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Tensiya has 10 Haute Haunds to start shipping 1/9/06

Dec 31, 2005

    1. According to the customer newsletter from Anu, there are 10 Haute Haunds for sale now through Tensiya. They will begin shipping 1/9/06. On the Tensiya site, it explains:

      The price is $970.00, which includes shipping to the US. Shipping to other countries is cheaper.

    2. . . . am I missing something? Is this a new run of Haute Hounds, with a different outfit, or is this the same Haute Hound that was released last year? *confused*

      (Sorry, I don't get the newsletter, and that particular bit of news is not on TensiYa as far as I can tell)


      -- Andi :)
    3. Hey Ashbet,

      From the way this reads . . . it sounds like these ten are part of the original thirty. That Haute magazie just returned the last ten to Tensiya to sell. He's an absolutely gorgeous Hound. I love mine. I highly recommend this doll to anyone looking for an incredible sexey Hound. :D