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SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. Seems like Switch has added Milktea Soseo to their website. Preorder will be starting soon. Will anyone be ordering?
    2. Soseo looks great in Milktea Rose. Very tempting! :D
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    3. He looks so good! :D I love the Pavel Makeup too
    4. Soseo in this skin color is so beautiful! but I want him in a 70cm body! :atremblin
    5. I have a holy soseo and a taeheo sculpt! Really love them to bits but i would love to get a mocha skin toned waseon too ><
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    6. I ordered Soseo because I've been wanting him since I started collecting about a year ago! I'm super excited waiting for his arrival, I also got him with Pavel's face up because I adore their face up style o.o It looks so good on Soseo too~ I only got the head for now, especially hearing they may release a 70cm body, I just hope they release it with the option to get in the Milktea Rose so I can use it for Soseo~ :D

      EDIT: Acutally out of curiosity, for those who have got their heads in Milktea Rose, has anyone found a successful hybrid match for Milktea Rose? :)
    7. hiya guys!

      Hope i didnt interupt current conversation, but i got some question that maybe you guys can help me figure out

      I been looking for a 60cm body that has less muscular neck for a while, do you guys think the HD60 body will do that justice? It‘s for my old boy Ruofeng, i was using SDGR boy for him but even with some heavy sanding the neck is still too big for him, he can't properly move his head to certain direction because the neck is too big and its on the way lolz:sweat:sweat

      it would be really helpful if i could have some sort of comparison bettween SDGRboy and HD60 body.........





      but also, just to make the images also close to the switch topic, here is my new boy milktea waseon!
      I gave him the name Merlot, and the offical make up by Nuit is abusolutly stunning!
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    8. Orders for the soon to be discontinued sculpts will start soon. I decided to pass on Hahwa due to loss of interest and ordered Hwahui in rosy white from Faithz instead. It's been a while since I ordered a SWITCH sculpt, but I'm looking forward to making a new girl. :3nodding: I plan on getting the HD57 girl body for Hwahui.
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    9. No matter what happens Switch always pulls me back in to dolls. Now i'm waiting on a Dojin to come in and i'm so excited.
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    10. Aria, I have found SOOM - Tawny skin seems a solid match for my milktea Waseon.

      #450 AutumnSaleen, Sep 13, 2019
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    11. In case anyone here has wondered about the compatibility of Switch's [Tip Toe] feet parts with their recently released OBSESS line of shoes, I'm sad to say that they are not in fact not compatible!

      Doing a quick measurement of the [Tip Toe] feet parts they are slightly larger (3.3cm x 7.5cm ish) than the OBSESS leg parts (3.1cm x 7cm according to the official photos).

      I've dropped Switch a question via their customer service and they have pretty much confirmed the same.

      Note: AriesH is technically (3.6cm x 7.9cm on the outside) so you might? be able to force it in??? [Emphasis on the "might" portion! ^^;]