The Ai : Custom House Boys and Girls

Sep 28, 2004

    1. I see everything on Luts is sold out and I do love their clothing but sooin I will welcome my new doll Miya into my home and I want to know if Luts clothing will fit.
      Susan :daisy
    2. Well I tried to make Hana (a Saint Mina) wear an Orange Baggy pants (female pants) from LUTS, but it was a little on the big side :chibi
    3. Susan,

      Luts clothing is "sold out" because they are not open yet. Everything on their ENglish site ( is "sold out" Oct. 1 is when they open to US so I think you may see that they are available on that date. Just passing on what I heard.

      Jan :lol:
    4. I make my dolls clothing and everything I made for the Lust ( freudian spelling slip??) fits the CH female, but I think the CH is just a tad broader in the shoulders and a little smaller in the bust cup size

    5. A buddy sent me a lovely outfit that was made to fit SD. She said it was too big in the WAIST for her Lishe... I am getting a CH Choa, and she thought it would fit Choa better. So it really seems that it depends on the style and how tight it is (??) because I have heard that Lishe has a bigger bust than CH/SDs do.

      color me confused!!!
    6. From what i understand (and i might be wrong, forgive me if i am):

      Ai are thinner than Sd13

      Luts are thinner than Sd13

      not sure what the ration between an ai and luts are though, check the measurment thread.
    7. Can SD 13 dolls wear Luts clothing? There's an outfit on eLuts that I want to get but I won't if it won't fit the doll I'm getting!
    8. Luts dolls, esp. females have wide hips and thinner waists.. and larger breasts (well, Lishe does) very hourglass, whereas SD13 has thicker waists - not as much hourglass.
      I have NO idea about CH Ai, sorry.
      Looking at the measurements for Lishe (from Sienna's site) and SD13 girl(from Aimee's measurements), I would be a little weary of trying any non-stretchy Luts clothing on an Sd13: (measurements in centimetres)

      Lishe / SD13
      shoulders / 11.5 / 12
      around chest / 23 / 24
      waist / 17.5 / 18.4
      hips / 26.5 / 26

      Kittybongo, if the outfit wont fit your Megu13, you could always put it on Lishe, or sell it, or put Megu on the Lishe body.

      - Therese
    9. twigling you're right. If it didn't fit I could always save it for Lishe or sell it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go ahead and get it. :daisy Thanks for your advice!
    10. Clothes fitted to Ghaleon(shiwoo elf) do NOT fit Andesha(sd13 boy). Ghaleon will fit Andesha clothes baggily, but not vice versa. It's mostly the SD13 middles are too thick. I'm betting that goes for girls also.
    11. Thanks batchix. I may still order the outfit. It's a shirt and a skirt. I'll definately get the shirt but I'm not sure about the skirt. Hmmm... *wanders off to ponder*
    12. Customhouse recently posted their newest Unique dolls, and although 9 times outta 10 the new ones are limited headmoulds, sometimes they have a special unlimited one. But you know whom I've only seen one OOAK unlimited style of? Chowon. The Best Man Chowon, and I have mixed feelings on him. ;_; I love Chowon soooo much. Why doesn't he get the love that the others do? I mean, come on, there's so much potential that the headmould has. I know if I could afford it, I'd definately buy every single special Chowon out there, no matter how dumb and selfish that would be, as long as it would help increase special Chowon production. XD;;; But I'm just sayin' that Chowon needs more love. ;_; Of course, I also like Nan too, and I think she has potential, but she doesn't get the lovin' either. ;_; Come on, Customhouse!
    13. Han and Rock seem to get left out of the mix often, too. Plus, it's important to remember that the English CustomHouse site sees only a small fraction of the dolls CustomHouse actually sells. Many more unique/costume play/merchen/ect dolls are created for Korean doll events and for their physical showroom, dolls that we never get to see.

      As for Chowon, the Pharaoh was a tanned Chowon (Unique Ai).
    14. I love Chowon. Not that I'd ever be able to buy a unique doll (I'd feel obliged to keep it as the artist intended, and I think the whole point of bjd is customizing your doll). Definitely need to see more Chowons...
    15. Oh! I love Chowon toooo! I am actually planning on ordering him next, from Domuya. I just need a couple more months to save up the funds! :oops:
    16. I just got my Chowon recently (I was so happy to finaly see what he looked like from the side XD) I chose to get him because his face and wig made him look like one of my characters, so now I have Alexi in doll form.
      I agree there aren't a whole lot of Chowons out there but I'm a big fan of them ^_-
    17. Valentine is absolutely correct. ^^

      My sister was in Seoul a couple of months ago and she told me about all dolls that never hit the site. I grant you, some were dolls owned by the artists, as that was what I was told when I asked about them.

      Your little guy is gorgeous.^^ I remember him when he first went on sale and he was gone in a flash. ( Not many Chowons have been in the limited/unique/event/etal groups for the English speaking site. The same can be said for several other heads. Why is anyone's guess.)

      Now with the "new" design group, maybe he'll pop up again.
    18. I've had my chowon for almost a year now. ;-; He was my first doll and I really love the little pout with the big, dreamy eyes...and that cute little perfect nose. *___*; <3

      I actually think there's a tanned skin ai doll on the english site that's done sort of egyptian and appears to come with a petite kiddo. It looks like him to me but I never saw anything saying what model this boy was.
    19. *blinks* I guess I overlooked it. Val already beat me to it. :wink: but still yay! :D
    20. Ooooh, correction! You guy never made it to the site for sale! He was bought before he ever saw the light of the CH site. ^^

      Yup, I do believe he had a home the moment he was in the doll show.