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the "high" from buying new dolls

Oct 15, 2008

    1. I think we can all agree that the anticipation of ordering your doll and waiting for him or her to arrive is a fun part of the process. I like seeing everyone's posts and pics as they receive the box, open it, take the doll out, etc. But I also enjoy seeing what people do with their dolls; how they clothe and personalize them, the eye and hair colors and cuts and styles they choose, etc.

      But it seems like for some the fun is almost exclusively in the buying and anticipation part of the process. I came across a blog last night wherein the author had entry after entry about the dolls she was thinking of buying, in the process of buying, waiting for, etc. She would post a pic of the brand new doll and then...nothing. I kept reading to see what she was actually going to DO with them, even if it had just been reselling them.

      Maybe she just left that part of things out of the blog.

      Anyway, it got me to wondering if there is anyone out there who enjoys the ordering/buying/waiting process the most. Does that give some kind of a high or a rush such that actual ownership of the doll pales in comparison?

      I'm curious about what others' experience has been so please feel free to share opinions and stories.
    2. I think the planning/ordering process is very fun and exciting--getting to pick out the doll that will come home next, starting to develop his/her character (that process usually begins as soon as I pick the doll out). I would not, however, say that it eclipses the actual fun of ownership. I like to handle and interact with my doll, try out different outfits and eyes, and get to know them in person.

      However, I don't always post lots and lots of stuff when I get a doll, because this hobby is very visually driven (photoshoots/stories) and I don't own my own camera. So I can't easily post a lot arrival shoots or hey look at my doll all done up shoots or stories. What I do like to do is write, but that's OT for DoA. I tend to treat my LJ more like a regular doll website than a blog--I post whatever photos and writing I have plus some tutorials and misc., but not a lot of discussion about the individual dolls themselves outside of any fiction about them.

      So I guess what I'm trying to say in a long winded sort of way, is that no, the ordering process is not more important, but it might be difficult to tell because of the sorts of things I post.
    3. I find it exciting to plan for and buy new dolls, but what I really love about this hobby is the satisfaction of having dolls that I love and are, well, "finished", for lack of a better word. I have a lot of trouble bonding with dolls, so it gives me great joy to welcome a new doll arrival and find that they actually will work. *hugs new Yo* And though I'm getting much better at gauging my likelihood of bonding with certain dolls before buying them, my "success" rate isn't fabulous so I'm really not that fond of the aquisition process, especially when it involves waiting months for a doll that I might wind up not liking IRL after only seeing promo pics. :| After the doll has arrived and I've had some time to bond and let them settle into a character (or not), then is when the fun begins. ;)

      And like Taco, I don't post or discuss on forums/LJ a lot about my dolls' characters and story, though I do write that sort of stuff out. It's just OT for DoA, and I usually prefer to keep that tucked away in an Open Office document anyway.
    4. I do think this is an interesting idea for deeper conversation - I think much of the human experience is "beginner's energy" and that has a lot to do with feeling a very alive feeling that comes from anticipation, longing, waiting with excitement....But, I feel a bit hesitant about part of the premise - that the ways in which some collectors "enjoy" the hobby is "tedious" or perhaps wrong-footed. I think we need to be very careful about standing in judgement (at least publically) regarding how other people enjoy the hobby, their dolls, their experience of the dollery.

      Thanks for considering that.
    5. Heh, and I will totally accept cries of "pollyanna" regarding my above post - but, again, I think the subject is a good one, let's just not get bogged down in the "right" or "wrong" way to enjoy the dollery.

      Carry on.
    6. I love the "hunt" of the doll if you will lol... There are only a couple of dolls that I have that are brand spanking new and ther others and some that are on my wish list I search for almost on a daily basis. Of course I do not update my journal with this info because I figure people dont care.
      I like the person you speak of post about the new doll arrival and maybe some outfits I made but not everyone wants to hear or see about dolls 24 /7 so I try to keep that in mind since my jounral is not a 'bjd jounral only' like alot of people tend to have.

      But yes hunting for the doll , buying the doll, waiting for the doll,receinving the doll and playing with the doll is involved in the high :)
    7. Undeniably, the acquisition process is exciting and addictive...somehow, it just doesn't seem natural to not have SOMEONE on his or her way home to me. However, since I don't have bottomless pockets, I gain the vast majority of my enjoyment of my dolls from the dolls themselves. Like Taco and Dolly, I don't post lots of pictures or photostories or the like, because of skill/time restraints, but it doesn't hinder my enjoyment of dollie play.

      This coming from someone who has two Pukis on the way :)
    8. I adore the anticipation and excitement of a new doll. If I have fallen so much for a doll that I've actually shelled out the money and ordered it, it's kind of like finding a new love. After it finally arrives, we settle down to a delightful domestic life together, deciding which wig, costume and eyes are best, and then we begin to play. I don't post many photos or stories on DOA because I am a bit intimidated by the very great talent of some of the members here for photography, but I do photograph and enjoy my dolls very much. I occasionally post photos on smaller forums where I feel more comfortable sharing my less than stellar skills.
    9. I'll admit, the "high" from buying a new doll is absolutely thrilling! That moment of opening the box is amazing! And that's usually when I'm the most outwardly excited about the doll.

      And I'll also admit, that I am sometimes the example that is mentioned in the first post. :sweat Hehe, I know I know! We get annoyed when someone will be getting a beautiful new doll that we all want to see lots of pictures of, and they never do. But that person's not obligated to enjoy the doll the same way we do. I have some dolls which I've "squeed" about on the forum upon arrival and then never again.

      But I still enjoy the doll. I still pick them up and pose them. I still dress them up, and try different eyes and wigs. But the way that I really enjoy them is the little things. I don't make a blog entry everytime I think, "Today I picked up Juno and looked into his pretty eyes and sighed dreamily" or "Eslo's faceup looks so good!" or "Vita's sweet grin brought a smile to my face". The everyday ways that my dolls brighten my day are mundane to everyone else. Some people enjoy taking many photos of their dolls, some writing stories about them, and some displaying them. But that's not how I personally enjoy them. I personally love everyday life with them the best.

      So to answer your question, no. The thrill of waiting for the doll is not the best part for me. The best part is the boring day-to-day things that I don't tell anyone about. I'm sure there are some that only pursue that thrill of the catch more than the doll itself, but I think most of them that never mention anything about the dolls other than "She's here!" are like me; really really boring, hehe!! :lol:
    10. For me, it's kind of like love at first sight. I see the object of my affection ~ think hard on whether he/she will find a permanent place with me, and after days of deliberating (or moments, depending on how hard the feeling hits), I buy the doll and wish fervently for immediate shipment. I actually dislike waiting for it to arrive.

      Some of us are scared to speak 100% freely on our design/character/doll concepts (even in our blogs). Personally, there are a handful of people in my acquaintance that know all about the doll I have coming home. Other than her mold, most people don't know what she looks like, her character concept, or her name.

      Perhaps the person who's blog you were browsing has been burned by people she thought would respect her ideas, and stole them. Some of us have had dolls - shown them on DoA, and sadly had near carbon copies of the same doll [the mold, faceup, hair (style & color), & eyes] show up again and again weeks and months later. Perhaps she wanted to share in the joy of receiving her doll, but wasn't willing to put him/her up for constant public display.
    11. Earlier on in the hobby I was definitely into the 'high' of getting a new doll. Then I kind of got to a place where it's now actually traumatic to try and integrate a new individual... I have to really think the process through and be *sure* it'll work. Often it doesn't for me, and it's a waste of time, energy and money, which is very upsetting, as I don't like to be wasteful!
      I think the major difference between then and now though, is I have very little spare income as compared to when I first started. There are good points and bad about each situation, however... such is life! ^_~

    12. Yes, I actually enjoy the hunt and buy more than they themselves. It's a rush to say OMG! a new doll is on the way. And I love opening boxes. I used to have more boxes than anyone else at christmas even if it was only like a pair of socks. I love getting packages in the mail. I love getting new heads and bodies and putting them together and picking out all new things for their personalities and watching the new doll 'come to life' it's exciting.
      My old dolls are precious to me and I love them too...but I satisfy my love with them by buying them new clothes and shoes. I love to go out to stores and antique shops and find rare dolly things. Mostly I love hunting for treasures I think. Of course my other hobbies get just as much attention :sweat I buy far too much manga, anime, and my huge anime pin addiction. So maybe it's just my personality. -shrug-
    13. Its more excitement im getting a new character and mold i really desire. Not just any doll will make me happy so this high concept on buying a doll doesnt really apply to me.
    14. I think some people definitely get off on the 'high' that a new doll purchase generates.

      I also think sometimes the way the community works only feeds into this and it may not always be a good thing.

      Attention and posts do tend to gravitate toward features about the next latest 'hot' BJD and the people who have them. Which is not suprizing considering that successful companies get that way by coming up with new ideas and putting a lot of release 'buzz' behind their dolls, like Volks does for its limiteds. Whereas sometimes I feel that newer hobyists may not even know what an AR Kai is or a BF Jerome or a Old FCS F-14 is (just listing some of my own dolls off as examples as I've been in this hobby for a while. And I can hear the crickets chirping when I post some of my older dolls.

      I had a friend for a while in this hobby who would change dolls every month or two it seemed and her tastes ran to the not-so-inexpensive. Every meetup it seemed she had a different crew, and I almost never saw her with the same dolls. I suspected she was getting in a little deep on the financial end because rarely could she get back what she paid or overpaid for the dolls. I felt bad like she didn't know how to make up her mind or was in the hobby for the wrong reasons, or whatever, but I never said anything as I didn't know how to do it tactfully, and since I'm a good 10years older it would come off as preachy.

      And well, some lessons you have to learn the hard way. You can enjoy material possesions, but they can't make you happy.

      But it is important to remember that the use and enjoyment of the dolls can be as stimulating as the purchase. I contemplated selling one or 2 members of my crew for a while, then decided to give them new face-ups, eyes etc... That definitely renewed my interest in them, and I'm no longer considering selling.

      I think about all the good moments I've had in this hobby and most of them are the times when my love of dolls has connected me to others like on DOA and Resinality. Going to meetups, doing presentations at doll club meetings, going to dolpa first in NYC and then in Kyoto. Meeting some really good friends, dealers, and the Shigeta family.
    15. I definitely think there is a high, a hype and excitement that comes with the purchase of a doll. You're getting something new! It's like Christmas but 10x prettier. Something you worked hard for, waited for, and is stunning and going to be YOURS! (Or you theirs!)

      I think the initial euphoria fades a bit, once you get over it. It's like as a 5 year old, the night before your birthday! You know you're going to get presents, cake, a party, etc... And when the day comes, it happens,you're happy, but it's settled some.

      I also think the 'domestic life' comparison someone made above really applies.
    16. I must be the only one here who DOESN'T enjoy the wait for a new doll, or get any special thrill from looking high and low for the right one to press the "Buy" button for. :|

      I'm not a particularly patient person, and sitting around for four, or six, or eight weeks or longer waiting for a doll to arrive after I've finally decided to buy it just isn't fun for me. It's annoying. There's no "delightful anticipation" or any of that... Just "Sheesh people. Just give me my freakin' doll already."

      Actually *getting* the doll is where the fun begins. Neither the wait nor "the hunt" can compare to simply having the doll here, where I can tinker with it when-ever I want to.

      And yes, I'm also one of those people who tends to make LJ posts with pictures of new arrivals with little to no follow-up or elaboration afterwards. I assume that the people on my F-list don't really care all that much who a doll is supposed to be or what kind of character they're based on. If they have any interest in my dolls at all, it's unlikely to extend much beyond the occasional pictures I post.
    17. Haha, I totally agree with you Brightfires! I actually think saving is the only thing that comes close to 'fun' when it comes to buying new dolls, because then you're still figuring out and planning and you can control that..but after you order it's out of your hands and I just worry and worry about if everything's going to be alright, the doll's not getting lost in the post, I wasn't scammed, how much customs fee is there going to be etc etc..and then when he gets here, I do like the box opening, but the getting to know a new doll and shaping him to what I want, that's what I like a whoooole lot better than the whole ordering process :3

      Which is probably why there was two years between buying my second and third doll XD I have-and want-more now, but I still don't like the ordering process.
    18. I've always been one to enjoy a chase more than anything else. But at the same time I inevitably bond with things whether it be a doll or stuffed animal or action figure and then I can't imagine getting rid of them. I think the 'domestic life' point really hits the nail on the head for me-I know I'll love having my doll home but will I play with her every day? Nah, probably not. Am I looking at other dolls to buy while she's on the way home? Yeah. It's a thrill for me to find a mold for a character, find the perfect wig and clothes but I wouldn't say it completely eclipses the joy of the doll's presence. I just really like the anticipation. It's kinda like Christmas except you do know what's gonna be in the box!
    19. I used to be incredibly uptight with my money (dolls solved THAT problem, haha), and when I ordered Lily - my first and so far only - I recall feeling slightly sick XD I think really I was quite terrified for various reasons. I disliked the wait, I found it stressful. When she arrived it was a mixture of various feelings, not all pleasant ones, either. I didn't quite know what to expect.

      I remember a couple of weeks into owning her, and thinking about people who bought another doll right after getting their first and wondering how they found the strength to do it! I've had Lily since mid-June '08 now and it's only recently I could even consider going through the stress of accquiring another doll. And it's not a doll I expect to fall into my lap easily or quickly, either ^^; Darn limiteds.

      No waiting or saving or planning or anything was better than the doll, for me. For once in my entire life, I can say that actually getting the item in my house outshone the waiting game tenfold.

      Now I think about it, that's quite unusual for me ^^; Usually waiting is far more exciting!
    20. I honestly find the waiting part very stressfull and annoying :(
      Especially when the new doll's accessories arrive before the doll lol! (yesterday a wig and glasses turned up before my new doll, I thought I was going to cry O_O;;)

      My favourite part of the hobby is putting new accessories on the dolls and taking them to new places. I love doing new things with the same charachter XD I get bored of using the same props and the same clothes.