The Ai : Custom House Boys and Girls

Sep 28, 2004

    1. @kitten In your saved pics I found images of the Unique Ai that @St. James bought from Custom House way back when.


      It's good to see her default pics again, she has gone through so many changes since!
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    2. Thank you for saving all those pictures! I found the original pictures of a unique Miya I bought second hand! Here's one of the pictures I took of her:
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    3. Thanks @kitten! What a beautiful walk down memory lane! I miss those days so much!
    4. I'd forgotten all about this thread, it really is lovely to see the old CH dolls and remember all the excitement of buying them at the time (or just missing the sale - or regretting not having enough money to buy at the time, LOL)
      I bought my first CH doll, a Choa, in 2004 - and somehow my home ended up with 22 CH residents who are still here and refuse to leave home :)
    5. Speaking of the old CH dolls, last Friday I finally watched the movie "The Dollmaster", after all these years. Unfortunately it was from Youtube, and not the best picture resolution, but -- wow, all those old CH dolls in the display area of that old house! And now I'm back to wanting a St. Mina doll :lol: I've been collecting BJDs since 2005, but the closest I came to owning a CH was a Dollcatch Stella head, which I still own. Here she is from a 2009 photoshoot --
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    6. beamlette, I still haven't seen "The Dollmaster" !! Youtube and I just don't get on :(
      Your Stella is lovely, a little more glamorous than Mina but she has THAT look about her! Don't mess with me, she says!!!!
    7. Here's a photo of my first 3 Ai girls,
      Choa from 2004, Sia and Soye from 2005
      hee hee! those were the days!!! :)
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    8. @pianissimo, your trio is sooooo cute; I like how you've styled them, like regular little people :D What are their characters and backstories? :)
    9. beamlette, LOL let's see if I can remember that far back! Soraya (Choa) has always been "my little girl", she was my first CH girl and she arrived in the UK all the way from Korea on a snowy December day. I took her to the window to show her the snow!
      Juliet (Sia) in the middle, is her best friend from school - Juliet is very pretty and very vain! And Alicia (Soye) is Soraya's older cousin, she's the sensible one.

      After these 3 arrived it was all downhill, my house was constantly being invaded by CH dolls. Doomed!
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    10. @pianissimo, thank you!

      Your girls called for more of their CH friends to come live with you; that's how it works at my house too. :3nodding:
    11. LOL beamlette, we had no choice in the matter! :)
    12. I bought some new eyes for Clementine (Custom House Miya; I forgot who repainted her ><), and I can't help but fall in love with her all over again! Her eyes were never properly beveled, so please forgive the gaps. Changing her eyes has always been a nightmare because of that, but I can't be fussed to deal with it. :P I thought about adding upper eyelashes, but I'm not sure if I want to.


      @pianissimo I love your girls. I wish more people would post their dolls here! So thank you for posting. :) I found some old CH memorabilia while cleaning like an old calendar and postcards. I also have an old CH shirt!

      I was thinking of dolls that I regret not getting, and one is Shaman Varim. Siiiigh. I know @Cynthia in FlintHills has one, but I wish I had her, too!

      I am going to try to keep Custom House's memory alive. ;)
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    13. I am so glad everyone keeps blowing life into this thread with updates photos. :)
      Thanks beamlette, pianissimo & honeyedbiscuit for adding photos. <3
      CH was on its way out as I entered the hobby otherwise I suspect there would have been far more of their lovelies settled in amongst my resin. As it is, I feel very lucky to have Choa, Sia & a petite Ai to enjoy. The size of the bodies & the style of the sculpting are definitely doll qualities I love.
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    14. @pianissimo I love your girls. I wish more people would post their dolls here! So thank you for posting. :) I found some old CH memorabilia while cleaning like an old calendar and postcards. I also have an old CH shirt!
      I am going to try to keep Custom House's memory alive. ;)[/QUOTE]

      She is beautiful! I think she looks lovely without, but maybe if you tried some lashes it might hide some of the beveling. I just found my Customhouse postcard collections too! <3 <3 <3 I was transported back immediately to that amazing time waiting for my next Customhouse delivery!
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    15. I love seeing this thread come back to life! Everyone's dolls are just so gorgeous!

      I'm really hoping Luts will keep releasing some of the CH sculpts. I'd love to see some of their SD-sized dolls more readily available again!

      Here's a photo of my Sia, "Ruby", from last fall. She's on a Maskcat body in this image because her CH body was undergoing a cleaning/restringing at the time. The Maskcat body is a perfect fit (and color match too!) for her head! <3

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    16. I love seeing this thread come to life again too *happy sigh*
    17. What a gorgeous girl Elzaim!!
    18. @cthulhu thank you for posting! I was quite happy to come back to this thread and see activity in it. :) I'm glad you were able to snag a few dolls before CH turned into Aidolls and then kind of slowly burned to death. Your Sia is so pretty! I didn't even recognized that she was a Sia initially. I pulled a bunch of my old photos from Photobucket, and it made me miss them so, so much. I hope you and others will continue to post randomly here!

      @whisperwolf Oh gosh, hi, Mollie! I feel like we catch each other every few years. ;) TSW people seem to be scattered around; unfortunately, I forgot my Yahoo login. Thankfully, I still message Cynthia every now and then on DoA and am FB friends with Paul. I befriended @ChocoMeijin on Instagram, and she had mentioned that Neale sold his dolls awhile back. Sigh! I always wonder where some of those beautiful uniques are... Thank you for the suggestions on the beveling. I think I'll keep her as-is for now!

      @Elzaim your Sia is sooo beautiful! I'm surprised to hear that the Maskcat doll matches so well with CH resin. My girls are quite yellow now, but thankfully, nothing that is banana-toned. I do wish the hands and posing were a bit better; other than that, I've always loved their girl-like bodies. :) I hope Luts releases some of the older sculpts, too, especially some of the more limited ones, heh heh heh!

      @Jane It's always so nice to see you post! :D
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    19. I have been doing exactly the same for the past 3 weeks!
      And it rekindled CH love in me too........not that is ever went away. It just took a backseat.
      That PB decision has meant that I will have to rebuild my CH story website as I will not pay the extortionate amount of money they are asking for 3rd party sharing.

      I took a photo of Fen (Artemis tan Choa) this evening.....I just managed to catch the last rays of the setting sun.

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    20. @Jane Fen is gorgeous! Thanks for taking the time to take a snap of her. :) I love those Custom House tans so much! I bet she was enjoying the last bits of sunshine in the garden. :D