Soom Super Gem Discussion (Basic, Limited & Special Order) - Part 12

Oct 22, 2017

    1. new guy is up. I like the head. not keen on another big body right now. but, I already have a grey lip-smacking girl.
      (look to your left) and have so many heads and hands to paint! :roll:
    2. The basic head is nice but I think I'm safe this time.
    3. I'm puzzled over which Lunar Zodiac animal he's supposed to be.

      He doesn't really scream "horse" or "ox" at me. The tail.... could be a pig tail, if a pig tail wasn't curly (it's certainly a short tail, all the other hooved animals on the lunar zodiac have really long tails), though where the horns come from I don't know. And he doesn't really seem like a dragon, either.
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    4. Well. That's a.... thing... I guess.

      The tongue is just :huh?: .
    5. The romantic head looks great but I’m also safe this time.

      About the lunar zodiac animal...could he be sheep/goat or ox? (Im more with ox) As his hooves remains me of Dia’s hooves which is Taurus and Taurus = ox for me lol
    6. He is Zordic. Was zodiac mentioned somewhere?
    7. right above the first picture, in weird script it says "Lunar Zodiac" (superimposed over an image of the moon)
    8. I think Nancy had nailed it! That was so harlious! Their twitter account did however, mentioned Lunar Zodiac on Feb 22 and later changed to Zordic. Perhaps it was a spelling error in the first place? Reminds me of an incident when my friend ordered chicken with egg plant on rice. And when he got it the food was running with egg yolk. The waitress assured him that's the correct dish and told him, 'the egg is planted on the rice'. We later found out that the menu was a typo. It should actually be egg 'sauce' and not the vegetable egg plant.
    9. .... I was so looking forward to a set of lunar zodiac themed dolls.
      The thought that it was a typo makes me very, very, very sad.
    10. I was confused by that too and wondered if it was just a typo :/ that is sad if it was.
    11. I was checking him on my cellphone last night and didn't see the Lunar Zodiac, Reading the text above Lunar Zodiac, I wonder if they are creating their own character.
    12. I'm tempted because I've been wanting that Isha body, but the way they resculpted it is kind of weird. The hooves are so pointy.

      Not to be overly critical, but there's something about the shade of blue they used to blush him and the lack of color depth, doubled with that gem in his chest that just makes him look like a toy. I really do like his human face though, I hope they either do more of this line or clarify if it's actually going to be a line or not... which I hope it would be. Me wants ram. This doll has a lot of potential outside of Soom's unfortunate design.
    13. Yeah.... I actually think the gem in the chest thing is pretty interesting, but I'm going to hold off on buying any more dolls right now. Between the possible Volks Sakura Miku that's been hinted at that might be upcoming, and the chance that if this is actually a lunar zodiac set I'm probably going to want two of the dragon doll.... I don't want to spend money on anything else with those purchases (probably) ahead of me.
    14. Zordic is interesting...
      I do not totally fall for him, but he has something that I like ...
      I'm a fan of Soom from the beginning. It made me want to take my Soom boys in photo.

      [​IMG]My Soom crew by Milolaneva, sur Flickr

      Meredith (Soom Raon), Koudelka (Soom Heliot vampire), Lüdwig (Soom Sard Grey Velvet on Supia body), Conrad (Soom FL Chrom on Fairyland65body), Gaëllys (Soom Garam), Setsuna (Soom Morga on DF-H65cm body) and Sean (Soom Chalco on Granado Mads body)
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    15. Ive just got a response from SOOM. The theme is actually Celtic (lunar) animal zodiac and not Chinese zodiac. This Zordic is based on a stag (a deer). SOOM will stick with this theme and release other sizes dolls but not all from the zodiac will be covered.
      Wow, this is my first time hearing about celtic zodiac. Must check it out.

      ** I've checked. When you look at past soom dolls, all there super gems are based on celti animals i.e a Cat, Fox. . . I hope they could release the cat man again with his high heel feet. Does anybody have him? I love to see pictures of him. I hope for a swan release soon.
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    16. .... that is not a deer tail, but okay.
      A better swan release than Odette would definitely be nice. Maybe like Amphibel only softer, more rounded feather parts?
    17. looks like we need to reset our passwords. new shopping site to replace current one. tonight! EST or today Korean time.
      hope our order history stays put. but, you need to use the old site url for current layaways QA, etc.

      The Gem > NOTICE
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    18. The dates don't look consistent. I wonder if they meant it will shutdown on the 19th and the new one open on the 20th. I guess we'll find out soon.
    19. New SG with 5% off is now showing on the renewal site. :chibi

      Ivory - Liliales Amor - The Gem

      Customers could chose between male or female this time, both heads looks gorgeous but I’m still safe this time.
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    20. Yeah, I love those horns, and adore the fact that for once both heads have the fantasy ears, so I'm not stuck going "I like the ears but hate the eyes", but I am safe. I'm trying to save up money, and am hoping to bring two kittens home some time this summer. Unless they release something truly special, I don't plan on buying more dolls this year.
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