Tamikan Space Tardigrade and Other Strange Bjds

Sep 7, 2017

    1. Hello all!
      I have recently learned about Tamikan Space's Tardigrade ( Tardigrade - Tamikan Space ) bjd and I'm hooked!! :D They're so cute and strange I love them!! I want one so bad! :XD:
      My question to you all is: what other strange bjds are out there? I am a huge fan of the odd and would love to collect weird bjds! :kitty2 Are there more out there that make you go "what in the world?" or "why would someone make that?" cause I'd love to know! Share the strangest bjd that you know of and make my day! :chibi
      Thank you so much!! :hug:
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    2. My goodness, is that a waterbear? I need it! What a wonderfull doll :D
      I'm just going to keep an eye on this thread, the strange dolls usually end up being some of my absolute favorites!
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    3. I know Doll Chateau produced conjoined twins at one point. They were connected at the pelvis and faced one another.
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    4. I appreciate the links to the unusual dolls!
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    5. DollZone and Doll Chateau have done a whole tribe of odd creatures over the years... Everything from anthropomorphic plants to a little snake-headed snoozing imp. XD
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    6. This is going to be an interesting thread. I like unusual dolls but they can be hard to find. The Tardigrade reminds me of a manatee with legs. I like Pathos Tale dolls a lot. Some of the owner faceups given to Pan are wonderful and I love their new deer doll, Misheng. The story behind her is enchanting. I'm going to follow this thread.
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    7. What a fascinating and unique idea for a pet! I am still a newbie and am learning my way around the various bjds, but this thread is definitely worth watching. :D
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    8. I like Mormorlac's teeth.
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    9. The little Mormorlac looks like the Dodongo from Legend of Zelda Orcarina of Time! :aheartbea
    10. As someone else mentioned Dollzone and Doll Chateau havee made some strange dolls. Doll Chateau made a bird creature called Carol. Dollzone made Dale and Wendy in a version that looked like sea creatures with people's faces in addition to a human bodied version.

      Probably one of the strangest dolls I've com across are Argonautica's Little Kio and Little Pri. They look like fish-people to me! And they come in mint, purple , and transparent blue. (OOh, a blue Little Kio with a blue tardigrade on a leash would be cool! And strange.)
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    11. I love you all so much thank you for posting your beautiful strange dollies :hug: I love them all!! :chibi I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loves strange dollies xD I haven't seen some of those before I love them!! Thank you all for the links and the shares!
      Oh my gosh yes I LOVE Doll Chateau and Dollzone and Pathos Tale and their sweetie weirdos!! :love

      Oh my gosh that would be so cute!!! :D aww haha that's a fantastic idea!!! <3
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    12. You might like DC's doll, they're all monsters or odd creatures, like ant, spider, cat lady, or horse uncle etc....
    13. Those are really cute!! Thank you for sharing! :)

      Aww welcome to DoA!!!! :D I'm a relative newbie to here but I'm so glad you like strange bjds too!!!! <3

      Hahaha I love DZ and DC xD they're so great with their strange cuties x)

      Aww I LOVE Pathos Tale! <3 Misheng is such a cutie but LouSheng I think is favorite :D such interesting sculpts!! :chibi

      CUUUTE!!! Ah! What a chubbers :D I love that!! <3
      I know I wish I was there for the production!! Dx they're so beautiful!! <3
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    14. I never realized there was so much creativity and diversity in bjds - I figured there would mostly just be human dolls, but I've been pleasantly surprised by all of the fantastic variety. <3
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    15. Aw good!!! :D yeah some of the most diverse/strange but still mainstream companies I love are Dollzone and Doll Chateau (owned by the same people :3)
    16. They definitely have some uncanny and artistic dolls, for sure! They look like folklore illustrations and dreams come to life.
    17. Yeah I love it! :D some of them are just straight up creepycute and it's great xD
    18. Even some of the very human dolls look "creepycute" to me (some dolls are almost too real which can be a bit disconcerting, while others are made to look "creepy" by distorting their proportions).