessholy It very much does <3 When I am not in danger of taking her in direct 95 degree sun (and honestly I’m dying in the wall of humidity too) I will get better photos of the dress, also by Ayu & Ana on Etsy <3

      I want to make her faerie wings, too. Looking up resources~
    20. @LiselT Oh your girls look amazing! Love the new dresses. Cant wait till you can get some time outside with them. I too, have to get mine out for some picts.