Soom Super Gem Discussion (Basic, Limited & Special Order) - Part 12

Sep 25, 2018

    1. ooooh, new site is looking good. Idealian still is separate, but you can see the latest item which is helpful since I rarely go there. wouldn't want to miss an updated Soom 51!
      updating password. I hope points carry over from old site.
    2. Soom also has a newsletter you can sign up for now!
    3. I finally got her named!!! I got another Beryl recently. I'm going with Bronwyn. It's the name of one of my Mom's fav book characters. Working out her character is going to be fun. She's not talking at all...
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    4. Does anyone here have the Soom Scutum bear feet and can tell me what size they are? I really wanna get them to put on my 71cm Luts guy, but his feet are a massive 9.5cm, and I'm afraid they'd be too small. ;o;
    5. Hi everyone! I'm considering shelling a character as a Breccia and was hoping you guys could help me with a quick question. I tried the search but came out empty handed, sadly. You see, I've learned not to trust the listed measurements on any company's website, so I was hoping someone could confirm for me if the Super Gem ladies really are 59cm tall, and whether the fox legs add anything to their height or not. I'm hoping it'll be a similar case to my Loongsoul girl whose fox legs add about 2cm to her height, but it's hard to tell from company photos as they don't show both versions side by side. If anyone could help me with that, I'd really appreciate it!
    6. 59cm tall? all my SG girls are in the 65cm range, without fantasy parts. I'd be more willing to believe 69cm tall with fantasy parts than 59cm, but maybe I've missed something?
    7. See, this is why I don't trust the company measurements :XD: They say 59cm on the website, but that seemed so short! Though my question remains for the fantasy parts then, because if she ends up at 69cm then that's the opposite problem, she becomes as tall as the doll I'm trying to reshell for being too tall :XD: Thank you!
    8. The old site lists Supergem girls at 65cm.
    9. She might end up too tall too then, if the fantasy parts add much to that. :doh I was hoping she'd be 65cm with the fox legs already, if not a bit less. Guess I just can't win, haha.
    10. The amazing new Super Gem is up!! he Jack the Ripper?
    11. Jack and the beanstalk. Jethro (mega gem) is the Giant.
    12. I've got a Breccia, they are taller with their animal parts. They stand like a dream though!
    13. I figured they'd be taller, I'm just trying to figure out how tall exactly, haha. That's great that she stands well though!

      I found a blog post comparing two different Soom bodies and the more recent one was smaller (dare I say, matched the weird small measurements on the site?), so in theory the latest release of Breccia would be shorter than the older one, but I'm not completely sure.
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    14. That sounds about right to me! I don't have her with me or I'd measure her right now for ya :)
    15. Would you estimate your Breccia is about 70cm tall, or shorter than that? Even without exact measurements, that might help solve the mystery already :XD:
    16. I'd say she's shorter than 70cm :D
    17. That's great, thank you! :3nodding:
    18. You're Welcome :D
    19. They are so cool!
    20. I'm so glad to see so many fans of Soom! Ive handled the new bodies and love the joint updates but do they still make the older style bodies? I got some old Heliot hooves and need a body for a more tan fellow but the hooves don't work on the newer legs...