Soom Super Gem Discussion (Basic, Limited & Special Order) - Part 12

Oct 22, 2017

    1. First off - excited to hear that Chalcos are shipping! I paid mine off with a two week layaway so hopefully that doesn't hold mine back. Only thing is that he's not a fullset so we'll see. I have another doll in that order (Fully painted Minel) and hopefully that doesn't hold him back too much...

      Topaz is a mold I like but I'll never own. I think the face-up is....fine. I like the style but just doesn't really click for me on her. I reaaaaally like the outfit. Bit high, but maybe I'll suck it up. Also, THOSE FEET ARE CRAZY.
    2. Oh thank goodness, I think I'm mostly safe from this one. The full set isn't calling out to me this time, and there's no justifying the price of the outfit when compared to the complexity of the previous couple.

      Urgh those fantasy parts though... (Lol I'm very tempted to finally try and learn the etiquette regarding splits for those.)
    3. It is SUPER easy honestly. Really all it is a little math and a lot of communication with those also within the split. I say if you really want them that's the best thing to do. I've done that for previous fantasy doll releases. ^^
    4. Thanks for the reassuring info! (I'm waiting on the UK distributor for Chronicle Collectibles to get off their arse and actually list the GBP prices for the Jareth/Bowie 1/4 scale statue before making any bjd decisions this month... Doubly irritating since by pure dint of geography I've now missed out on the $200USD early bird discount available to US-based customers... I may Pm you asking where's best to actually post the split question if that's OK?)
    5. I'd almost be willing to get it if it had another piece like a matching skirt, but I only have one doll that would wear what amounts to extremely glorified underwear with a sheer cape thing, and black is most certainly not her color.

      If I could even just buy pieces of the fullset and not the whole thing, I'd be willing to buy it, I love the top and sleeves, but the bottom is just... nah, and the cape isn't really anything special.
    6. Topaz seems interesting not sure. I like her she is so pretty but I want kind of a light cutesy girl in tan and I’m not sure if she could pull it off. I also have a feeple and I think she might look to mature. Which is funny since i have a venitu which is mature lol. But anyone know the type of clothes she would fit into? Like normal as size or is she a bit bigger?
    7. @sweetpumpkinpiex Im not sure what you mean about normal size but you can check measurements here and compare it with clothing you want to buy. She is supergem female 2012 version fyi :)

      the SOOM emporium
    8. Well I mean sd10 or feeple60 type.
    9. Huh. My Chalco shipped! No notice, but at least it was marked in my account.

      I guess I'll see him and Minel real soon~
    10. So Faralei's wig finally showed up in the mail today! It was getting dark out so I only got one photo of her. (I hope the photo isn't too large!) :eusa_pray

      [​IMG]Faralei by sugarcaneinthemorning B., on Flickr
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    11. Question for my fellow Super Gem owners. I know their heads tend to take size 14 eyes but there are some size 16 and 18 eyes I really want but I have no idea how they would look inside my dolls. Do any of you have any dolls that wear that size eyes or can point me to a photo reference thread? Thanks!
    12. Just wanted to show you my Alexandra. Love her so much! :love
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    13. @jessholy - 14mm are the biggest I have in my SGs. Chalco has big eyes. Not sure 16 would work. Newer dolls I have are wearing 12mm.

      White Rabbit Northerly Breeze (L) 12mm with Chalco Soulmate 14mm.

    14. Honestly? I doubt you could fit 18mm eyes into most of their eyewells… 16mm would have to be low- or even no-dome to work, I suspect, and would give a very "doe-eyed"/no-white-showing look. Mine are all wearing 14mm eyes. (Well, all except for Rajin anyway. He has 15mm black onyx beads-)
    15. @jessholy I have 16mm Oscar Doll eyes in my Chalco:
      but I had an Amber for a while and even 14mm was occasionally too big for her; none of the 16mm eyes I tested fit that sculpt at least.
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    16. @petite ballerina... is your white rabbit white resin colour? If yes what do you think of white resin colour? Im thinking of getting Tristan head but havent made up my mind if i want him in white or normal resin colour...
    17. @Tangmalangaloo - WR is normal. but I have 2 in cream white (vampire Albin & Breccia.) it's a lovely color. soft. seems to keep its tone well. no yellowing since I got them several years ago.

      on my phone now but will post pics tonight or tomorrow.

      To be honest, Soom tawny, cream white, grey, normal are all beautiful & age well. I'm waiting for violet Chalco to ship!

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    18. I am tempted by Tristan. The cream white or norm as l skin head would fit best in the budget, but the tawny is so tempting!