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Starfighter Vindicated!

May 22, 2007

    1. History:
      Money sent via payapl for SD16 male body April 25, 2007
      notice that item was being sent April 27
      Received $25 refund because item not shipped express
      No tracking number or response to PM's until Caro opened complaint thread
      Tracing number sent showing item was shipped out May 3
      Package shows no movement from May 5 on and says in processing center still
      I PMed Starfighter to request a trace on the package, no response yet
      I contact the Canadian Post and they find no movement since May 5 and say Phillip must file a trace, I can not..only the shipper can.
      Today's date is May 23...package status, limbo
      June 6
      The package with the body arrived today. The package shows that it was indeed shipped on May 1 and arrived today without damage. Everything Starfightr said about how and when he shipped it was indeed true. There is no apparent reason why this package took so long to get here. Poor Starfighter must have gone crazy when all these packages went on some mystery walk-about.

      I do wish he would make it a new habit to answer PMs and ship only Express mail to save himself this grief, but in the end it's been proven that he did nothing wrong. He did the right thing and sold me replacement merchandise went this box seemed lost forever;and now I'll do the right thing and repurchase this item from him as we agreed to if the box should ever be found. I feel bad that there has ben so much grief for all concerned. It is the postal service that deserves the blame for this one.
    2. Bump for you, but have you asked at your post office? I'm not speaking for Starfighter, but I say this based on a situation similar to mine:

      My package status wasn't updated on the USPS website for days (it was in transit forever even though I paid for EMS). By the one week point, I was getting pretty nervous. I actually called my post office, and I explained my situation. They didn't believe that they would have my package, but when the guy looked around on their racks, and he saw it... just sitting there. =___= For days.

      I hope you're able to hear from your seller and/or find your doll. Good luck to you.
    3. Was it sent expedited? it's suppose to take 10 business days which is about 2 weeks...but you cannot track a package sent this way, it only tells you when it was shipped and received...it's almost 3 weeks now, it's a little bit long I think...and yes, only the sender can ask to trace it...
      I do hope you get your body...:o I finally got my doll from him...she was in pristine condition though ...
      The post is really slow these days don't know why? I ordered some eyes and wigs from different people in US and it all took more than 2 weeks to get here :o ...I hope it's only the slow shipping...
    4. I asked at the main post office here in Portland and they said I the same thing the Canadian post did, Philip has to have the package traced to have it found. He never sent me a scan of his shipping receipt as I asked for so I have no way to start the trace. It seems to be stuck at the Canadian sorting center on Toronto still form what the CP woman said on the phone. On the USPS side they say they don't find a customs record of it yet....but that doesn't mena much apparently. I too have heard of long delays now between Canada and the US. I was told the more expensive the item is insuranced for the long it can take to get it (as told by Canadian Postal service) but no reason was given for this phenominum. I just wish I would get a response from Starfighter. I know he didn't cause the extra delay but he is the only one that can fix it. Next step is to ask for a refund from payapl and my credit card company if he chooses not to deal with this matter.
    5. he was online yesterday at 8:40 am and again today at 3:10 am and did not respond to my PM's
    6. I see that Starfighter was online again today at 3:40 and failed to contact me in anyway. I just don't understand why he can't just pick up a phone and call the postal service (the call is free) and trace the package. I'm starting to wonder if the tracking number even belongs to my package now.
    7. Contact a mod about this immediately; they can suspend his access to the marketplace until this is resolved. This is grounds for temporary ban.
    8. Just a note that this is not the first transaction recently that Starfighter has had problems with and due to the repeated complaints his MP access has been removed and his sales threads have been locked until such time as he satisfactorily completes all current transactions. If you have a problem with Starfighter, please post in this thread, or post a new thread about him, and/or contact a moderator to let them know of your situation. Thank you.
    9. great Casssiel :)
      But now, as far as Chinamoon...I really hope that he will reply toyou and take care of this, I don't know why he comes online and don't respond...he did the exact same thing to me for over a week, came here without replying?
      I know how stressfull you must be, I was totally stressed out with my dealing...
      I hope Starfighter do the right thing...

      Edit to say that I would not do business with him again...because it was sooo stressed up!
    10. Chinamoon, I hope he sends you either the doll body or a refund quickly. Check with paypal and see what is the time limit for filing with paypal. I am not positive, it might within 45 days from date of payment to file with them. My own experience with starfighter was stressful enough, although I did finally get the doll, I would never buy from him again. Besides the lack of curtesy of replys to PMs after payment was sent, he didn't even double box a volks doll, just paper over the box for shipping. arrived inbetween downpours too. I was also not able to use the tracking # he finally gave me and was not aware that he was going to use a tracking number that is useless to the buyer.

      The tracking number he gave me also never changed from being at the Toronto post office. It might be that the tracking # is only good for insurance purposes.

      Whatever his problem is, he wants only serious buyers, but he is not a serious seller. If I had paid better attention to his feedback thread before buying, I would have followed up on the feedback by Apath. She never did receive her purchase and had to file with paypal to get her money back.

      I hope this gets resolved quickly for you.

    11. Starfighter has said he has contacted the postal service and had a trace put on the package finally, but won't know for up to 15 days where the package is now.
      I have opened a case with payapl so I don't loose my rights to file against the claim if I need to. My credit card company will also be involved if need to be with this case. I would like the body over the refund, but a refund over nothing at all.
    12. Still no resoltion to this transaction yet but trying to work something out. Starfighter reports still working on the trace. I have offer an exchange of a SD16 female body for the SD16 male body paid for in full and gone missing. It leaves me a credit with him and a body in hand. If the Yukinojo body should show up here after I receive the Olivia body I will either pay for it then or return it...all depends on if it ever can be found really. Starfighters payapl account is frozen for now, but I didn't ask them to do it.
      I will post when the situation is resolved or actions escalated.
    13. I have turned Starfighter into paypal for non-delivery of goods. It's been since April 25 when I paid him the money. He said yesterday on the phone he would call me today firth thing in the morning with an EMS number for substitute merchandise. No call, no PM, no email (he was here at DoA at 11 am this morning) and I have left 3 messages on his phone. It's now time for the legal route since I don't think he is dealing with me in good faith.
    14. Today June 4th I received an Olivia head and body to replace the Yukinojo body that I paid for and went missing in the mail weeks ago. I am paying a small balance to make up the difference between the 2 items as agreed upon. Starfighter still has a claim open with the Canadian postal service at this point. It is my hope in the future that he ships only by express mail to save himself and the buyer the greif of the standard mail service.
    15. Congrats on him finally showing up! (It's too bad boxes don't get stamped like passports to show what he's been up to all this time...)
    16. Happy to hear you received your SD16B body! I hope you don't think too badly of Canada Post... I've had nothing but great experiences with them in the past, and most of my packages are sent over the border into the US! ...will you be returning the SD16G body back to starfighter? I might be interested in purchasing one @_@