SWITCH Discussion ~ Part VIII

Dec 24, 2017

    1. greetings, switch army! i have a ryuzo head on the way, and i would like some input. switch has his head size listed at 9", though unfortunately the wig i'd like for him only comes in 8" or 9-10". do you think 9-10 would be too big? input would be appreciated! thanks a mill~
    2. just wanted to drop by and say for those that ordered waseon on their recent pre-order, that i just sent an email to faithz about him (he was supposed to be shipped mid march and it's already the last week of march). was informed that he'll be shipped early april instead. so a bit more waiting time for us!
    3. Oh, thanks for the update! I was wondering when my Waseon would be shipped. Early April is not too far away :dance
    4. Hello!, I don't know where to ask this but I'll try here.

      I got a Switch Soseo Holy Ver. recently from second hand and he has come back from faceups.

      The problem is what body is best for the switch heads?

      I have heard Spiritdoll Elegance body and Proud body is a good match. But for my character the Elegance body is too small and cute and the proud body is too big for me. But If i can't find anything else a proud is the one i will go with.

      He's a demon so i wanted a 65cm body for him, not a 70cm. The lut's one is perfect but the colour doesn't match that well.

      What body's do you have your switch's on? And I would love to see photos~~

      Thank you~~~
    5. @emilymae1992 I know people have also had their various versions of Soseo heads on Volks SD17 bodies. Unfortunately, Switch isn't a great match resin color-wise for Volks anymore. Switch's normal resin is lighter and a bit more pink toned. But, sometimes the difference can be camouflaged with a faceup.
    6. Thank you for your reply!!
      I have a volks body, the body is older then the head as the body is a bit yellowed, but the body matches my migidoll well as he is a bit yellow also, i think! I don't know how to use Volks so even if I wanted a nother body Idk how to get one lol
    7. @Einnn He's adorable with those cat ears. I love him!!
      And thank you for the suggestion. I'll definitely look into Spiritdoll hands. I just ordered a pair of Doll Legend hands in yellow after someone recommended them. I emailed Alice's Collections and they confirmed that it's a good match. I'll post some comparisons when I get them! ^_^

      @emilymae1992 I have my Ryuzo on an Akagidoll 66cm body. It's similar to SD17 body in proportion and the resin match to Switch is perfect. Hope that helps!
    8. Damn it! I had that body and sold it, as i didnt like it. It is very hard to pose. But thank you I will keep that in mind.
    9. I have my Taeheo on an AprilStory AS17 boy body. The match is almost perfect.

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    10. @emilymae1992 Really? I personally love the way it poses. It's almost as good as my SD17 boys.
    11. Oh maybe it was just mine lol
    12. @emilymae1992 You could always try restringing or sueding. There's also silicone discs you can get that help immensely with posing.
      Hope you can find a body you like! ^_^
    13. I have my holy soseo on an akagidoll body and the match is 98% with face up 100%. Plus the body is a dream when it comes to posing
    14. My Soseo Holy Ver. - Necris Silge :)

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    15. Can someone explain to me how this raffle sale for Ryuzo works?
      I want to enter but not sure how to.
    16. If it's done like their raffles before, you place an order and they'll select through random who gets to buy him (if you're familar to how VOLKS works with their limiteds, this is how SWITCH is doing it).
    17. Thank you @Elk. It seems I was just too early. The link to the form now worked so I have managed to enter. :evilplot:
    18. Hi everyone,
      May I see your ryuzo as I have won the head from switch raffles?
      And may I see the body that you have him in?
      As I'm thinking of which body to get him
      Thank you:3nodding:
    19. Hey guys! I just discovered Hwahui over on FaithZ's website and I'm in love~ He looks so soft and precious, I'm really tempted to order him before the deadline but I've got a question for those who have ordered through FaithZ.

      What does their "FaithZ Makeup" option look like? Will it be similar to the one done by Switch in the promo photos? Thanks!
    20. I have Doha with FaithZ makeup -- I'd say it's "close enough" to his promo shots. It's less organic and more 'symmetrically organized', "smoother" (less detail around nose and on cheeks). The lips are probably the most different. (official) (FaithZ) It's still a high quality paintjob and I have no complaints. :)
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