SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. Right? Soseo, Ryuzo, and Doha were all scheduled for third quarter of 2019. Unless this faithz’s way of getting the layaway payments out of the way early? I noticed they still were using the mocha brown Ryuzo photos too, so it looks like Switch hasn’t even released pictures of the milk tea Ryuzo.
    2. Hwayeon is available in Switch's website, in normal and Milk tea rose skin. Pegasus shoes, horns and extra hands parts are also available for preorder this time.

      Who's gonna order Hwayeon? I think he's gorgeous but I will skip this time, sadly :(
    3. they all pretty!!
    4. @Hisomu I am tempted since let's be honest all Switch sculpts are gorgeous but he looks a bit similar to a few other sculpts I already have, so I will probably pass :o
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    5. I caved and bought Hwayeon:abambi:He's so pretty, and I'm very curious to see how the Milktea Resin looks irl!

      I've seen owner photos, but it really looks different tone in all of the photos I've seen...
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    6. Oooh, I really like the Mutus horns. I'm going to purchase it. :whee:
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    7. Hwayeon looks really gorgeous. But I'm really in love with Gyoha Moebius >"< Unfortunately he's not available for web order :(
      PLATINAfromSwitch on Twitter
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    8. Congrats @eichispee ! Hope you receive him soon! I really love his eye shape and the way Hwayeon's lips turns into a light smile <3! I assume you ordered him in Milktea rose, right?

      @Maechen Those horns are beautiful! Congrats!

      @Mewtt I think Hwayeon looks like an older brother of Damhyeon!

      Did someone noticed this?


      Switch will release a 70 cm body soon!!!
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    9. Thank you! He really is so pretty...that pouty yet sexy face ahhh! Since I ordered him from Faithz for layway I believe ETA is October*_* I did! I'm really excited to see it, since their Mocha resin is already soooo nice!

      They had hinted at a 70cm body earlier this year with their Release Schedule Crossword! I wonder when they're gunna release it! The promo pics/pics of him from Platina have him on the 70cm body*_*I wonder how much they'll sell it for.....
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    10. I'm curious about the 70cm body sculpt. I hope we can see it soon! :3nodding:
    11. I ordered a Sensitive Dojin from FaithZ a while back and unexpectedly got him this week O:
      Never got a shipping notice, FaithZ even still says "processing"!

      I wasn't ready for him yet, but welcome home I guess :lol:
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    12. Hey! So I'm trying to get a custom wig made for my boy (switch huisa) while he is away at faceup but don't have his head measurements while he's away and don't have him for reference haha.. I was wondering if anyone here also had a Huisa that they would be willing to take measurements from so that I'd be able to continue with getting his wig made for him! Please please let me know :aheartbea
    13. OMG, I didn't realize they'd teased a 70cm body! That's so exciting. Switch bodies are gorgeous.

      Did anyone else take the survey? I've been begging them to do a 2-part torso for the 57cm girl body forever, and an SD16 girl. Probably won't happen, but one can dream. :P
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    14. I took the survey! Really hoping for a Damhyeon rerelease. Or any mocha skin. XD
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    15. I really wish the survey results would either come faster or we could see them so far xD

      There's a few dolls/Switch dolls I want but the possible re-release of Gyoha has me on edge. Especially in milktea, that'd be a perfect dream. Him being released for Platina is promising. Ughh the uncertainty
    16. Has anyone had problems with they Humming bodys ankles?
      Mine can't stand at all, since the ankles always give up under the dolls weight for some reason. The doll falls to the front or back from the ankles.
      Any tips on how to fix this? :sweat

      @mustbemissa I've also dreamed about smaller body from them! How cool would that be :D
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    17. *Slides into this thread after quietly lurking and admiring everyone's gorgeous dolls*

      I've got one of those annoying reoccurring questions. I'm considering getting my first boy from Switch in normal skin and I was hoping to get him a POPO body instead, but I'm not sure if the new Switch resin matches POPO's standard normal anymore. Does anyone know if it still matches? *_*
    18. Hi guys, I received my Switch Taerin in rosy white skin, i cant decide what body should i buy for him and which will match well, im thinking about Volks sdgr and Dollstown 15yrs in fresh skin, maybe you know a nice hybrids with rose white switch skin? :)
    19. Do you think they'll post survey results soon? Or at all? :o
    20. I wonder the same! Are they on summer vacation or something like at all or will they work through the whole year?

      My boy is getting his tattoos atm by my friend and I can't wait to see the end results! The sketches and rough linearts look absolutely fantastic already and I'm so happy that I commissioned her. Though she said these are out of her comfortzone (I asked for geometric style tattoos) she has done such a good job.
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