Supia (MiniSup) Mini Discussion Part 1

May 26, 2006

    1. If you have any questions about the new MiniSupia Yan limited edition,
      Cuty Honey Yan, you can add it here.

      Photos are in the news thread here.

      Do you want to discuss Mini Sup 43cm Yisol or Yan? This is the place.


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      Please discuss all Supia minis here.

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    2. I think Yan would make an adorable boy. XD When the boy body's out... hrm... ::love!::

      Edit: What's the difference between French and Urethane resin?
    3. What a great Memorial Day I am having. My Yan arrived this morning.
      I am so impressed. She can stand easily on her own!!!I am counting my stashed away dolly fund. Now I must have Yisol
      It is my hope to add a large one. I have regretted missing out on the Supia 60
      Can anyone tell me if the french resin is heavier than the common resin I have? I only have a Volks doll to compare these to.The Volks resin is smoother and heavier.Then I have a SD Susanna
    4. I love Supia's doll!!
      Do you think she'll make a less mature breast plate for the mini Supia?
    5. It's nice, because she gives you a choice of urethane or French resin. I think there is only $20 difference between the two, so it's really nice!


      If you have already ordered, I have sent you an email with this link. It took us awhile to get all the details but we are satisfied this will help everyone get the facepainting they would like best.
    6. I'm so glad I just managed to slide in on the first order!!!!
      My problem was which color?!

      Does anyone know what size eyes they take???

      Thank you!
    7. This order is for French resin only, and it comes in a pinky-white color. Yu Jin had so much trouble with the urethane production this month, so she is requesting everyone's understanding about just having french resin this time. Apparently the urethane production problem caused us a week delay in shipment. She was just so upset about that and doesn't want it to happen again. (She's a really sweet person : -))

    8. i was curious about BW also -- does it only come in the urethane resin, and not french resin?
    9. The french resin is a kind of pinky white. It's not a paper white color. I really think it's beautiful!

    10. Here are a couple of quick pics of my Yisol wearing her outfit by Staci:




      I love her and am still thinking about her name. Her resin is so lovely and she poses very well.

    11. Reggie - Thank you! She is French resin.

    12. I don't know if I'm really dense and missed you saying this before or what, but do supia dolls use faceplates or have a normal head cap?

    13. They are kind of a hybrid head compared to what you see...

      there is a headcap, but it's larger than with other brands using a head cap. It's almost like the headplate style, with the magnets connecting front and back. But with these, there is a headcap that comes away but it's bigger proportionately to others with the back headcap.. so putting the eyes in is very easy because the head is very open when you take this headcap off. The front face part remains connected to the body, similar to some other types of BJD.

    14. has anyone tried 14mm eyes in their girls yet? (specifically yan) there is just such a better selection of 14mm than 12mm.
    15. I have noticed that some of the Minisup supia dolls are strung more tightly than others. It may be that after a little playing they loosen up a bit and are then just right. The ones that seemed strung more loosely posed great and stood perfectly. I'm sure this accounts for any differences between the dolls.
      : -)
      (owns a Yisol and Yan and loves them)
    16. i'm glad to hear that it is just tight stringing, i will try to loosen her a little bit soon!
    17. they either take 12 or 14 (or 13 for that one brand that goes on odds). the eyes my yan came with are really nice so i haven't changed them yet, so i'm not sure which size looks better.
    18. To answer my own question, I think 14mm will fit her best. My 12mm don't look quite right, and the 16mm fit, but look too big IMO.

      And in case anyone was wondering, her original glass eyes are oval shaped paperweighted flatbacks. Quite lovely. :)
    19. Ok so i just purchased LeiLei's Yan. (Thank you again btw) and was curious to see what kind of clothes fit her. :) i bought some friends2bmade clothes with the assumption that unoa and yan have similar body shape and size...but i'm not a 100% any advice on clothes that will fit her, would make me very happy! :D also what wig size is she? i'd like to try and get a few different ones, maybe a short one. the long one is beautiful, but a little hard to manage...i still love it though. :)
    20. yan will fit most unoa things, her bust is bigger though, so certain tops (non-stretchy ones) won't fit quite right. in pants and skirts they are basically the same size. she fits unoa/yo-sd wigs, a 6/7, her head is a little bigger than unoa's. her thighs are definately thinner, yan has "twiggy" type legs, unoa's are more womanly. narae's clothes will fit yan too.