Supia Girls Discussion Thread Part VIII

Feb 17, 2018

    1. Yes I think you've described perfectly what has been happening- do you think that's why they might have discontinued the colour? I missed my window of opportunity to get some tanned heel feet sadly, so I might have to opt for light tan in the future and blush them darker. Supia have such a strong reputation for quality products, I know it will be worth the wait- I'm just anxious because she is my first and I want her to get here safe!

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    2. I changed my order to tan too, but it will be the new tan. I actually like it, though I really like the darker tan as well. Too bad they can't offer both. I'm hoping that my dolls will finally actually be sent end of February as that's when they said they'd ship them out, but who knows?
    3. The light tan does looks like a really lovely colour! I hope all goes well with your order :)
    4. Thanks @Howlisher , same for you! I hope you post pictures too!
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    5. I just saw the new images of Juah with the normal B make-up and I think the face-up looks gorgeous! :D
    6. That faceup is sooo pretty; it's amazing how different a sculpt can look with different faceups!
    7. @satyrsmoon thanks for the review and all the photos! Very helpful. :)
    8. Wow, the 65cm body is huge in comparison with the old one. @satyrsmoon you wouldn't happen to have any hand-for-scale pics woild you? :) I'm curious about how much bigger the waist actually is.
    9. @Alewife - you're welcome, glad you found them helpful :)

      @Kayble - the 65cm body is actually pretty close to the Iplehouse EID measurements (so I'm presuming the new Supia can wear EID clothes. Sadly I sold my EID and her clothes years ago so I can't confirm the fit). By "hand-for-scale pics" do you mean photograph my hand by the doll? I'm really sorry if I misinterpreted :sweat
    10. @satyrsmoon oh, that's good to know! Thank you! And, yeah, you holding the doll would be great. I'm super bad at imagining sizes, so hand-for-scale pics are super helpful, since I have a couple of hands to use as a reference lol. I'm mostly curious about how big the waist would be in a hand.
    11. @satyrsmoon thank you so much for the body comparison and posing review! I really appreciate it! She is stunning, and HUGE! Wow! Ugh, I hope they ship my girls out soon, I'm so tired of waiting for them :(
    12. @Kayble - ah ok, I'll try to take a picture of my hand with the doll (I don't want to say "this weekend" because last time I said it, it took me a couple of weeks *_*), but hopefully soon??

      @IngieBee - you're welcome ^_^ Hope your order makes it to you soon!!
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    13. Guess what!! I got a reply from Supia and there had been a problem with my order, so that's why it was delayed again- but she's ready and will be shipped out tomorrow!! Plus a free gift to apologise for the long wait, how kind is that??

      I don't know what the gift will be but I'm just so excited that she's out there and waiting to come home. Been a looooong wait to get my first doll, so I'm extremely happy with this update. Izzy should be home in about ten days :D
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    14. Still no shipping for me :( I really feel like I can't bug them as they told me a few weeks ago it would go out toward the end of February, so I have to wait until at least March to bug them again, LOL. Can't complain though, as they let me change to a tan resin, still I've been waiting since September and I'm going bonkers, LOL
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    15. They weren't specific as to what the mistake was but maybe it was something to do with the resin colour or something because I've also been waiting since the beginning of August O_O but fingers crossed you get it shipped out this week, if not, yeah I would probably follow up the first week of March. I'm assuming mine is with the courier now but I'm waiting for an update. Once I know she's airborn I can relax a bit more.
    16. Supra girls are very beautiful

      I am hopeful that because realistic Asian males are becoming popular that means more Asian women will be made too. I wish more companies made more realistic Asian women.

      Supia Heeji is beautiful to look at but I don’t like the busty new body, I feel it is too big and too sexy if it is close to iplehouse elder body measurement but I like the new joints

      I asked Supia if they will update the 60cm body but still keep it slim with small bust and they said they are working on updating the body and will make heel wearing feet without the ankle joints extra part :love

      I will wait to order but thought others might be interested to know that Supia is working on a new 60cm girl body
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    17. So @Howlisher , were you also doing layaway? Or did you pay in full back in August? Gosh, that's a long time to wait, you'd think this was Dollshe?!!! Will your resin be the old or the new tan? I got the new tan, not because I didn't like the old tan, but because - when I realized I didn't have to share bodies or made a decision on who would be on which body - I realized I could make the new 65cm body and dreaming Rosy head a tan, so I changed my order and they had already changed the resin. I'm glad I did though, because although it doesn't look that much darker in some pictures, I do like darker dolls :) NS gets quite boring and I normally don't like white at all, though my daughter is getting a white skin (her D&D Elvish character) which is really cool as I can't wait to see what she looks like and probably would never have gotten myself, so she has made our home have more colors! LOL

      @GreenTeaSlug oh that's really good news about the bust part. I would love it if they'd update the joints on the old DJ body too?! I can't wait for my Rosy to come home so I can check out first hand that new body. I'm pretty sure now that Rosy will be my D&D cleric... wearing this sexy black outfit I got from Katushkastyle on ebay. I need to make her a staff and get her a sword maybe! She is going to be so freakin cool!!!

      I think Supia has a hold on me now, I love the MSD body too, and their heads. I'm thinking of getting an elf looking MSD size doll to be my gnomish character! This is too much fun, but I really need to get sewing!!
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    18. No I paid upfront if you can believe it! But unfortunately I guess I was just in that teeny tiny percentage of orders that just don't go right. But she is my girl grail doll, so I had to just leave it to blind faith. But even though the long dark winter months seemed to stretch on forever, I can say at this point I am still happy with the communication I received and the subsequent apologies. I got her in the original tan, although I am kicking myself that I didn't get the high heeled feet- I just totally missed the window of opportunity on that one. I will probably have to look elsewhere and send off one of her human ears (Elf girls ftw!) for colour matching, but that's for the future lol.

      I've had my tracking info updated and she is now in the UK customs (safely I hope!). I hope she gets through it within this week, please keep your fingers crossed for me! As for the new resin colour it really does look lovely! Maybe one of my future dolls will be of that colour. I know what you mean though, I always thought I would get a white/normal skin doll first (I've been wanting a bjd for roughly ten years), but when I saw the Muriel in tan it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! lol.

      In preparation I have gathered so much crafting stuff, fabric, and haberdashery, I am really going to try to spoil her rotten when she gets here :)

      Edit: I just want to add, its very cool you can share this hobby with your daughter too!
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    19. Oh, so close!!! Congratulations, can't wait to hear she has arrived safe and sound :D Wow, 10 years! You deserve an awesome homecoming with her, I hope it's as wonderful as can possibly be imagined!
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