Supia Ballerina Extra's

Sep 18, 2020

    1. Hello everyone! I've got a question, does anyone have pictures of the 'ballerina body' extras that Supia has listed on the site? Of course, they don't have updated 'parts' photos and I'm curious. (At least I don't think they do that I found.)
      I've got an Old Supia Body and the Newer Supia Ballerina Body (I love it so much).
      Currently have Flat feet both Old/Ballerina - The Default Hands - Old Heel Feet - and Ballerina Pointe Feet.
      The Ballerina pointed toes feet do fit the old style Supia body for anyone wondering.

      My main thing is, I want to know what the ballerina heel feet and 'pointed hands' look like if anyone has them.
      I wonder, are they the same with just a slightly different wrist/ankle ball size? Or are they different, like the Old style Default hands and the Ballerina Default hands?

      Thanks for any info!
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