SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. Oh btw, here's my first Switch which is also my Grail Doll. He's a Rusi. Got him from the Marketplace, and I loved every part of him! Though I wish to buy a body for him soon!
      p.s. The body in this photo belongs to a friend, who is kind enough to lend me the body for SD-adaptation purpose.

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    2. My Ryan is finally ready. Bought the head from DOA marketplace. He is simply perfect and I'm in love. :D

    3. @RoaKyle he is cute a cutie. What body were you thinking of getting him?
      @Emma DD White Ryan looks good with that hair color. Reminds me of Gaara XD

      Is anyone else excited to get the new head Yido?
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    4. You can buy it here: Aquarius Doll - Bisque & Ball jointed doll :)

      About Waseon eye size, mine uses 13 mm Eyeco ones, like Sjota. I think it's a thing of taste. I personally prefer my dolls with smaller eyes.

      Guys! I didn't noticed my Huisa:direction is almost here!!! It should arrive tomorrow!

      @pirouette Did you received your boys? Can't wait to see your Huisa:d with faceup, it is the one made by Yian_uwu (Instagram)?
      @RoaKyle Congrats on your first doll! I remember I handled a Dolls Leave body in the past, and it gave me a good impression. It was sturdy and posing was great.
      @SugarCoatedStars I always smile when I see your boy in my Instagram feed <3 !!!
      @Milo I saw the photosession on Flickr and I loved the colors of the photos :D! Your Sohwa is super cool!

      I saw it and I think I will order it! I really liked the facial features without the faceup. Don't get me wrong, the faceup on the promotional pictures is beautiful, but I get distracted by it.
    5. That's true! Plus, SWITCH's mocha brown is so gorgeous. It's actually my second favorite after Faryland's. Thank you! Will definitely do so! :3nodding:

      Thank you so much! By the way, could you send me a nude pic of your boy? I would love to see how the proportions look like since I've been trying to search and nothing pops up. :sweat
    6. @Hisomu No, not yet! I decided to combine my first order with another one placed a few weeks later so I will have to wait a little longer. My order from Switch isn't ready as well, probably because I ordered a body for the blank Huisa head. The face-up won't be done directly by Yian_uwu as that wasn't possible, but by a Faith-Z artist who will use that face-up as reference.

      @KiwiNinamori I think I will, although I'm not 100% sure yet (mainly because I bought too many dolls recently :sweat)
    7. @Emma DD White : Wadaheck, so handsome! :love:love:love What sculpt is he!

      @KiwiNinamori : I'm thinking of Doll Legend, but I'm still doing research on the resin match. Coz I can be quite fussy when it comes to body. Like, I want 3 part torso, but I dont want anything with very visible abs, yet I dont want their rib cage to be very obvious too. Care to suggest any?

      @Hisomu : Ugh, I'm actually putting Doll Leaves under consideration too. The version II body. But I actually want a 65cm body. 70cm is too big though. Personally, I like Yido. He has that bitchy face. But dang, that might just be me, being bias over Switch sculpts. :XD::XD::XD:
    8. I am not so fond of Yido. It's "déjà vu" if you see what I mean, a mix between Yiho and Doha probably ?
      I wish Switch would make a new girl body with a torso joint and sell again the 60 body :<
    9. Thanks :) He is quite special boy. He's Taeheo on AprilStory AS17 body. Works like a charm.
    10. @Hisomu [email protected] I really like his pouty face it’s not very sensual or cute like a lot of their heads overall. I put in my order for one so I’m eager to see what I can do with him.

      @RoaKyle I like Doll legend. Hmm, suggestions...maybe Dollstown or Dollzone they don’t have very obvious abs and I’ve seen them work for Switch heads.
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    12. @KiwiNinamori I'm still not 100% sure :vein

      And speaking of new dollies, I received my blank Huisa full doll today but…I never got a shipping notice from Switch. Has this ever happened to someone? I already checked my Spam box and there are no emails from Switch there.

      Also, the address on the package was almost completely wrong. They basically wrote the final part of the street name on one line, then the address description and first part of the street name on the second line. Again, I checked the address I provided both of my profile and Paypal invoices and it's correct. I suppose the wrong address explains why I never got a delivery notification from UPS, as it happened with all my other EMS Premium shipments from Korea. Luckily enough I was at home and had enough money to pay the customs fees (which I usually do online before the delivery), but I must say I'm a bit disappointed…
    13. @KiwiNinamori : Do u have any Switch head on Doll Legend body? And dang, thanks for the suggestion. DollsTown bodies are yummeh. But I have to say theyre not my type as both bodies are too big. I'm more into 60 - 65cm only. Thanks a lot! Uve been really helpful! Maybe I will consider ur suggestion if I cant find any others that fit my preference.

      @SugarCoatedStars : Everytime I see him, I swoon over his fabulous hair and his overall facial expression. -Sighhhh-

      @pirouette : Sorry for what happened to u. Luckily the head arrived safely. I'm guessing it must be because of the language barrier. A lot of Koreans are unable to converse well in English, much like Japanese.
    14. @RoaKyle I'm not sure it's a language barrier issue…the address in my profile was written correctly, they only had to copy as it was. And they did understand what to write on the customs declaration form. I have been buying online for 15+ years and most of my transactions were international, I did get my name slightly misspelled before (maybe once or twice), but this is the very first time my address is changed. Anyway, I have sent them an email. Maybe they'll be able to explain what happened.
    15. @RoaKyle I don’t have a Doll legend body unfortunately. And your welcome. I hope you are able to find a boy soon. I personally like Peakswood 60cm boy body for my switch here. He looks so adorable on it. This is my boy Amaury (Switch Hwahui on Peakswood

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    16. I didn't get an email with tracking either, but I have a habit of checking their site and looking at their notice/news board and I saw the announcement there that they've shipped the new Huisa orders out, so I logged into my account and found my tracking number there. Sometimes emails do get lost in transit, and sometimes they don't end up in the spam/junk folder either, so it's best to simply just check your order status on whatever website you ordered from.
    17. @pirouette : Hopefully they'll give a proper explanation on what actually happened so improvement can be made from their side. And as per Satyrsmoon clarified, it's better for them to send out emails to customers instead of having us to go and check their notice board everytime we want to confirm.

      @KiwiNinamori : Funny, how BJD companies almost all the time are unable to appeal their products to me, but when I see owner's pics, dang, theyre awesome. Coz really, Amaury looks awesome with that body!
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    18. @RoaKyle thank you XD yeah there are some companies I don’t like the site photos of but they look gorgeous in person. Got to just ask around other owners for pictures.

      @SugarCoatedStars your boy looks awesome! I love those glasses on him. Is that a dollzone body? it looks like a great match for him. I was thinking of using dollzone for my next hybrid.
    19. ...
      This is the exact opposite of what I wrote in my post *_*
    20. @satyrsmoon I did check the board, but my order was still in processing stage after the shipping notice was posted. I figured it would take a little longer since I ordered a 60 cm body in addition to the head, but it was marked as on shipping only after I received it.