Soom Super Gem Discussion (Basic, Limited & Special Order) - Part 12

Oct 22, 2017

    1. Cream White brother and sister, Sebastian and Emmanuelle:


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    2. Same I saw him and thought he looked soo nice but I’m not really in a place to buy any dolls for a long time after my hyperon is paid off. So I hope that I get to see many Tristan’s in the community!
    3. In such a sad case. The order period for Topaz ended on the 10th and I realised last night I needed a Topaz for my character Jane.

      Im slow to the party, clearly.
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    4. He is a very handsome man. I like his eyes.
    5. Thank you! I like that they aren't matched. ;)
    6. Anyone know why Lazule is so rare? He was the base for a long time.
    7. I recently bought a Lazule head! Perhaps people just forget to post pictices of their older dolls.
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    8. @Katushka_Nitok which doll is that? His outfit is very cool! He's ready for a fight!
    9. He is head soom Spessar on Feeple65 body.
    10. Chalco in pale violet has finally shipped! I thought there were other people who got him, but haven't seen photos.
      well, I shall spam the boards, so enjoy the next few days of 'silence' while you can. :wiggle

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    11. Spam away!!! I can't wait to see him.
    12. Adorable mold! Looks like brother of Soom Lazule and Soom Vega ))
    13. Anybody put the old head 2012 to new body type?, i already have clozel and love to give her new body so i want to know
    14. Valentine's Day!
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    15. Sorry rinssoul, all my girls are on the old bodies.
      To anyone who owns a violet Migma, what are your thoughts on purple lips vs red lips for her? I just bought a Migma on the Marketplace, and I would like to get her a faceup with either deep red or deep purple lips, but I don't know which would work better with the color the violet resin has faded to. (I'm assuming it has to be faded at least somewhat since the doll is quite old)
    16. It depends! I have a light violet Arkose who is still lovely light violet! He has nver had a face up and I am planning purple tones for him. When you get Migma, you will be able to decide.
    17. Honestly, I think either would look great - it's really just about your personal vision for her. ^_^ I was surprised how many different color wigs my girl looked good in!
      It's hard to say how the color has changed on my violet dolls, but maybe a bit less pink/more blue overall? They haven't been exposed to the sun at all.
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    18. No sign of Chalco lt. violet. Korea Post says he made it to Kennedy airport on the 13th, but USPS has no tracking at all.
      Good grief. I put in a missing package report.