SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. I ordered Taerin!! I was going to get a Shiho but .. Taerins face was looking at me on the website..! I hope I won't change my mind back, so far I haven't tho! Currently Taerin is going to get a girl body, with green witchy clothes from rRabit shop.
      I need to figure out a name!
    2. @aips That's great! Congrats! Taerin looks cute as girl or boy <3

      Don't know if anyone wanted any of these sculpts but FaithZ is offering Dojin, Ajeong closer version and Huisa Direction on preorder for Dollvie 2019. The deadline for ordering these heads with them is 28/3. They offer layaway too :)
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    3. Guys, I'm in a big of a dilemma.
      A few months ago I got a Soseo with the old Volks-yellow color, and Damhyeon head only in the new normal skin.
      Here's a pic of the two heads side by side...

      The two tones are completely different! Which is fine, but now I'm wondering which body to get for my Damhyeon.
      Has anyone done a comparison shoot for the current Luts real skin and Switch skin, in normal?
      I'm really liking the looks of the new Senior65 body, and I know it's pretty pink, so I'm hoping it's a good match.
      Any help would be appreciated!
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    4. I have LUTS body for my Ryuzo and the match is pretty spot on. <3 He's out right now for a faceup, but I can try to take some photos when he returns. The proportions are really nice, too! I have other Switch heads but they aren't as recent as Damhyeon. Perhaps I could use one to get some comparisons for you? Would you be interested? ^^

      Edit; I have a Haseo from 2017 in NS. He's probably the most recent Switch boy I own atm.
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    5. @poochiness Thank you so much!! That would be SUPER helpful. I was worried about the proportions for sure as well!
    6. I'll take some photos for you this weekend!
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    7. What sized shoes would you recommend for the attractive humming body? :?
      Website says that the feet are 8,3 cm, so would shoes that have 8,5 cm inner length be too small?

      I want to order few pairs of sneakers from Alices Collection, but can't figure out the size.
    8. I have some shoes that are 8.5 inner and they seem to fit just fine!
      I also have some boots and those seem to be a little hard to get on but still fit fine once they're on!
    9. @Tuulen
      When you're buying shoes, check the width if you can!
      Several shoes I purchased in the past had great inner measurements, but the width was too small so I could barely get them onto my boy's foot...
    10. @eichispee Thank you! If the fit is a little thight, it doesn't bother me that much. At least the shoes will stay on:lol:

      @Ciel98 Oh, need to check that too! Thank you! ^^

      I've been spoiling my boy and ordered a bunch of clothing from AC last December and will order some more from Luts in couple of days:lol: It feels so nice to own bigger sd boy, since I've always had girl dolls only.
      Here you can see a picture of him ^_^ He is a hybrid, Ihavedoll Tune head on a Switch body.
    11. Alright!
      I haven't forgotten about you. ;) On further inspection, my Haseo (2017) is slightly darker than my 2016 Luts body. The match was difficult to capture in photos but I tried. I think it wouldn't be noticeable with a faceup, imo. I'll get back to you on that when my Ryuzo returns. <3



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    12. Thank you soooo much!!! :D:D Wow, Switch really is very pink! Can't wait to receive my Senior65 body :blush
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    13. I hope this helps.
      Switch Ryuzo (released on April, 2018) + Luts Senior 65 new body (released on September, 2018)


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    14. @hellosanta Wow, thank you SO MUCH for the pix. I can definitely work with the slight skin tone difference. Your Ryuzo is so handsome :nosebleed
    15. Hello, I’m very much in love with Switch head and would like to order for my Luts SDF65 in white. Do anyone have a reference if Switch rosy white would be a good match? Thankss,
    16. I can't readily provide the reference since what I've found is someone else's photo, but as far as I know Switch rosy white and Luts white skin are good match. Switch rosy white would have little more pink in it though.
    17. Last year I bought a Javi on a customhouse body and I've had him for a few days shy of a month. I know he's an older sculpt, but if anyone else has a Javi please share! :) I fell in love with this boy at first sight. And I'm going to miss him while he's off at the spa (hopefully sometime this month!)
    18. Hello everyone!
      I'm a brand new SWITCH owner (just got my first head) and it seemed pretty hefty when I got it out the box. So my question is, how much does an entire doll weight? I found a thread throwing estimates around but it was several years old and different companies use different resin so I'm really curious how much weight I'll be lugging around :XD:

      Also what size clothes do they use? What SD size are they?
    19. @tohoz congrats!! Which sculpt did you get??? XD I'm quickly becoming obsessed with switch dolls after getting Jaxie home. He's on a customhouse boy body (he's an old boy) which is the SD/SD13 for clothing. He's pretty hefty but not too bad I don't think. So it depends on what body you want to put your head on. :) I see a lot of owners using 65cm bodies and some have mentioned that they wear SD17 size.
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    20. Hi @tohoz glad to have you here! Some days ago I received a Switch doll and according with the box, the weight was 4.17 kg. It can be a bit less if we consider the box weight. It will depend too on which body you choose for your head. Some of them can be put on smaller bodies (60-62 cm), and others can fit 65-70 cm bodies.

      Clothes will also depend on the size of the body you choose. For example, my Waseon is on the Switch Attractive body, while my Damhyeon and Ajeong Closer ver are on a Switch Humming 65 cm body. Both bodies (Attractive and Humming 65)have some differences in the sculpture, but the main difference is on the feet. Attractive body has larger feet in comparison with Humming 65 cm body. Despite this detail, both bodies can use SD17 clothes, as Zavrinas already said. However, if you choose Switch Humming dolly 60 cm body, you should be fine using SD13 clothes on him. And if you want to hybrid him with a 70 cm body, you can purchase clothes on Taobao under the "uncle" size, or just clothes for 70 cm bodies.

      Hope this helps!

      @Zavrinas Congrats on you Javi :) ! Hope you receive him soon from the faceup artist!
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