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~sweet~ New Photos Resin colors -LIMHO MANO Open Ordering Through Oct 1, 07

Jun 23, 2007


      Kudos to Hailey here at Dollfair for taking these great resin comparison shots.

      You will see Limho Mano in both normal beige urethane and pinky white french resin. Also Limhwa ForYou in the beauty white resin, and Limho Mono 44.5 cm with a default faceup in pinky white french resin.


      Shown here: Normal beige resin, Limho Mano 67cm with
      pinky white French resin Limho Mono 44.5 cm
      Both Limho Mano and Mono have default faceups.

      Me and my liitle buddy, Mono!



      It's MANO y MANO (pardon the pun!).. and a beauty white urethane ForYou 43cm girl.
      Note: the pinky white French resin Mano on the left is also body blushed. The normal beige Mano is not body blushed.

      YES... These are the same Mano face sculpts, just different resin color and different faceups.
      THE SCULPT IS VERY VERSATILE. Make him the character you envision.

      Hi everyone!

      The second ordering period for Limho Mano is open now, and we are doing open ordering this time. Just go to the site and place your order through October 1. Orders placed in this ordering period will arrive sometime in early November. The Limhwa international ordering is www.limhwa.com

      Because of EMS box size restrictions, we can only get one doll mailed per box from Korea. Limhwadoll has graciously offered to ship these boys direct from Korea to buyers. This means those of you in Asia will get a substantial price break. She will also do her traditional giftwrapping herself for you. I'm going to miss seeing your boys myself, but I'm happy we can do this in a swifter way. That means you will get your boys sooner! She will email me your EMS numbers when the boys are shipped.

      *we have confirmed the eye size can range from 12mm to 14 mm depending on the look you want. *

      Many thanks

      Older posts in this thread/ photos:



      We do not anticipate receiving any further photos. *wink*

      Information on ordering:

      Limho Mano home page: http://www.limhwa.com/mano.htm

      Resins available:
      normal beige urethane, a warm beige-white.
      beauty white urethane, very white with a yellow undertone
      pinky white french resin, identical to that of the Limhwa Half Elf

      Full set Limho Mano: $750
      includes wig (probably fur), glass eyes, box, blankets and certificate

      Minus set Limho Mano: $700
      includes doll only with box, blankets and certificate

      Facepainting is available at $60, done by artist Jung Ji Youn, who is Limho's creator.

      Shipping is $75
      Due to the oversized box, they must be shipped here individually so we cannot offer our usual domestic shipping discounts.

      Questions: we will try to return every question within 24 hours.

      Oh, and here are the measurements.

      Height: 67cm
      heads: 23cm
      neck circumference: 12.5 cm
      chest: 27.5~28cm
      waist circumference: 22cm
      hip circumference: 29~29.5 cm
      leg length: 36cm
      arm including hand: 20cm
      feet: 8.5cm
      eyeball size: 12mm (double checking this size)



      Please go to the discussion thread to get more information.
      67cm Mano
      will be cast in the following resins:
      Normal beige urethane
      Beauty white urethane
      Pinky white French resin

      Wigs: fur or hair, not sure yet. What do you prefer?
      Eyes: very deep, detailed glass

      Here are the hands and feet.
      These are the clay prototypes. Hope you like them!

      LIMHWA order for 67cm Limho Mano will begin July 18-24. Please sign up for our ordering period notification here by email.

      Limho Mano, 67cm Hands

      And his feet... Limho Mano 67cm

      And if you missed it, the prototype announcement:

      Introducing: a new 67cm fantastic MALE sculpt from Limhwa Doll Korea.


      Here is his unpainted prototype made from clay, shown in shadow to show you the sculpt detail and his incredible three-part torso. He is being casted for the first time now, which will be complete July 10. After that point, we will have photos of the first casted doll and open up ordering for him.

      Limho means: "Tiger of the Forest."


      Resins available: French pinky white resin, and urethane resin. At this time, we are not sure which regular urethane resin colors will be offered. Full details will be made available in July.

      Discussion thread here Thanks to Strontium Dog.

      This project has been a 10 month labor of love for Jung Ji Youn, the artist of Limhwa Doll. Ji Youn is the creator of the famous Half Elf and Human girls, and 44cm Limho Mono and Limhwa ForYou and ToYou. Her work is always a transcendent delight of artistry and spirit.

    2. If Limhwa is offering the choice of urethane resin for Mano, does that men it will also be offered for the human and half elf girls?
    3. I am not sure... at this time she is only offered in French resin.

    4. Limhwa wrote to us last night. She will try the urethane resin with the Limho but not the Half Elf or Human right now.

      Limhwa's assistant
    5. A bump for the new photos. Thanks to my daughter Hillary who works with me during the summers to learn about the artists and dolls.

    6. I just love him! Do you know when he is going to be available for order in July?

    7. First, a heartfelt thank you to all the people who have emailed and messaged me with such positive feelings about Limho Mano. I am having them translated to send to the artist. We are both very excited about this new project. Limhwa says that the rainy season there is gloomy, but she always gets excited when "there are new kids" coming.

      The timetable so far is: July 10, his casting should be done and Limhwa will take it and paint and style him. We should have photos shortly after the 10th, with information about the first ordering period.

      So ordering will happen in July, over a one week period.

      If you would like to be notified by email, please go here you can sign up for a Limhwa special interest newsletter. We will email information to everyone who signs up. Because of email spam filters, we also encourage everyone to keep an eye out on our web site for updates. Limhwa's international ordering is at www.limhwa.com

      Many thanks:fangirl:
    8. A bump for the long-awaited Limho Mano face.
    9. Holy cow.... he is sooooo sexy!!!

      I love this guy!! WEEE

      *saves her monies!!!*

      About how much do you estimate he will cost??
    10. Wow. Very, very nice. Hope the body is as good! Any idea when we can see a cast of the body?
    11. Ji Youn, the artist of Limhwa, wrote to me last night that she feels sick... it's probably from the effort and stress. I just sent her a box of pink roses. She will probably try to shoot his body tomorrow and I'll get more photos. As soon as I get these, they will be posted.

      This has been at least a 10 month project, you can only imagine how emotional it must be to finally see him. I'm still overwhelmed by her work.

    12. Is he going to be a limited edition? Or will there be more than one ordering period? I would love to order him, but right now is bad for me.
    13. I promise there will be lots of photos of him soon, and some will probably not have her little leaves and flowers. It's her way of introducing her work, and I think it's rather charming. In the near future, there will be full body shots coming with none of this. So for now, let's just sit back and enjoy Ji Youn a bit ^^

      Limhwa means "forest flower."

      As far as the edition, it will not be limited to one ordering period. But as she introduces new things, he will become harder and harder to get.

    14. He is absolutely stunning. Stunning!

      When the first order period for the Limhwa Human was announced, prospective buyers were supposed to detail in the application why they wanted the doll - is that going to be the case with him, too?
    15. I am working to come up with a fair system for ordering. It's always a work in progress, because there does not seem to be any system that prevents complaints.

      With the "email at this time system"... people will send in simultaneous orders and then a "tie-breaker" is needed. That's why I had a little question in there, to use as a tie breaker. Some liked it, some didn't.

      If I open orders and allow everyone to order them off the web site, we could experience either a server crash or Paypal could freeze our account due to large simultaneous ordering. These things have happened to other companies, and it's very upsetting to everyone.

      Another idea I came up with is this: every hour, on the hour, there will be one or two put into the shopping cart. Over one or two days, we could give you specific times when they would be up for grabs. This would space out our orders in case people choose to use Paypal. How does this sound? We also offer Visa, Mastercard and Telecheck. That system will not generate any freezes.

      I'd also request you only order if you want this guy in your collection. If you plan to sell him before he arrives, please be aware we might cancel your order and send you a refund.

      Helpful suggestions for ordering always appreciated.. please either PM me or add to the discussion thread.

      P.S. No new photos last night. We will post them as soon as they arrive. Get well soon Limhwa.
    16. omg he is stunning... so i guess we'll have to wait for full body shots?

      discussion thread time...
    17. Yes, we don't have them yet. The full body shots we do have are of the prototype. So the whole body will look like that, though of course when casted the color will be lighter. We should have the first casted body shots at any time now.

      Planning to open orders next week. There is a discussion thread going on now, and we are talking about the most fair method of selling them in the first ordering period.
    18. bump for nudes.. I mean, NEWS.

      Hard to talk while drooling, sorry.
    19. Do you know if she has any plans to release the body seperately? I have a friend who would love just the body~

      Also, does the normal urethane match Volks, or any other company? =3 Thanks so much! He is extremely gorgeous.
    20. Limhwa always sells her dolls and bodies together. I'm really not sure about how the resins would match another company's head.

      Glad you like him. :D