The Ai : Custom House Boys and Girls

Sep 28, 2004

    1. @honeyedbiscuit You are welcome.........I am feeling distinctly nostalgic about my CH dolls at the moment. And it is lovely to see that others still feel the CH love too.
      I never had a Miya so it is lovely to see your many of my CH dolls had badly beveled eye sockets too btw. Positioning eyes is always a nightmare with them :nowords:
    2. @honeyedbiscuit I have been very happy coming back to bjd world! I hope you have been well! It had definitely been awhile, trying to grow up these real life dollies of mine! The oldest just turned 17, middle is almost 16, and the youngest is 10 now :o

      It was Luts coming out with the CH molds that brought me back. I'm sure hoping they do some of the large size dolls soon! Right now I'm really loving my Baby Delf Gabriel, though, and the big baby size is my favorite.

      Every day I miss Wolf, my Forest Jun, though. I hope Karen is doing well, I tried to reach her but failed. I think about Paul and Neale as well. I have been using my Neale MSD patterns as guides for sewing for Baby Delf. They were such good patterns!

      I recently went back in to the soul within to look at pics, before the photobucket craziness, and it was such sweet memories!:chibi
    3. Ooooooooooooooh, @Jane, it will take me a minute to pull my jaw up off the floor after seeing that picture of Fen! :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

      I didn't use Photobucket (thank heavens), but I'm STILL reeling from the closure of the Dollpage -- I saved most of my pictures from there, but trying to reload everything to Flickr and then reconstruct the links in nearly thirteen years of DoA posts is a long, long process. Plus, I need to take new pictures of my beloved and still-gorgeous CH dolls, sheesh!! Nini, my Shaman Varim, is especially neglected on the photo front, even though she makes me smile every time I look at her.

      Here's an old family snap (fall 2006) of the white Unique Demian I had for a while -- now, there's one I wish I hadn't sold! -- with Claudine (Limited Sia) and Flynn (Ainomori Jun 2nd). Claudine got over her Elizabeth Taylor phase of black hair and violet eyes, but it was kind of cute while it lasted. ;)

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    4. @Cynthia in FlintHills Awww....thank you about Fen ((hugs))
      I have to confess I felt the same when I saw Flynn again *swoon*. I am so feeling the CH love at the moment (not that it ever went away)
    5. I hope it is okay to resurrect such sleepy thread but I took some new pictures of Niamh, my Hyun girl, and was reminded how much I love my Custom House beauties! She's so easy to photograph! No matter what angle I take her picture from she looks amazing!


      I really hope Luts releases some of the bigger Custom House dolls because I would love to bring a third Hyun into my house at some point!
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    6. She is beautiful you are right. To her face this color of hair. She has a gentle make-up. Nice hairpin on her hair. And I really liked the sweater.
    7. She looks so lovely in that wig, @malvinas
      I second the desire to see some of the Ai brought back. Way back when I first started in this hobby I had plans to put a Choa head on a Delf girl body because that was the curviest thing around at the time, so it's funny that there's actually potential for that now.
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    8. @Roxsaalina thank you!

      @St. James Thanks! Niamh is on the old delf girl body and it actually works really well for her! I have two girls on the custom house body (my Choa and my Ceebee) and I don't love it as much as the delf one. If I knew what to do with their bodies I'd seriously consider switching them for the delf bodies too.
    9. [​IMG]

      Resurrecting this thread to post a new photo of my Hyun, Alex~ The little brat faceplanted during this photo shoot and his pinky finger broke, but fortunately it was a clean break and isn't very noticeable after being glued back on.
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    10. He a gorgeous guy, and thank you for posting him. I do miss seeing these guys and gals, some of the most beautiful dolls ever.
    11. Alex looks so adorable in that photo,love those sparkly eyes ! You did well with that pinky join, Alex seems to be looking for it , I can't see the join and if he can't see it either it can't just be my old eyes, you must have done a good job.

      I keep forgetting to post here, there are still quite a few OOAK and limiteds living with me.
      Will post some photos soon :)
    12. Alex is adorable! I love my Custom House dolls but I don't have many pictures of the large ones!
    13. So nice to see this gorgeous Hyun!!

      Btw, does anyone still think Luts will come out with any large Customhouse doll reissues? It all sounded so promising and exciting back then, but after re-releasing a few tinies it seems now all they do is sit on the molds they purchased...*sigh*
    14. [​IMG]

      Alex is glowing from all the compliments! Thank you all :) That photo was pre-finger-break, but he's patched up pretty well. I got a ring light for my phone camera that's really good for highlighting those eye sparkles.
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    15. @solitary agent I love your boy! Hyun will always be one of my favorite sculpts from any company! So cute!

      I hope no one minds me bumping this old thread to share a new picture of Rahna, my Ceebee. This girl will always be so special to me. <3

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    16. very pretty Cebee, which version was she? Lovely face-up :)
    17. Let's keep up with the old photos and our love for the original CH dolls :)
      This is sosuh-no, she was the first CH doll I ever saw on the CH website and fell instantly in love - but she was already sold.How I longed for her and looked longingly at her photos.
      Years later she came to me on the secondary market. It was meant to be! She is treasured of course.
      I wonder what happened to all the beautiful Ai Dolls that CH produced ... those were the days!
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    18. @pianissimo Thank you! She was just a standard Ceebee not one of the limited ones! I ordered her direct from CH right before they disappeared as a kit. Her faceup is by @elisa_maza (Angel Toast)
    19. malvinas, the standard dolls were just as beautiful; my first CH doll in 2004 was a standard Choa painted by CH, she is yellowing and her face-up is fading, but she is still "my little girl" and I love her to bits!
    20. For those that were waiting, looks like Luts has released their new versions of CH Hyun and Cyn. What are your opinions on the new look?
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