Soom Super Gem Discussion (Basic, Limited & Special Order) - Part 12

Oct 22, 2017

    1. I find that USPS doesn't admit that a package has landed in the US until they figure they can deliver it in a reasonable time. They probably figure the delay will be blamed on the sending company! Today is a holiday so he may show up tomorrow.
    2. Yeah! I totally agree with @nancy_schroeder_ca. One time my tracking stopped completely for a week, then in one day boom tracking pops up with in and out of Chicago, in and out of Houston and out for delivery.
    3. almost 100% of the time, the sorting facility outside NY scans international packages in. usps works 7 days a week.
      I expect an express mail package to be scanned at least once after hitting the ground at JFK.
      packages that come into NY are very quick to travel down the east coast corridor.
    4. I haven't seen that with packages that come through New York to the west coast. I have had packages sit in New York so long that they drop off email notifcatios and that is four weeks!

      The tracking system was down a couple of days ago. Maybe that's had an effect.
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    5. Caterina Flavia attended Mythical Characters BJD-party last weekend:
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    6. @nancy_schroeder_ca - the missing package report found my wayward guy at the wrong sorting station. he's back on track. no idea just when he'll get here. a few days I guess.
      I highly recommend reporting anything after a week. we spend a lot of $$ on shipping.
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    7. knock knock! my bad boy is home. He is Seokga ( the trickster) so it's no surprise he did a walkabout.
      His color is fabulous. Once he gets a light blushing, I'll take some photos to share.
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    8. Seokga, the Trickster
      everything about him is subtle. the colors are never going to show on monitors the way they are IRL. This pic is closer to the color than Soom's studio shots.
      taken in incidental light. he's basically cream white with an undertone of lilac - neither blue nor pink. his jacket and sash are the same
      subtle coloring but a deeper shade.

      the resin eyes are like real opals. an amazing fullset!
      PS: I love the new male body. so poseable.


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    9. He looks awesome! It makes me wish I had thrown caution to the wind and ordered him!
    10. New zodiac line will be soon
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    11. @Riku - where did you get that info? Will he be the new Super Gem? I hope he's available in normal body and sculpt too.
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    12. @petiteballerine congrats on finally getting this gorgeous boy in person! I’m pretty surprised that he looks indeed like in cream white, I was expected he could be more violet lol

      Thanks for sharing @Riku LIN i rarely use twitter but is so strange that they didn’t share this amazing news through their website and on IG! New teaser looks greeeeeat! Can’t wait for next Tuesday!
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    13. So it's Lunar zodiac line... does that mean Chinese zodiac? That new boy looks like a rat but this year is a pig. Very interesting... sort of reminds me of the male version of Amber when he was released. . but I'm still praying for a human version instead.
    14. Wow, can't wait to see more. Love Soom gray skin dolls. :D
    15. My description of pale violet was faulty if I gave the impression it was like cream white. he's more glow in the dark, changed by alien
      powers white. Here's a pic of a cream white hand next to him. The hand has been blushed, so look inside to see the color. Although
      a soft white IRL, it looks almost mellow next to Mr. Radioactive. I just hope he keeps his coloring for several years.


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    16. If it's lunar zodiac, I can't wait for the dragon!
      He does not seem very rat like to me, but I guess fantasy parts could make a huge difference. Those ears look more like bat ears than rat ears.
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    17. I personally don’t think that Soom will release lunar zodiac by year, it’s toooo long lol. Maybe they will release them every two months? I miss a lot Soom back in 2008-2009(?) for their monthly astrology zodiac dolls.

      The light violet is truly gorgeous, thanks for the comparaison photo! Now I can see his color clearly on the contour inner side of his eyes. It’s like a cooler white.