Soom Super Gem Discussion (Basic, Limited & Special Order) - Part 12

Oct 22, 2017

    1. I'm so glad to see so many fans of Soom! Ive handled the new bodies and love the joint updates but do they still make the older style bodies? I got some old Heliot hooves and need a body for a more tan fellow but the hooves don't work on the newer legs...
    2. I don't think they do make the old bodies anymore : (
    3. Oh darn... i will have to keep an eye out second hand though. But still, im loving the design of the newest bodies!
    4. I have a question for owners of old-type and possibly yellowed bodies: I have a head that I might need to put on an old SG body. The only problem is that the head is in Volks normal skin which definitely does not match my SG Sabik or SG Saiph heads. So I'm just curious if the older (aka way older) ones would be a closer match or not.
    5. Hmmm well if you mean color match, i can tell you that there's no consistency in the NS, i have about 10 Sooms in NS and they're each a slightly different shade, even those from a similar time can be more pink or more yellowy or more pale. This might be different in recent years but in the older Ns, it's hit or miss
    6. Im excited that Onyx seems to be the next zodiac, I wonder what fantasy creature she will be?

      Im guessing she is the zodiac based on the stars in the background and the dark theme of it, but maybe not since they name this release the Astrologist

      The outfit, from what I can see looks like its going to be amazing

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    7. I am crazy excited for Onyx. It's been a while since I've been Soomed this hard and I've only seen two pictures. She's one of the girls I feel doesn't get enough attention too. She's going to be stunning and put a big fat hole in my wallet, I just know it.
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    8. Onyx is always stunning and I'm excited that there's going to be more of them to admire.
      which I think calls from some spam of my Onyx/Vesuvia, Red Sonja
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    9. She's up now! Not 100% as exciting as I thought, but I'm definitely ordering her as soon as I figure out what combination of things I want. I have to admit I'm pretty bummed that the extra type thigh isn't offered, I've been after exactly that for a while since the posing is so different. Like.. that really sucks.

      Anyone else getting her?

      EDIT: Getting the white skin open eye version. The elf head is tempting, but not what I'm looking for (did I just say that? xD I'm elf crazy)
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    10. Hello I'm new here! Glad to see the Soom Super Gem thread is still going. I'm currently waiting for Jack ;;v;;. Nice to meet everyone!
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    11. Ooh, I'm soooo thinking of getting Onyx too. The open eyed, white skin one...with face up and outfit. I love everything about this girl. If I do get her, she'll be my first Super Gem :D.
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    12. I love the styling of reminds me so much of "Albin and The Witch". I've always wanted Albin. He looks perfect with teeth. Wish SOOM could offer her a male body. But then, I'm tight with funds and may not have afford it.
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    13. I can't wait to see the new Onyx too, if anyone gonna order her ofc :love.
      @marci12 Jack is also my first Super Gem too!!
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    14. I did it. Just bit the bullet and put her on layaway...when one layaway ends, I'm on to another...smh...oh this addiction, lol.
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    15. @marci12 Hope you will get her soon, did you order full set?
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    16. I did :). I'll worry about wig and eyes later though. I really love the outfit and whole concept of her :D. Do you think you'll put her on layaway, or the new ID75 boy?

      Can't wait till your Jack arrives? Should it be much longer? Make sure to spam us!
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    17. I couldn't resist that wonderful outfit. My cream white Breccia/Sweet Witch will look so good in it. With some crazy eyes as accessories (vanity black.)
      Looking forward to seeing Onyx pics in a few months. and Jack. and older Onyxes.
      I was happily surprised EMS wasn't bad. $22.
      wondering how long the wait will be.

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    18. @marci12 Congratulation on your layaway! Though I didn't make any order but I just as excited as you are! About me ordering, well I can't for now, I only have enough for Jack since I have to travel to Thailand and Singapore soon so I have to be careful on my budget. I'm gonna cheer for anyone who gonna get both of them tbh :thumbup. And yes I will make sure to spam Jack once I got him, I have waited for him for 5 years after all xD.
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    19. Hi everyone! I recently purchased a SG Saiph head, but I need a bit of help that I couldn't find with the search bar. What size eyes do you guys use in her? Her eyes seem very small, but that could just be I'm not used to the smaller sizes anymore.

      Secondly, do you guys know whether Soom sent out CoA's with these heads? For several reasons this head did not make its way to me with one, and some people seemed to get them with their heads and others not? It's a bit confusing....

      If anyone could help me, it would be very much appreciated :)
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    20. I think she takes 14mm if you like a big iris, 12 if you want a bit more realistic--I think I had Sooms in her at 14mm and it was OK.
      Pretty sure she came with a CoA, but I went and looked at my blog post and of course I didn't write it down--but I think that if I hadn't gotten one, I would have made a note that I didn't. Hasel bought her after a couple of months, as I recall.
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