The Ai : Custom House Boys and Girls

Sep 28, 2004

    1. I'm so glad you posted -- I hardly ever look at the Luts site, so who knows when I would have noticed them?

      Hmmm. They're very pretty, and also very . . . Lutsy. :lol: All soft curves, without the old-CH tendency to be pointy and oddly angular. The Hyun looks more like his old CH self than the Cyn does, to my eye, but then Hyun was sculpted in the later, softer CH style to begin with.

      Anybody jumping on either of them for old time's sake?
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    2. I don't think they look like the old guys at all. However they are very pretty, and they do look as if they belong to Luts and not CH.
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    3. Hyun is still very cute but I honestly wouldn't have recognised him as the same sculpt without the name! I guess it's the different faceup style.
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    4. They are newly resculpted by the Luts team based on the previous CH original sculpt so they are not going to look exactly the same. Originally I thought I would be looking at the same exact sculpt (which I miss greatly)
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    5. I'm with you, @Izam! Cyn is one of the CH sculpts I never managed to acquire -- I was so intent on tracking down a Han and an Evan that I passed up on some good chances to snag a Cyn. :doh I was hoping that maybe Luts would actually re-release the original CH heads, but I guess I should have known better.
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    6. I was probably naive to think they would just re-release the old CH molds as they were? That's what I thought when Luts said they had purchased the rights to the molds... apparently that includes the right to overhaul said molds in their own style.
      Luts fans will love them, they are lovely... and I was waiting for the less cute CH heads anyway. But now I think even if they did release Jun or Gene, these wouldn't just feel customhousy anymore...:(
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    7. They also did not keep CH bodies. They are on SDF bodies. The honey delfs CH molds for Luts are also resulpted (although they look more like the originals if you compare it to Hyun and Cyn). I assume when they release more CH sculpt in the future they are all going to be resculpted since in their original notice they wrote: All of Doll of AIDOLLS will renewal with the original skill of LUTS.

      PS: I have the original Cebee from CH from 2006 and her body is terrible at posing so I wonder about the new Cebee once they release her. I assume they will put her on SDF bodies and since Cebee's head was so big, they will definitely need to make a lot of changes for her sculpt.
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    8. Seeing that they released them finally was so exciting and sort of disappointing at the same time! I have two Hyun's already but never managed to acquire one in tan so I was excited about the idea of being able to get one from Luts someday. I also would love to own a Cyn but never had the chance. I like the Luts releases, but I also wouldn't have recognized either of them as the sculpts they claim to be if the names weren't there, and I'm very familiar with the Hyun sculpt. I stared at their picture of the blank head for awhile and even without a faceup I only sort of see it.

      That said, I do really like their interpretations of the sculpts, even if I am disappointed that they aren't exactly as they used to be. I'll probably get them eventually, especially so I can add a tan Hyun 2.0 to my collection. I don't want the Senior 65 body though so I'll have to hope they add them to My Choice at some point so I can get them on one of the other bodies.

      Also right there with you on the horrible bodies @Izam I hate the bodies my Choa and my Ceebee have. I actually have the newest Delf girl body (Type 5, I believe) and it reminded me of a cross between the original Delf girl body (the CP one that the Delfs like Lishe and Soony came with) and the Ai girl body. To me it is kind of a mix of the two with double joints added. Can hold a pose really well, but I don't think the poses look overly natural. I have to wonder if it was inspired by the old body with improvements added. I don't think Ceebee's head would look too out of place on it, since the body is quite similar. You can see a picture of it next to my Choa here: link
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    9. I never liked the 2006 resculpted CH bodies, but I will admit to being the lone weirdo who thinks the original CH bodies are lovely things despite their simple single jointing. They're well-balanced and pleasant to handle, the resin feels weighty and solid in my hands, and the ones I have sit up well and stand like rocks. That's enough to make me happy. :lol:
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    10. I recognize Hyun, and when I put a photo up of old Cyn next to new Cyn I can kind of see it..I do wonder why they changed him so much, there's already some luts dolls that resemble this re-sculpted version, while the old one would have added a unique look to their line up. I'm sure he would have fit in with a modern faceup.
    11. I think Choa's head size is similar to Cebee so from your pictures, the proportion compared to CP bodies doesn't look too bad. Thank you for the picture! But I think maybe the neck looks a bit too thin for Cebee?

      You mean the 2006 CH body is already a resculpted body for CH? I think later on they updated the bodies again.
    12. 2006 is when CH released resculpted versions of their original 2003 Ai boy and girl bodies, yes. That's the only resculpted body I'm aware of -- but maybe there was another version of the body quite a bit later? I really don't know about that, because by 2010 or so the company had changed out of all recognition and I wasn't following developments anymore.

      Some CH dolls from 2006 (especially the first half of the year) still had the original bodies; some even mixed parts from both the original and the resculpted bodies. I have an Anniversary Boys Rock whose hands come from the resculpted body, though the rest of him is the original body. Weirdness.
    13. I actually really like the boy bodies - I think they're the newer ones. I have two, one for my Hyun and one for another head. They look really natural in slouchy and sitting positions.
    14. I think they did revamp the body one more time before CH disappeared? Correct me if I'm wrong.

      The girls certainly cannot sit without their upper body leaning back 45 degrees because of the way the lower torso and the thighs are. It is very very annoying when I try to sit her next to other dolls and try to photograph her with them. So I usually photograph her alone standing or she's lying down with other dolls and not sitting. I don't know about the boys though do they sit better?
    15. Yes, the boys don't seem to have any problem sitting up straight! Here's my IoS/CH hybrid boy.

    16. Ended up playing with my Clementine (Miya) this morning and changed out her eye balls and decided to finally give her lashes. Gluing those in was a total nightmare, ugh. Not perfect but good enough - apparently my motto for life now. :P

      I agree that the girl bodies don't sit or stand up that nicely. Mine has always had problems, but I love her body sculpt despite all of the problems. I liked the posing better with the new bodies, but I really dislike the bigger bust.

      Her faceup feels very company default and dated. I had her repainted years ago, but I think I may send her out again especially since the quality of faceups have gone up. :)

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    17. Just sharing my St. Mina. I think she is considered an OOAK unless someone had the same idea of a suntan sad st mina. [i ordered it through the states a long time back when there were doing custom request] Hope everyone likes her.
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    18. She is beautiful in tan!
    19. thank you.
    20. She is lovely. Looks more contemplative than sad to me. ;}

      Last year I had the good fortune to inherit a Sad St Mina from a dear friend.
      Usually I'm not a fan of sad dolls, as I rely on my dolls to brighten my day...but in Mina's case, I've always admired her gentle calmness & I still can't believe she is here. Meenist painted her for me last fall and she is visiting with the Macchonna family, seeing if eldest daughter is a good fit for her role in my collection.
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