The Ai : Custom House Boys and Girls

Sep 28, 2004

    1. Elziam, Ruby is fabulous!!
      As is your Choa sher, wow!! <3 <3
      I love getting to see new photos of old CH dolls!!!
      My CHoa & Sia got new clothes for Halloween this year. But then we haven't gotten a good photo yet...when that happens I'll post their photo as they are looking so pretty in their fairy tale style.
    2. FInally, we had a chance to take some photos. Here are Francesca (Choa) & Marie Theresa Eulalie (Sia) as Snow White & Rose Red in the forest.

      Rose Red...
      [Sweater by Cynthia of the Flinthills, Faceup by Angel Toast]

      Snow White...
      [Sweater was a gift from a friend, Faceup by Jay Searle]
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    3. Makes me so happy to see renewed CH love. Cthulhu and Sher, your girls are gorgeous; I have a soft spot for Choas. My own Choa is languishing in her box and in need of a new faceup. Seeing these beautiful dolls may just be the impetus I need! :D
    4. Sylphide, I LOVE your faceups. SO inspiring you to repaint Choa is a win!!
    5. [​IMG]

      I haven't been around much lately, but here's a photo I took today of my boy Alex (Hyun.) He's one of the most colourfully styled dolls in my collection and looking at his face always brightens my day a little :whee:
    6. There is something special about the CustomHouse dolls. Solitary agent your guy would brighten any day, and I'm glad you shared him. This thread isn't very active, but it's one of my favorite.
    7. [​IMG]
      Here's a pic of my girl Allusha (Cebee sculpt) from a local meetup. I rarely attend meetups now but I'm not sure if that'll change next year. :)
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    8. It was such fun running across this post and visiting with some of my favorite dolls from the pasr. I am still sorry I let me Choa go as she remains one of my all time favorites. Maybe I will find another someday but until thanks for sharing all,your CH beauties.
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    9. OMG. OMG. OMG! I think I just fainted. Luts has announced they will come out with new editions of ALL the original Customhouse dolls. I have so many questions.... will they come out with their original body molds, or will the heads be put on delf bodies? What skin colors will be there to choose from?...
      They already put up some 1/4 size Ai re-editions and they have placeholders for some Ange Ai renewal dolls to comes. They have their original mold names but appear with the corresponding names of the Luts lines, like Honey Delf. Seems like a lot of people have already seen them and not noticed they are old Ai dolls at all.
      Sorry, but I'm really excited.... but of course I love my original CH dolls the best <3
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    10. They have already put the Gabriel and Uriel heads on the Baby Delf body.
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    11. Say that again!!!! Gasp!!! Have Luts bought the old molds then?
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    12. I don 't suppose Luts will re-release all of the ai 's despite what they say, as Custom House had hundreds of head sculpts many of which were only sold once (like Warrior Earl :( ). I can't see some the headsculpts like st.damien and Mina fitting with the current Luts aesthetic either. But even so this is very exciting. I guess now we play the waiting game to see which ones they bring out.
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    13. Well, afaik, most of the "100s of sculpts" were slight mods of the known sculpts, not really new sculpts, most of them ooak (unique) or veeery limited in numbers. Even if they did only the basic doll lines, it would be a blast...:aeyepop:

      BTW, they have already started bringing them out, minis and tinies, they are only camouflaged :aninja: by Luts doll line names on their site...^^ and, as Nancy pointed out, seem to be on Luts bodies.
    14. The heads on the Baby Delf bodies are larger than the original Petite AI. Baby Delf takes a 9-10 wig! So these heads are larger than the original Gabriel and Uriel heads.
    15. Still.....I'm just hoping that they will release the bigger dolls:D
    16. But what body would you guess the larger Ai heads would be released on?

      Here is my tan Choa from 2004

      [​IMG]A blast from the past by Jane, on Flickr
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    17. Jane, wouldn't it be something if they'd release these heads on Delf bodies? This would be a hybrid I'd be happy with...;)
      BUT, their heads are large enough already...hope they don't decide they need enlarged as well or they'd start looking like Pullips! X0
    18. I already think that CH and Pullip dolls look like each other! That is why I like them both! LOL!
      I am glad I am not the only one who think they look alike.

      And a CH head on a Delf mature body?
      Speaking only for myself, I know I don't like it and I know why I don't too.
      I tried it once many years ago with a Sia head and a Lishe body. :nowords:
      The simple aesthetic of the older CH head just didn't marry up with the mature sexiness of the Delf body.
    19. Jane, that aesthetic issue sounds like the problem I had wanting a Ciel head on something besides a Musedoll mature body. X0
      But most of my Delf aren't as curvy...I may have to try it one day just so I can see what you saw. On the other hand, I switched Choa & Sia's heads as Sia had the slightly taller newer body & to me Choa looks more mature so we decided Sia should get the "younger" body....
      It will be interesting to see whether Luts maintains the aesthetics of CH or reuses the ideas of the sculpts to blend in with their own aesthetic. That's kind of what it sounds like with the little ones presented so far.
    20. I agree with you, Sia is much young than Choa so it wasn't the best idea of mine to try that idea! LOL!

      I would rather they they evolved the sculpts myself
      It would be horrible to think of the Luts artists having to just copy what went in the past. In fact I think it would be creatively stifling......what you think?