SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. Thank you so much! I actually have heard Doll Factory is a pretty decent match as well but I'm finding it hard to find a place where I can order from them? Their previous site linked in the wiki is no longer working and Dolkus only has full dolls available. Do you know where I can purchase it?

      I didn't end up buying the April Story body since I plan on waiting a bit more for the right body. I can always save up for it when it's not on sale if I do go for it. But I thought it would be nice to have options and be 100% before purchasing.

      Congratulations! Ryuzo is stunning and yay for the Waseon layaway! I hope you find a body for them soon ;w;
    2. I ordered one along with a Sohwa head (actually I got two heads, one blank from Switch and one with make-up from Faith-Z…couldn't resist :eusa_sile)…too bad none of them will have bodies :sigh
    3. Congratulations on your waseon! I hope that you love him! I find waseon to have a smaller head, so I think the proportions for 60cm bodies are best. 65cm seems a bit too large.
      My guy is on a Dollzone B60-005, and I think the fit is very nice for both resin and proportions! I think that I got the version that is a little more pink;;;

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    4. @SugarCoatedStars May I ask where those eyes are from? Both the size and style are something I've been searching for! He looks awesome with them.
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    5. I don't mind you asking! They're glass eyes from beetles!
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    6. Hey everyone! :3nodding: I'm new in this new Switchies community, as a matter of fact, Ive just gotten my Rusi head on Feb 2nd. But since it's my first SD, I dont have a body prepared for him. :pout: I'm contemplating on which body should I get him since I'm a bit concerned on the resin match. I'm not a big fan of Volks or Luts because of the 2-part torso, and now I'm eyeing Doll Leaves, Doll Legend, and Doll Family H. Please share your recommendation ~ :XD:
    7. Thank you!! Wow, I had been looking at their eyes before due to the smaller iris, but had trouble finding owner pics and I'm glad to see they look good.
    8. @RoaKyle What size body are you interested in? Also, Volks does have 3 part torso's for most of their bodies.
    9. Ahhh thank you so much! Yours looks stunning! I love his facial expression in this picture and those eyes! :love:love Could you perhaps send me a full nude picture of your boy? :)
    10. I'm eyeing 60cm or at most 62cm as I'm planning to get a partner for him who is of 65cm tall.

      Dang, ur boy is a real hottie!
    11. @Einnn It's no problem at all! I've had a couple of pairs from them, and they've looked pretty good in my dolls!

      @misshincup You're welcome-- and, thank you! I'm glad that you like him! I'd be more than happy to take a full nude picture of him for you tomorrow! I'll DM you! <3

      @RoaKyle Oh gosh/// Thank you, so much! I'm happy you like him ; v; <3
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    12. So I am looking at wigs and eyes for my boys. For those who have Waseon and Ryuzo, what sizes did you find to work the best?
    13. I have Waseon and he works well with 16mm.
    14. Sorry for the late reply! It’s honestly been a few years when I compared, but I think they or the SWITCH hands were a bit yellower. But again, it’s been years since I compared the two. >_< Sorry!

      I also agree with Izam; I have 16mm eyes for both of my Waseons and they look great. 8”-9” wigs fit best on Waeseon as well. 9”-10” is WAY too big.
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    15. My waseon has 16mm eyes and an 8-9 size wig!
    16. For my Rusi, he's using 16mm as well (18mm is too puppy eyes for him) and he has a 7"-8" wig on (temporary though). So, I'd totally recommend 8"-9" and not 9"-10" as what the others have suggested earlier.
    17. My Waseon is using 13mm silicon eyes from eyeco and wear a 8-9" wig.

      Have you seen the shoes coming this month on Switch site !? I am in love. I am weak when it comes to doll shoes x)
    18. Oh, my favorite topic <3 long time no see :kitty2
      My Sohwa got a new body - Dollstown 17yrs
      Good proportions I think, but it has intensive blush for match skintons ;)

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    19. i recently snagged a full mocha brown switch milhwa from a local seller and i'm currently on a four month layaway with him! i'm super excited for my coming switch waseon to have a companion too and brainstorming my character idea for him. did anyone also get the mocha brown milhwa? i'd love to see some owner pictures of him here!
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    20. Awhhh mocha doll! I always like dolls in brown skin. They look so much yummier. XD. Maybe I should get one next. Congrats! And dont forget to upload the pic once he's here!