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Suspicous about Mebius00 sales - RESOLVED

Mar 29, 2010

    1. HEllo

      I am a bit souspicous about this sale thread :
      I had interest for the heliot head and for total price including shipping.
      I have paid the head on monday evening, we are now the sunday evening and I stil don't have a proof of shipping.
      THe bad thing is that the head state on the sale thread is "On hold" instead of "paid waiting shipping" I ask for change on the sale thread and someone else said that she was about to make payment thinking that the head was on hold for her

      I start thinking that the head may has been sold several time and that no one will get it.

      Could the moderation Team could help me ? (I hope that we are not several ones in the same case).
      I ask mebius00 for proof of shipping or total refund by the 18 hours before I open a paypal procedure.
    2. I had now informations so that Mebuis00 still propose the Head to several people event I had paid her for it several day before.
      I still waitting for serious proof from her but at the moment it really looks like a scam !!!
    3. Mebius00 was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. i explained to both buyers and i will send Miao_fr proof tomorrow.
    5. AS Mebius00 is not able to provide neither tracking number or shipping form picture/scan I had no choice but open an complain on Paypal
      If Mebius00 is able to give serious proof then I will cancel the plain.
      She pretend that she had 2 head for sale but as she didn't mention it at first and as she is not able to provide pictures of the both Heads I had serious doubs about it.
    6. Mebius00 give me a tracking number but not shipping form scan/picture.
      I can verify that the tracking number is one about a parcel to France.

      Thanks a lot for your message.
      I had follow your advise and transform the problem noticification into a complain at Paypal as soon as it was possible altrough she give me some informations.

      I hope that all this is only a problem of communication but I still have serious doubs ...

      I had a tracking number but it seems that the parcel had been posted after the start of the problem thread .
      So there is a risk that is a empty parcel, just to protect herself in front of paypal complaint.
      I will video tape the opening of the parcel so that if it is empty I will have a proof of it.

      There is a lot of inconsistency in that she said.
      This is the reason why I am so suspicious
      For exemple : Parcel is supposed to have been post on : the 27th according to the sale thread, the 29 according to one PM, the 30 according to tracking system
    7. I payed Soom Ai Faun head yesterday, hope I'll get it. I'd like to watch this thread..
    8. i bought form mebius some soom hooves 3 days ago for my beyla and will update after i have a tracking number and know about shipping,thanks
    9. sorry but i want to write that i do not think that mebius is a scam! i am just cautious because i had a bad experiance in the past with a seller,but i do not tell in any way that mebius is a bad seller
    10. online tracking says item was received today :)
    11. Hello
      I confirm that I had received the Heliot head yesterday I was able to open it late in the evening.
      The Heliot Head was in the parcel. I have a few details to fill out with Mebius00 but it will be in private as I don't think it could justify to keep her "being paged".

      I thinks that the "Paged" thing can be hold off.
      The Paypal Complain had already been cancelled.

      You can change the tittle of this tread into resolved but please don't lock it before about a week.