The Ai : Custom House Boys and Girls

Sep 28, 2004

    1. I am really excited to see what they do as well. I hope they make Choa and Sia. I have seen Choa on a Lishie body and it wasn't awful, but I would like to see her original body with nicer hands.
    2. Gabriel and Uriel are a good match for the baby delf body, but I wonder how they'd handle Little Juniors? The bodies were so hard to shop for, but they were a nice size. I would love a tan Hades... I think they were LE 10? I saw one at a doll show and fell in love.
    3. I prefer to sew clothes herself. although there are many outfits that attract my attention
    4. My Customhouse Luby. She was an event head, and I put her on one of the old-style $88 bodies CH was selling a few years ago when they were trying to get rid of their old stock. I like the body because it's smaller. I put her together, gave her a face-up and wig and frankly- stuck her in a drawer and forgot all about her. Just rediscovered her and I really like her now. Here she is this year at Christmas.

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    5. ^OMG you have a Luby! I've always wanted that one unique Ai Luby from Custom House years ago. Hopefully after Luts pick CH up they will release more of the Ai line.
    6. Thank you Izam! What happened is I got an Iria, and someone else on DoA got a Luby. I had requested the Iria but the person who got the Luby didn't like her and I wasn't actually that keen on the Iria once she arrived. So we traded. She has been in a drawer for several years- I never did anything with her at all. But now I really, really like her. Weird, huh? Almost like I suddenly got a new doll! Glad to hear that Luts is taking over Custom House, they have so many great sculpts it would be a shame for them to just die out.
    7. My little Luby again:
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    8. Not weird at all! Their are many dolls I love after I take a fresh look at them!
    9. I don't think I have seen a Luby before......she is so sweet.
      And I do have such a fondness for that smaller CH SD body.
    10. I'm glad to see somebody bought the sculpts. With so many companies going out of business recently, or purging their old sculpts, it's nice to see a few come back.
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    11. cirquemom, she is really lovely. As much as I love the older CH dolls, I have to say I don't remember her. Thank you for showing her and I have to add of all the dolls/ doll resin from that time, CH resin has to be one of the best with age. Volks mellows beautifully, but it seems to me that CH never changes, or changes so very little. Just look a Luby, is her color not gorgeous? (Not to mention her beautlful face....)
    12. Their resin really is very nice. I have one of the first batch of Dollcatch dolls, and even though the manufacturing quality was subpar, she has yellowed very little. It took me years to take her out of the box and enjoy her, but when I did, she was still fresh.
    13. Gosh! You lucky people!
      I still have so many of the older CH dolls and almost all have yellowed and most have yellowed significantly!
      The original orange tan is holding up well and so is my WS Elf Choa but those are the only CH dolls that are....the rest are yellow!
    14. Jane, I have Ju-Jak one of the first ever made. She is a Choa elf type and she's the same as she was when I first got her. All the others are boys. The only one that has changed in tone is one Ben that was made of the normal color resin. He has turned slightly, but it is not bad. Your correct the tan/ orange resin has not aged at all....or seems to me to be the same as the day I got him.
    15. Hi, everyone, it's been a long, long, looooong time since I've posted to DoA. I was going through some of my old things, and I came across my dolls. They've been in storage for awhile, along with their items. I unpacked them last night and was hit with nostalgia and googled to see what was going on with Custom House after the Aidolls mess. (Apparently nothing much.)

      I sold off a lot of my dolls, but I never let go of my Miya (aka Clementine). I've had her for over ten years, and not once did I ever think of letting her go. Unfortunately, she has yellowed significantly, but it doesn't deter or discourage me at all. I always thought her resin was yellow-hued (normal skin), so it's all good. What really affects her resin color is the lighting in the room. It can look pretty "normal skinned" one minute and banana yellow the other. :P

      Nice to see some older faces here. :)

      Here's a quick snap of Clem in 2017!

      It's really backlit in this bedroom, but I didn't apply a filter, so you can see the color of her resin -- although I don't the photo is a great indicator lol. Also, I got a cat now (7 years together), and it was hilarious watching him investigate what was going on with her. He has never really been around such a large doll, and I put away my Barbies. ;)

      Happy new year!
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    16. Oh gosh she is gorgeous and back-lit like that makes her look all the more beautiful........her face-up is stunning.
      I will try and get a photo of one of my older CH dolls this week too.
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    17. I stumbled upon a two-year old pic I have of Sirocco (Iriya head) which I took for a wig sales post. This wig is too big on him, and now I think it belonged to a Taeyang. I think it never hurts to post a pic every once in a while. ^__^'

      edit: changed pic:

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    18. [​IMG]

      Just dropping by with a photo of my Hyun, Alex. He's become one of my favourites. I painted his nails tonight.
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    19. I hope this isn't quite a necro... I am looking for photos of the 2005 Event Ai, Pine, Chamomile, Rosemary, Fennel, etc! My google-fu (and wayback machineism) hasn't brought me any joy. I have a bunch of CH dolls, and you know how it is... :)
    20. I saved a bunch of pictures from their website at some point. These are completely unorganized (I'm not familiar enough with the SD dolls to identify them), but you might find some of what you are looking for.
      The Ai by Lori C - PM Me for a link to these pictures on dropbox if you want to see them
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