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Super Senior Delf - Avalanche

Jun 10, 2010

    1. There's a new SSDF face on the Luts website!!!!! Eeeee!!!!!! His name is Avalanche, and he's a cutie!

      Link to Avalanche's page.
    2. O_O I can barely get the Luts site to load. I wonder if they are updating. I wanna see the new Avalanche!
    3. Wow totally have fallen for Avalanche! He looks so devious and quirky, I love it! Does the SSDF heads fit on SDF bodies?
    4. Usually they do, although in some cases the proportions might not be perfect. Neck fit doesn't seem to be an issue - I have an Abadon (SDF) on an SSDF body.
    5. Luts, you teases! Didn't they promise 2 SSDF new releases? So now they're going to dole the pictures out one at a time, eh? Well, if that's the way it's gonna be, I have no problem cloggging up their server by checking their website several times a day! I'll call that bluff!!!!
    6. Y'know, I thought they mentioned two SSDF releases, but the notice says only one.
    7. I fanally saw Avalanche. I think he looks similar to an El or Moon. ._. I don't remember which... but there was only one image at the time.

      Still no word on my doll. It has been 40 days including the weekends. Maybe their site meant 45 days not including weekends...
    8. It's usually business days, so weekends wouldn't be included. Hang in there!

      I'd say Avalanche has a definite El-ness about him, more than Moon.
    9. The rest of the Avalanche images are up! He has a cute, mischievious look to him! Oh, I wish Luts would start selling SSDF heads. I can't afford another whole doll right now.
    10. Oooh! He is so cute!! Luts really should sell just the heads!
    11. And hands. LUTS should really sell optional SSDF hands *sigh*.

      I won't be getting him, but I'll love seeing what people do with Avalanche. He's just so darn pretty.
    12. That smirk is perfect. Like he's saying "yeah I'm hot, and I know it."
    13. Ooooh, yesss. That boy is hot. Can't wait to see owner pictures.
    14. I'm sooooo saving for this boy... he's like the first doll that I've fell head over heels for. :D He'll be my first doll... the problem is the saving for him. >.< Can't wait to see what other owners do to him! :aheartbea
    15. I seriously want this guy so badly. I'm not sure about it, though, until I see user pictures.
      I think this guy is the second prettiest male doll I've ever seen.
    16. Is is just me or does he look a little like H. Ducan?

      He's gorgeous and I can't wait to see owner pics.
    17. Hello everyone,

      I know that this thread is a little old, but I was just wondering if anyone has (or knows of) any examples of an Avalanche head with a custom faceup? I have a floating Avalanche head and I want to give him an interesting face, but I can't get that company faceup out of my head. He's just so smirky!:fangirl:

      Thank you very much.