SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. A bit sad about the notice since I agree with @Cloudedmind that we hardly see most of the sculpts that have been released anyway and it would be nice if they did releases of the older heads even if infrequently.

      I'm tempted by Uhui, Ajeong and Huisa...will definitely be saving for them till then. I wouldn't ordinarily get these heads but seeing that they'll be discontinued, it's now or never.
    2. I'm very tempted to get my hand on the discontinued Milwa but then I remember they'll also release Soseo, Ryuzo and Doha (Milktea Rose) around that period :...(

      My wallet is not ready for this.
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    3. That was very kind of switch to let us know in advance about the discontinued sculpt order period.
      It gives everyone the chance to save up for them.

      Thrilled that the attractive 60 boy body will finally be released.

      I can’t wait for the milk tea releases of both Soseo and Doha (both on my wanted list) ...and if the clues are correct one of the dolls I’ve wanted from switch is actually going to happen...Mocha Rusi! I’ve wanted him for sooo long! ⚡️

      Lots of amazing things from Switch this year!
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    4. Yes, the Platina dolls are one-offs.
      It says on the webpage how you can buy the dolls:

      You can have a higher chance of being able to buy the dolls by going to their showroom called Platina.
      First, you have to make an appointment with Switch before you can go to their showroom.
      Buyers who come to their showroom in person gets first dibs on being able to apply to a lottery to buy the doll.
      If you win their lottery, you get a chance to buy the doll and it has to be paid in full within 24 hours.

      If the doll doesn't get sold in their showroom, then Switch can sell it online through their website.
      But so far, it looks like their Platina dolls have all been sold in their showrooms as they haven't had any announcements in their News page about any of the dolls being available online.
    5. Ahhh, I got a missed delivery notice for my Milktea Waseon. T_T Will have to pick him up at the post office later today. Has anyone else gotten their Waseon yet? :0
    6. Please post pics when you get him! I can't find any pictures of the milktea skin.
    7. wow congrats on getting the Waseon. Unfortunately he was released at the really bad timing for me so I didn't get him this time. Does he come with company face-up?
    8. Ah, I have to start saving. Not only am I planning on milktea Doha, but now I will need to get my hands on Huisa and Milhwa!
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    9. Maybe a bit of a stupid question but the from switch-site just confuses the hell out of me:
      when is it possible to order wigs from them? do they also have specific pre-order dates for certain hairstyles? or is it just luck?
      are there other websites that sell switch wigs?
    10. Please note: Rainy day today and the light in my room is yellow, but the Milktea color really is similar to actual milktea! lol

      And since this is my third Waseon in a different skin tone, I decided to line them up. :) Hope this helps just a little bit (despite the lighting and camera phone)!


      Thank you! I’m sorry to hear that; maybe you can get one in the future! And no; I find SWITCH face-ups to be too delicate for my liking.

      They’re only released at certain times. You’ll need to see when SWITCH announces preorder dates.

      I think there may be one or two resellers that have their wigs in stock, but I’m not familiar with them to know. ^^;
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    11. Wow! The milk tea really is between the normal and the mocha. I was thinking it would be a little lighter. I really, really like it! Does it seem tan in person? Or a shade of typical NS colors? :D
    12. There’s definitely a tan to the color in my opinion!

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    13. Oh! You’ve sold me on the milk tea resin. It looks awesome!
    14. Wow he looks gorgeous! I hope Switch would release more heads in this skin tone *coughHuisa*
    15. Me too! I’ve been completely sold. :D:kitty1
    16. @Elk Thank you for sharing images of the milktea rose resin!
    17. Huge bummer, I guess FaithZ is sold out of the milktea Waseon heads :((
      Hwayeon looks really cool though! Hopefully we see some head-on photos of him.
    18. The struggle is REAL though. but I'm confused, wasn't Soseo supposed to be next?