SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. I actually own a pair of Sadol's jointed hands for the purpose of giving them to my SWITCH Waseon. It's been a LONG while since I compared the resin match, and though decent, it was noticable (however, the hands were purchased later than the body and there's always the possibility that my Waseon's resin yellowed a bit since that time).

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      This is a discussion thread for Switch large dolls.

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    2. He's here!! Luv him~

      More pics in box opening gallery :).
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    3. I need help. My first Switch head is on the way, but I don't have a body for it. The wonderful world of Google told me that you could make a hybrid with Taeheo head and AprilStory AS17 body. Now the question is if I buy a new body from AprilStory does it have same measurements as the older ones? AprilStory site says "Circumference of neck - 10.7cm" and Switch HD 65 info says "Circumference of neck - 10.5cm".
    4. @Emma DD White I own Taeheo and have him on the AS 17 Boy body (which I bought last year). His head fits on the body perfectly.
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    5. Thank you! You just saved my day! :3nodding:
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    6. I’m really curious in seeing everyone Switch dolls as a group? Anyone have multiple switch heads? Can I see group pics?
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    7. New outfit :)

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    8. @KiwiNinamori - here's an old photo of my Switch group (there's been a lot of changes since the picture was taken and a couple more Switch sculpts have joined/will be joining them).
      From left to right: Taeheo, Soseo, Ryun:R, Huisa, Ajeong Closer ver.
      Not in picture: Milhwa, Doha, Huisa Direction (<- this last one is still on order)

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    9. Oh wow they are so lovely! Such a great switch family. Thanks for the picture @satyrsmoon!
    10. [​IMG]

      Took some photos of Reed (Rusi) today. :)
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    11. My Doha head finally arrived. :D The face up is so nice. I can't wait to style him properly, for now he has random eyes, a Switch wig (though decent, is not fitting the character) and the Soave sweater. Not even pants for the poor man.



      Would you remember if the difference was in darkness, and/or color (pinker/yellower/whiter)? Something that blushing may take care of...? :>
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    12. So many gorgeous Waseon *^*. Mocha skin is really beautiful.
      Showing off my boy too, an other waseon but in rosy white skin :

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    13. [​IMG]

      Whoops I missed the waseon spam lol;;; \O /
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    14. I recently ordered a Waseon head from FaithZ and was wondering which body you guys got for yours, especially after Switch's recent resin change? I'm more concerned over the proportions and am actually eyeing the April Story AS17 body since it's also on sale until the 30th. Plus, I've heard many say that this body fits their Switch heads quite well.

      Any suggestions?
    15. I want to contribute too~


      Waseon is my favorite Switch head T_T!

      I have my Waseon head (2015) on a Switch Attractive body from 2017. The resin match isn't a big problem from what I see. In fact, the color difference is almost unnoticeable. From what I saw, the difference between the old and new resin is that new resin's just a little bit pinkier than before. But is not a big deal. I put side to side my boys and the resin color is quite compatible (Kanadoll Adrian in a Doll Factory body from 2016 and my Waseon in Switch Attractive body from 2017). And if there's a difference, with the sealant and faceup it will not. Unfortunately I don't own an April Story body :( ! but I recommend Doll Factory to hybrid your Waseon.

      By the way, can't wait March to receive my Huisa direction! Did somebody ordered one as well?
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    16. I think I can finally join this. I have a Ryuzo head currently shipping and a Waseon on layaway. @ _ @
      I still have to order bodies for them.