The Ai : Custom House Boys and Girls

Sep 28, 2004

    1. I'm always so happy when I see this thread pop up again! I took some new pictures of Theia, my Choa the other day and I'd love the chance to share her with everyone!

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    2. cthulu: she does look like a eldest daughter XD
    3. Choa is beautiful!
    4. I am SO loving seeing all the photos *happy sigh*..........thank you so much everyone for posting them.
      I still have such a soft spot for these CH dolls.

      And I am one who still loves the old original slender single jointed body female body.
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    5. Oh wow… the Hyun and Cyn overhauls are disappointing. The Petite Ai look much better. I'll still be interested to see who else they release(any guesses?)

      Here's a photo of my Nyll, Jack! Only ever seen a handful of other Nylls around:

      Jack, my CH Nyll
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    6. I am enjoying all the pictures! So I will add an old picture of my unique Miya

      I love the old CustomHouse beaded dresses!
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    7. @nancy_schroeder_ca your girl is beautiful! Thank you for sharing her!

      Thank you for all the nice comments on my Choa everyone! I'd like to share one of my Hyun's now. This is Nevan and I think he is pretty much the cutest thing ever <3

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    8. He is so totally adorable!!