SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. Definitely gonna get a waeson and a ryuzo! Might get a Doha if he’s number four, my normal skin doha has dropped on concrete and his nose has been damaged :doh

      And I’m also desperate for the new boy…

      My wallet... :doh
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    2. He is really cute and sad :D This new face is completely special! Probably, he will be popular.
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    3. [​IMG]
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    4. I love mocha brown ryuzo soooooo much. Hope switch could rerelease him someday.:pout: The new skin milktea rose is totally different.
    5. Adding on to the previous reply, the Attractive body also has more natural back muscles than the previous body :)
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    6. You guys are awesome! I've got to pick up a few bodies from Switch, so that definitely helps. <3
    7. Just discovered switch-dolls and am absolutely in love with their headsculpts and wigs - I am a bit confused by their release-strategy though. How often do they sell dolls? Also, does anyone have recommendation where to order their dolls when youre from europe? Thanks in advance! :)
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    8. @raxii From the 1st to the 5th each month Switch offers a small selection of dolls for pre-order, currently those are only Shiho, Pavian, Hina, and Bahm,

      All of their other dolls are offered on a limited time or limited quantity sale with no set schedule. Only Switch knows what's going to be offered next until they make an announcement about it.

      So, if there is a specific doll you have an eye on you'll either have to wait around until Switch announces they're re-releasing it in the skin color you want, which could happen anytime in the near future, or not, or try for one on the MP.
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    9. I have a yet another question of the body :lol:
      Is there a purpose why the legs are stringed through the hole in the hip part? Where the strings meet and left goes right and right goes left.
    10. thanks for the elaborate answer - this already helps a lot. they have such beautiful sculpts!

      a general question: do you guys have any experience with hybriding their heads? i really like their heads but am kind of unsure about the body-sculpt and am thinking about mixing it with another one. But as always the question is - with which other companies the resin matches,etc.
    11. @raxii welcome to SWITCH paradise ><
      This link to the SWITCH resin match & proportions thread might help?
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    12. Hi @raxii welcome to the thread! Just wanted to add to what has being said that Faithz.com sometimes runs preorders for heads that aren't available in the Switch site (plus they offer layaway). I purchased my Sohwa, Huisa direction (now sold) and my Ajeong closer version heads there. They offer bodies too, like the Switch Attractive and Humming dolly bodies, wigs, clothes and shoes. You just have to be checking their website, but they always announce preorders in the news section of the forum. That's a way to get a head from a previous Switch preorder, and the other way is checking second hand market as Cloudedmind suggested.

      About hybrids, it will really depends on the batch of resin color you want to match. Newer Switch resin is a bit pinkier than before. If you want to hybrid a head from 2010/2013 you can use a body with a yellow or cream base color like Spiritdoll, Dollfactory, Volks, etc. But if you have a head from 2016/2018, I suggest you to hybrid with the newer oriental skin color from Dollshe or Dollstown, or the new normal skin from Dollzone. It will really depends on the size of the head too and your preference ^_^ ! BTW, as @Chelokotik recommended me, Doll family H offers custom Switch resin colors, but only in Taobao. This company also has a chinese dealer called "Alice Collections" but I don't really know if they accept resin match there.
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    13. @Ciel98 thanks! this thread helps a lot - have to read through it later :)
      @Hisomu faithz is a good suggestion - thankyou so much! also you´re probably right about the resin-match (ugggh why does it have to be so complicated). but i guess I´ll decide on a head first and then do a more elaborate research on how to hybrid it best. thanks again for the suggestions. btw: i am a huge fan of your dolls! <3 :)
    14. I'm planning on getting a switch/dfh hybrid so I asked Alice's Collections if it's possible to resin match. They told me they do, and if I want the switch skin colour there is no extra charge, but if you need to send in a sample it's an extra 45USD. I had my eye on the 68cm body but it would probably be too large.
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    15. Some Chinese bjd company do accept resin match, such as POPOdoll, DF, AS, DL etc. I matched my Seolrok in white skin with POPOdoll 68cm male body from 2017 and I could say that the resin match was pretty good, and the porpotion was really nice!

      My seolrok just came back from faceup commission a few days ago and I’m so in love with him!

      Khlovera on Instagram: “Cyril finally got home After two months and several unexpected trips, I have got my sweetie at home. He is so brillant that I can’t keep…”
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    16. I can't wait to get a Doha in MILKtea rose! :D
    17. I’m super happy to see Soseo on the list; he’s the main one I wanted and voted for. I’ll be picking him up if I can when he comes out.

      I’m tempted by Ryuzo too; he was another I voted for and I think he’d look so good in the Milk Tea resin!
    18. Did everyone see their fun crossword for their release annoucement?:whee:I'm excited for the new hand parts, heel legs, wolf ears and 70cm body they're going to release in 2019 :aeyepop:
    19. Soseo is one of my grails. I always wanted him in mocha, but I certainly dont want to miss on this opportunity. I just hope it wont be a raffle sale, I have bad luck with those.
    20. This may have been mentioned already, but Switch rose white resin is a decent match for Volks pure skin white.
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