SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. I got Sohwa in Mocha Brown! Was lucky enough to win the raffle after I found myself obsessed with the hue of the resin from their promotional pictures (it's so gorgeous irl too!). And I guess I wasn't clear enough, sorry about that, I'm going to get him a matching switch body, thankfully I like the look of the HD because they have no resin matches as far as I've researched :nowords:.
    2. Oh okay 4.17kg isn't too bad! And I wasn't clear enough but I'm going to put him on a matching switch HD 65 body :XD:! But thank you so much for the detailed answer! I'm so lost in the clothes sizes when they stop using cm and start using the SD sizes. I didn't even know they call it uncle for 70cm, I thought that was SD17, so the more you know :lol:.
    3. @tohoz Some sellers on Taobao call it "uncle" but other stores just put that size under "70 cm size clothes", can be confusing sometimes!
      It's a pity, but Switch doesn't have 70 cm bodies yet :( and I would love to have that option... or jointed hands! I think I suggested that on one of the surveys they had last year.

      [​IMG]Going late to afternoon classes by Dollprika, on Flickr

      I think I didn't shared a photo in a while, so... A wild Ulrik appears!
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    4. @Hisomu Yeah it seems like every size bracket has two names :lol: but thankfully there's this entire forum here to help newbies like me which I'm super grateful for.
      And there's going to be a 70cm body released from SWITCH this year! That size seems a little daunting to me for now, but then again the 65 body is more than 1/3rd of my height already *_*.

      Omg I love his faceup and the colour of his wig!! :D
    5. Aww he's so cute! I really like the body on him too
    6. Hey huys, My Aprilstory16 bod yellowed CONSIDERABLY this past year (kept out of direct sunlight like WHAT) compared to the non yellowed Seolrok 12' head I have. He looks so weird. Needs a new body for sure, but I can't find anything I like within my budget (under 400$). Any suggestions? I am terribad at resin researching. I get so frustrated! No two photos look the same and no one answers questions in the forum here.
    7. Aww, thanks @tohoz ! <3

      @xkelpiex Well, 2012's Switch resin tones are a bit on the yellower or creamer side instead of the pink subtone of the recent batches. You can try to hybrid him with a Doll Family H 65 cm body, in Normal Yellow. You can buy it on Alice Collections and ask them to match the body with Switch color, but I think that works just for the recent batches. Anyways, you can write an email to see if they can do resin match for Switch 2012 resin. I think they don't ask any extra for that service.

      I have a 2012 Taeheo on a Popodoll 68 body in NS. It works fine for me!

      Btw, Switch announced the release of Waseon on Milktea Rose color. Orders will open on February 7th! Is someone here going to buy him?
    8. I really like how the Milktea Rose color looks. :D It's such a nice shade (not too light and not too dark) and just what I've been wanting for one of my guys! I already have Waseon, so I will wait for Ryuzo. :whee:
    9. He really does look great, but I'm waiting for Doha :3nodding:
    10. Waseon looks gorgeous in that new skin color!! but I'll wait for Ryuzo or Soseo
    11. it is indeed a beautiful color indeed. I personally would be waiting for Soseo. I might have missed it, but are they releasing them on monthly intervals?
    12. I was wondering on what the color would look and it's quite beautiful. I'm debating on getting him (leaning towards getting) since I already have a normal skin and mocha skin Waseon. lol
    13. I was looking in hybridizing my two switch heads I got recently. they're both in rosy white. However, I've been researching trying to find resin matches for their RW to no avail. Even in the switch resin comparison thread people have said there is little to no information regarding successful hybridizations of switch heads in rosy white. I apologize if it is somewhere and I somehow missed it. :( but I've been searching for the past two months I've been waiting for their arrival.
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    14. They said they’re releasing them roughly quarterly in order of the survey results.

      Here’s what they said their plan was:
      Waseon - First Quarter 2019
      Soseo - Third Quarter 2019
      Doha/Ryuzo - Fourth Quarter 2019

      But that’s as detailed as they were. They just announced a more specific date for Waseon a few days ago (2/7-2/11 Korea Time).
    15. thank you yeah I saw later on their site about it, Thankfully Soseo is still months off, that is good! I most likely will get him as a full doll around that point and I have time to save~
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    16. Hello
      I don't know much about switch but i have a normal skin mori and just bought a popo68 (switch normal skin match)

      Now I'm just waiting...

      Also sending the head for a new faceup
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    17. If you have access to taobao there's some company that provides resin match to switch white skin

      Popo68/ resin soul etc.etc.

      They are also offering resin match to the new switch skin color
      I already ordered one from them
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    18. I've never used taobao before, but I can look into it. Thanks for the info!
    19. Hi guys, it has been awhile. Just popping in to say hi~

      Saving up for Soseo but probably just getting the head cause I want to hybrid him with a 68/70cm body hehe
      I do hope popo offers the new switch skin.. anyone knows if they would offer it or would I need to request for it specifically? :3

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    20. Gorgeous! I think I’m going to go for the Soseo as well. Luckily we have plenty of time. :D